The Main Marketing Challenges

Of Large Companies

The Main Marketing Challenges Of Large Companies

Even working in a unified company, marketers always think that anything can improve. The challenge is to know what is needed for this development so as not to fall behind the competition.

What worked in the business world and basically in marketing is no longer used. Thus, there is a need to be aware of changes in concepts and modus operandi.

One of the challenges of marketing is to achieve the set goal very accurately or to exceed expectations. This is a common problem, especially among large companies, in a very short time, with minimal cost, effort, and equipment.

Is it possible to improve your marketing strategy and get out of the competition in a simple and purposeful way? Find out in this post about how to make your business a reality.

Discover the 5 big marketing challenges of big companies:

1. Identify what needs to be improved

At least once a year, the marketing director should talk to his team together. Each member should exchange information about what they have done, find out what was good, or find ways to improve the current digital marketing strategy.

This meeting will be individual or grouped and it is up to the manager to decide how many times it will be held during this period. In this experience, the team can reflect general objectives and ensure that the programs are aimed at achieving the desired results.

This analysis will allow you to monitor each level of your strategy. It will be possible to thoroughly review where the flaws are, to transform the process into positive opportunities to mature, and to identify points from which better performance can be achieved.

Tip:Jocial is an online, interactive and free platform that can help you identify problems in your marketing process, showing the technologies to solve these mishaps.

2. Improve the use of digital channels

There is no way to get busy these days without using digital channels. After all, almost everyone is: In 2021, the data shows a total of 4.7 billion Internet users.

In the UK,  64.7 % of the total population has regular internet access. Given this, it makes no sense to ignore the trend when it comes to your digital marketing strategy. Many companies have already noticed the trend and have increased resources in stocks this year:

  • 99% want to increase the value in - at least - a Digital Marketing channel;
  • 64% plan to invest more time and money in Social Media Marketing;
  • 55% want to bet on Digital Marketing with websites;

In fact, according to the survey above, most organizations devote 26% to 75% of their total marketing budget to digital efforts. But it is a wide range. For some reason, this difference has been caused by the fear of increasingly large piece sacrifices.

The main hurdle of the report is identifying the best promotion strategies on the web. This is what we can see in a survey of approximately 1,224 online companies (UK).

Content creation

For 34.2% of institutions that have a culture of Digital Marketing, investing in content creation was the action that generated the most results. The goal of these companies was to improve their position in search engines and attract more leads to their base.

With regard to social networks, 23.8% indicated the strategy as the most effective, occupying second place. Facebook Ads from Facebook had the best results in 18% of large corporations and Google Ads, in second, with 16%.

All this data shows us that companies that choose to use digital marketing have achieved better results. Strategies or different ways of different organizations are encouraged to increase investment in other areas.

Evaluate your person's most popular digital channels and run a few tests. To do this, research the research in your sector, interview current customers, and follow the correct KPI to evaluate the results.

So, soon, all you need to do to decide what will grow or what will happen is to have it quickly, freeing up the resources and space to truly invest in your growth.

Style of communication

Business executives in different countries may face numerous barriers to effective communication by overcoming clear linguistic differences. The thematic pace of business negotiations may differ. Americans sometimes want to run through negotiations, on the other hand, the emphasis is on building relationships before the business deal is seriously considered. Executives in other countries can value things like facial expressions more than just word of mouth.

3. Implement the strategy according to the formats

One of the biggest challenges in marketing to large companies is gaining the trust of your customers. It takes a lot of effort and steps to attract customers.

But in principle, you can provide content and materials that educate your audience about the solution. Like? Through blogs, eBooks, email marketing, testimonials, and even consumer comments.

There are a few more ways to strengthen the relationship between your organization and the public. One of the most effective ways to attract attention today is to use video.

According to Hubspot, 53% of customers want to see more marketing videos in the future, compared to 14% of those who want to see more posts. The difference is absolute. So, investing in the format was not so appropriate!

4. Create your own team or outsource marketing

Among the marketing challenges of 2019, hiring good talent was the 8th place. Employers are looking for more and more complete professionals, with technical and creative skills that include Digital and Content Marketing, SEO, and social media.

Finding people with this profile can be difficult. So, the first thing to think about is whether this professional will be able to stay in your team. All rental steps can take some time. So, if some part of your marketing process is helpful in bringing your own team together instead of outsourcing, you need to explore and analyze the options.

Companies that generally have smaller teams tend to outsource the work, as 77.2% prefer to hire suppliers to create and manage their website, while 10.3% choose to manage social networks and 5.9% to produce content.

So, outsourcing the production of content to your organization’s website or blog becomes a great option. Because digital and content marketing has become an important field for large companies and the service will be in the hands of subject matter experts, creating high relevance and quality products.

5. Return on Investment (ROI)

Calculating the ROI of your activities each year has become one of the biggest marketing challenges for large and small companies, hasn't it? But it is also the best way to know the skills of each activity, content, and other activities.

Also, proven ROI acts as a reason to increase payable income in marketing. The formula is simple: without measure, without display. No return, no budget.

But tracking the metrics of each activity is not so easy. Especially if there is no two-way communication between your marketing and sales report.

For that, you can get the help of marketing automation software, which is capable of tracking Business Intelligence (BI) metrics - like Google Analytics -, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM), creating a Service Level Agreement ( SLA), and keep the alignment between Marketing and Sales always up to date.

Ready! You are prepared to face the marketing challenges of large companies. Now, how about improving your brand's influence as a method to generate more sales? Click here and register with a free account online. We'll show you all the details about your development things!

Isabelle Evans