Skills required to become a

Digital Marketer

What is digital marketing?

Skilled required to become a digital marketer is one of the major searches in this current internet market. Today companies need well-qualified and expert workers in their teams. Basically, they are capable of adding value to the company. One of the most demanded positions by companies is that of digital marketers. But, being a good salesperson requires skills and qualities that make you the right person for the job. These skills can be developed with good training and a positive attitude. Here are some key and effective points that can help you make a skilled digital marketer from the core of your marketing thoughts:

  • Having leadership: This is the essential quality that every digital marketer must-have in its beginnings. Since if it decays and does not dare to attract customers, its results will not be as expected. But, this point must be connected to continue reaching the built goals and to propose new goals. So one of the most important selling skills, as we can see, is the attitude. And not so much the ability of the marketing.
  • Good communication: This point is essential since thanks to good communication. The salesperson ( marketer) will be able to send the information to the client. Also, make them know the advantages of their product or service and convince them. In this sense, you can be a little competitive, although the marketer must understand the client and adapt to him. Thus being the most efficient delivery. Something that is considered as a priority competition in a digital marketer.
  • Understand the interests of the client: As mentioned in the previous point, the marketer must understand the client and know what he wants. With a client, it is not worth being proactive if you do not want our product or service since that attitude will generate a feeling of rejection and you will feel that the promotion attacks you. This has to adapt to the client, know him, know what his interests and needs are, and adapt the offer to him. Thus, compassion is one of the most important skills and, rarely, present among marketers. So these marketing skills would have to be developed, which are closely linked to empathy and active listening. Other skills that every professional marketer should have.
  • Knowing how to listen: in a commercial negotiation or sale, all the parties involved must be taken into account. The marketer must take control of the sale but must let speak and expose their points of view, needs, or questions to the other party. And although it seems different, this skill is sometimes not natural. And it is given by the skills that each digital marketer has acquired throughout his career. This has become marketing knowledge for its implementation.
  • Planning: one of the most important points for any digital marketer is planning. The marketer has to organize his task, analyze the risk of each operation, and the benefit that can be obtained. That is to say, he must be able to organize his tasks and his program, as well as different reports or documents. Being well planned can make the difference between good and bad marketing.
  • Be proactive and innovative: the marketer must carry out his activity with passion, desire, and energy. For this, you must have new ideas that can improve your results. And that you continue to innovate constantly since he will be the one who knows the most about your work.
  • Be patient: many times the results take time to arrive and the work has to be constant and stable over time. Not all sales have to go well. The marketer must be aware of this to avoid becoming frustrated or discouraged.
  • Strive for both professional and personal objectives: Digital marketing must establish both professional objectives (results, benefits, sale closings, get new clients ...) and personal ones. Since this will allow them to continue advancing in their work, not to decay and fight for those goals.

These are some of the skills that every digital marketer must-have. Although many may seem inherent, the truth is that they can be developed over time with experience and good training. If you would like to be a digital marketer or expand your knowledge in this area, find out about the best digital marketing training.

10 key skills of a Digital Marketing expert 

A good internet marketer has ten professions in one. You cannot create an effective strategy without understanding how to connect all sales channels.

Literally three years ago, an advanced specialist had to master one or two tools perfectly and another two or three on a more basic level. 

In 2019, the number of skills required increased to ten, and everything is at an advanced level. If you are a digital marketer, test your knowledge of the job using our competitiveness tests. And if you are a business owner, show this list of ten key skills to your employee.

10 skills needed becoming an expert Digital Marketer in this Present Days
1. SEO

Marketing specialists and SEO specialists want to see your website in the first place in search results. For as many keyword requests as possible as this will lead to a lot of organic traffic.

To get the desired result, it is important to use a wide meaning correctly, to optimize the site and the content that is created for it. If you do it right, you will receive targeted traffic and an increase in user behavior factors. This is the main goal of SEO.

2. Web Analytics

Web analytics is necessary to plan and optimize a company's promotion strategy. This means improving results and reducing budgets.

A digital marketer is always a marketing analyst. And he will continually be monitoring your ad campaigns to make sure everything is going as planned or to make whatever changes you feel are necessary to improve results.

3. Mobile marketing

A third of all purchases in the world are made from mobile devices. A specialist must know how to optimize content for them. This includes: adapting the site to any device, fast loading, optimal user usability. 

This will improve the position in Google ranking and offer conversions from portable devices. A third of buyers complete their purchase with a mobile phone and these can be your customers. Do not optimize the site and you will lose more than 30% of possible orders.

4. PPC (contextual advertising)

Did you know that 95% of Google's income is generated by Google Adwords? Now you will understand why 90% of the service tips they give you within your account. Such as "Automatic CPC increase" or "Add words automatically" do not lead to higher productivity. But to higher costs.

A good internet marketer is a specialist who can optimize campaigns on his own using targeting. He will also get a higher search engine position than his competitor, at a lower price.

5. SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Marketing on social networks must be meaningful, planned, and have clear objectives. This principle is followed only by 1% of sellers.

SMM ( Social Media Marketing)  is one of the most convertible and at the same time cheap internet marketing tools. This is not just a sales platform. This is where users become brand advocates.

6. Content marketing

The seller's task is to be useful to the customer. Then there will be a connection, trust, and sales. 

For this, we have to make us a content marketing expert who knows who our target audience is, what's important to them, what they need and when they need it, and how to talk to them about it.

7. Email marketing

Do you know that attracting a new customer is seven times more expensive than retaining the current customer? An email marketing specialist or a good internet marketer knows this.

With email marketing, you get more profit with less cost. It is a quick way to personally contact a loyal customer. Learn about their wants and needs, and sell more easily, more frequently, and without investing in promoting.

8. Usability

You won't see high conversions without good usability. If the site is uncomfortable, unclear, or the design does not carry confidence or security, we will see how the client drops without converting or perhaps buys, but only because the price is very cheap.

The skills of the internet marketer are not only technical, but they also concern design.

Usability - site usability, UX - user experience. UX affects usability, and information architecture is based on user psychology.

9. Video marketing

Your customers are more likely to watch a video about your product than read something about it. Internet video is simply mandatory, more and more. 

Also to that, on average, 75% of viewers buy a product just after seeing an ad, and video conversions are higher than those of text ads.

But the process of creating a video is quite complicated. It requires planning, production, being placed at the right time, promotion, and efficiency analysis. How to do it right to increase ROI (ROI), a marketer should know.

10. Marketing automation

Marketing automation is an easy way to manage a set of marketing activities in real-time. It can allow you to measure results and implement changes quickly. 

The marketing expert launches A / B tests, analyzes performance indicators, and optimizes because that saves you time and money.

The need for digital marketing specialists has never been as strong as now. But the gap between the skills and requirements that a specialist has to meet has never been so wide before.

To perfectly master one of the most popular professions in the world you can have the course "Integrated Internet Marketing". With this, you can get the specialty you want, guaranteed internships, and employment opportunities. The salary of a good specialist is 4 to 5 times more than a basic employee. But for salary or other quality in this digital marketing sector, you must be an expert first. Without being an expert you can not make your aim or marketing result perfect as your strategy. Also becoming an expert one is one of the major plans to make it greater in the whole professional decision. So try to care for the skills that can make you and offer you a digital marketing expert. It can lead you to the top level of a career as a master of the digital marketer.

Stella Palmer