SEO Marketing

SEO Belongs to the Modern Marketing Mix!

SEO Marketing: SEO Belongs to the Modern Marketing Mix!

Does SEO make sense in modern marketing? We are asked this question regularly and we have discussed this with our customers many times. Which means more: investing in advertising or budgeting for SEO marketing?

To explain the benefits of SEO marketing you first need to be clear about SEO marketing. You need to know what SEO marketing is, what it can be used for and how to move forward with successful SEO marketing.

What is SEO Marketing?

Abbreviation SEO means search engine optimization. So SEO discusses the question of how to optimize a website so that it is found in search engines like Google or Bing and accordingly the website receives visitors. Marketing, on the other hand, deals with the question of how an organization's activities in managing various external and internal target groups can develop their impact to create additional value for the organization, customers, and other target groups. So it seems clear what SEO marketing means.

Google's so-called generic search results for company-related keywords now represent all the steps that a company's website puts in front of its SEO marketing activities. Here are some common SEO marketing tips:

1. Strategic SEO Marketing
Strategic SEO marketing questions that can be derived from a mix of marketing are particularly relevant to what topics, issues, and products you want to be in the relevant target group.

Keyword research usually comes from this question to clarify what you want to be relevant to the customer search terms. Based on this, the question arises as to which content you want to decorate a website and in the structure of a website you want to move the website. Search engines accurately index and drive this content so that relevant customers search for predefined keywords.

2. Onpage optimization
Another SEO area of ​​activity is the on-page optimization of the website. Search engines like Google & Bing have very specific requirements for a website so that they can index it and integrate it into their own algorithms. All the optimizations that happen on the website help in SEO marketing by helping to keep the website in a better position in generic results. This type of page optimization includes, for example, technical content or website structural issues.

3. Offpage optimization
Another important aspect of SEO marketing is so-called off-page optimization, which takes place outside of the actual website. When it comes to content ranking, Google also considers the relevance of content to the web world. One of the criteria for measuring relevance is how many links come and go within a website and how the website is connected to the web world. The goal of off-page optimization is therefore to encourage links and consistently better links.

These basic SEO tools are SEO marketing tools that change and adapt to a variety of methods and individual activities on a regular basis. Thus, continuous development of SEO marketing is necessary, and even experienced SEOs are trained regularly.

What can you achieve through SEO marketing?

SEO marketing allows search engines to reach more, interact more, and attract more customers and transactions in the long run.

Search engines like Google and Bing are used every day to search for information. After entering the search, relevant pages for the search term will appear on the search results page. The search results of any search engine contain information about the combination of generic search results related to advertising. You pay seamlessly for paid ads based on Google. Generic results and results are nothing for traffic. Thus, many companies are interested in appearing in relevant search results and thus appearing in the context of the customer. A potential customer interested in more information can then be converted to lead or direct sales on the website.

SEO can place the marketing company in a relevant target group, trigger interactions, and lead to long-term bookings and sales. Since SEO marketing is highly sustainable and can easily adapt to the size and strategy of the organization, this discipline is especially attractive for young companies who want to establish themselves in the market. But companies that are always relying on new customers should also do SEO marketing. In the context of online marketing, SEO marketing is a relevant element of generating more sales.

Who is SEO Marketing for?
SEO marketing is helpful for companies whose main goal is to use search engines for information or purchases as part of a group customer journey. SEO marketing is certainly relevant for all e-commerce providers. Because generating long-term traffic through SEO marketing is cheaper than generating traffic through a search engine advertising (SEO) system.

SEO marketing is also of interest to freelancers or experts who have to occupy their own position and any subject appropriately. Interested parties can be made aware of this with the help of SEO marketing and specific technical skills.

SEO plays a big role in B2B marketing, as it is used intensively in the business environment to find solutions, identify suppliers, and trigger searches.

SEO marketing companies gain less knowledge without a specific target group, the amount of searches on relevant topics and products on Google is very low, and/or the target group is different and not very internet savvy.

Do you need an agency for SEO Marketing?

One of the most interesting questions is if you need an agency for SEO marketing. The situation of the organization should be considered for giving appropriate answers here. For example, larger companies that focus on e-commerce are more likely to understand SEO marketing internally and implement the necessary activities with their own permanent employees. But in most cases, it is ineffective. Because SEO marketing is just one component of online marketing, and the setup cost and learning curve are so long that there is no doubt that any SEO marketing company becomes a cheap alternative.

There are also questions about whether you can find the right SEO manager for your job. A good solution, of course, is the internal existence of an SEO manager, who, depending on the importance, works with an external SEO marketing company and acts as an "eye to eye" interface. This suggests a good design because it means the knowledge of the attached specialist is available in the organization and the agency can be well controlled. But it is also important to provide regular training to internal staff in SEO marketing.

The future of SEO marketing

SEO marketing has changed significantly in recent years. In the first few years, success with the SEO system was still very easy and fast. In the meantime, the focus has shifted to the second element of the word - marketing activities. Today, SEO initiatives focus on the classic marketing questions: Which target group do we want to address? How do we position ourselves? What problems do our customers face? How do we enable him to enter the purchasing process? Interestingly, these questions are not addressed by many SEO agencies today. In many cases, many SEO agencies still have fewer links and the first page of Google is about low cost and quick/noticeable access. Search engine optimization is still a great way to generate traffic to a website, but it should only be a source of some kind of link. Even if marketing activities need to be better integrated, SEO will be even more important in the next few years.

SEO with digital marketing knowledge
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