How To Arrange For Activation Of Influencers In SMM

Influence! How To Arrange For Activation Of Influencers In SMM

How do you enable influencers to talk about your brand, product, or event? What is important to know about working with him, communicating with influencers, and building loyalty? We have tried to explain the answer to this question in today's article.

People buy from people: Why is it important for businesses to communicate with influencers?

More and more people are making a purchase on the internet after reading customer reviews. If a potential client sees an ad for a product from a friend or favorite blogger, it builds trust in the product the person is using or talking about. According to statistics, 71% of people shop based on the recommendations of social networks and 84% of people rely on online reviews.

People buy from people. And communicating with other people is important for business. The brand needs a "human face": advice, word of mouth, and spreading information about it in the real world. We will tell you how to do this using the example of our own business - the “Jocial” platform. It is a leading digital marketing and influencer-based online platform for all.

All the publications mentioned on the media and social networks (excluding the given target coverage) received our coverage, here are references to partners, which we received absolutely free. To achieve these metrics you need to do a lot of influencer marketing from a trusted company.

Why do people need to influence each other?

You can contact the influencers of the internet marketing structure to get loyal, interested people, potential customers for your brand or product.

For example, so long ago our team became the organizer of online business promotion. Our job was to target people who were interested in the business we were talking about and show you how you could spend time with the company alternatively.

Having selected 20 active opinion leaders online, we prepared invitations and sent them to these people. We spent $ 100. And in return, we received unforgettable positive emotions from the people who were invited to the event.

12 influencers from the invitee list attended our event, made stories, mentions, publications, posts. In total, over 60 social media mentions were made, and the twelve people who came to us helped to achieve approximately 50,000 hits.

A look from the other side

Similarly, many are on the other side of working with effective marketing. When you find a position on another platform when you are offered a promotion your perception as an influencer will change. As influential marketing grows, so does the impact of influential developers on the part of a developer setting. How many social people are now interested in becoming successful influencers. Influencer marketing is centered on social media. So young community builders are trying to keep presenting their personalities online. They want to present themselves on various social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. With each of the publications, they can share their personal experiences, impressions of the business and service.

What is the Difference Between Blogger and Influencer?

Bloggers are people who follow a fairly wide audience. They promote them and make money by advertising any service on their social networks. Often, a blogger thanks television, somehow hypes, and now he monopolizes advertising and takes money for publications.

Influencers are those who have their own niche or niche to work with. Often, they write exclusively about their fieldwork and their lives. They can be people who are promoting some small business of their own. Or they work as HR or marketers and talk about their life experiences and their field.

Typically, an influencer has 10,000 followers. He has a very lively theme on his page and everything is true, everything is true. There are no ads in the posts. And if publications of an ad nature are available, it is very rare and as a rule, it is published free of charge.

When should you work with a blogger and when should you work with an influencer?

If you have a wide niche, bloggers are needed. For example, you might want to promote new marketing courses or some new marketing campaigns. Or you produce something like that when you get a chance in the big industry. If you produce your impression regularly, there is no point in ordering a blogger's ad to get 10,000 orders. In this case, the ad will not be paid, you will not be able to meet the demand.

When there is a great mass product when there are different communication channels there is a sales department when working with bloggers is great.

When are influencers needed? When there is a narrow niche, small or medium-sized business, a unique product and not a very large team. When it's better for you to get 10, 20, 30 customers a month, but build such relationships with them so that they become your regular customers and sales go up.

For example, we promoted some best companies through famous personalities, but such a niche product as a mobile app promotion was promoted through small influencers.

Why work with a blogger or influencer

First, if you launch a new product, you need to collaborate with a blogger or influencer. This is an informal opportunity to the hype, reach out to people and increase interest in your brand. Your job is to make sure people are interested in you and hear something new about you or your product.

Also, work can be started with a blogger or influencer to advertise an existing product or service to gain a new audience. Even if an influencer has only 300-500 customers but they are active and involved, in a successful advertisement you will find 300-500 people who will learn about your new product.

By building loyalty to bloggers or influencers you create a community that involves ambassadors who already know about your brand and are ready to support you.

Recruit influencers the right way

It is possible to find love for a brand without an advertising budget. Initially, it’s important to create a great product so that people want to talk about it themselves.

Give influential people the opportunity to interact with your products, brands, and communities.

It is important to adhere to common values ​​with this person and make announcements to readers and customers. So you can collect like-minded people, brand ambassadors around your product.

We live in an age of social networks where high-quality and beautiful content is important content. If your business has an offline hotspot, give that person the ability to create content locally. Take care of lighting, potential photo zones, help take a good picture - everything so that influencers or guests can find cool content for their social networks when interacting with your brand.

As a result, we note that if we are talking about working with influencers, you still have to pay. Time, attention, and creativity.

Build relationships with influencers

Collect all contacts, notes, features by working with influencers, opinions, and results in one database. Working with influential people is not a one-time deal. Even if you change jobs or launch a new brand, you will have proven influencers with whom you already have great experience working.

Remember, the results of working with influencers are not always direct sales. The essence of it is loyalty, increased awareness. It is important for you to act in such a way that the client will remember you three, five even after one month. All of these can be achieved by working with cool ideas, creative, attractive, and bright people.

Develop a personal brand so that you are known by your first and last name. If you are an SMM expert, business owner, an expert in a specific subject, you should be recognized and involved in creating great products. And of course, learn to influence and change people’s lives for the better.

Stella Palmer