How To Produce Great

Videos For Social Networks

 How To Produce Great Videos For Social Networks

The world of digital business is expanding and many countries use social networks. By 2022, it is estimated that we will reach about 78.2 million users in the UK.

So there are a lot of people, do you agree? We, Marketing professionals, must not miss the opportunity to occupy this space.

In this sense, one of the best ways to take advantage of this opportunity is to use the production of videos for our social networks.

Today, we will talk about how we can make great videos on social media. Since this is one of the most interesting formats of digital marketing, so is the right strategy at the moment!

Why bet on videos for social networks?

Let's go step by step! First, we have the phenomenon of social networks. As they are deeply embedded in the routines of people around the world.

Given the relevance of these channels, many companies use networks for expectations, sales, and customer relationships.


  • As of January 2021, the world population is 7.9 billion;
  • Internet users now total 4.9 billion;
  • Of these, 3.8 billion have profiles on social networks;
  • There are an average of 5.7 accounts on individual social networks;
  • They spend an average of 116 minutes per day.
  • Second, we prefer the video format to most digital customers.

According to statistics released by Hubspot, 68% of them prefer to learn more about a product through short audiovisual resources.

However, it is not difficult to imagine the reasons for this choice:

  • This option is easy to swallow, ideal for those who need to make small insertions of content during busy routines;
  • A combination of graphic and auditory information, videos communicate large amounts of data in a short period of time;
  • Videos on social networks attract leadership attention because this format is great for conveying ideas and sensations.

That said, you must understand the relevance of video marketing and how it relates to your plan. Ready to start producing your social media videos?

So, get to work! We have taught you how to do this.

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The best kind of video for social networks

But it would be good to learn more about the options before deciding how your videos will be produced on social media. Let's talk a little bit about them and what networks work best:

1- Facebook

Facebook is one of the most important platforms for digital marketing. This is because the social network is the largest in the world and the number of monthly users in the UK has already exceeded 56.3 million.

The result is a sharp swallow of videos for social networks. After all, the device plays an average of 8 billion videos every day.

The types of videos most suitable for Facebook for social networks are:

  • With or without sound, users watch videos without audio;
  • Fast and dynamic, which is easy to swallow;
  • Instinct or arousal of emotion in the target audience;
  • Published teasers and pieces of content on other platforms.

2- Instagram

Instagram started out as a photo app. And, now it has gained relevance through videos and stories.

The format only supports very few recordings but is universally accepted by users. Overall, there are over 800 million monthly accesses!

With this, the norm when creating videos on Instagram is:

  • Maximum 1-minute duration for people posted to the feed;
  • The maximum duration of 10 seconds for people posted to stories. In this case, it is also possible to create a "thread" following a section;
  • Content that can be played without using audio;
  • Relevant hashtags for content search;
  • Thumbnails are designed to get attention when loading.

3- Twitter

When we talk about the matches of the most relevant social networks on the Internet, Twitter is not far behind. After all, the option has more than 300 million active users and 50 million tweets per day.

Microblog is a simple and fast platform, so many people use it to communicate with companies and celebrities.

In fact, 77% of Twitter users prefer to follow relevant brands and get more engaged when responding to the network.

To create videos on social media relevant to Twitter, consider:

  • Educational materials and tutorials, which answer customers' questions;
  • Lead conversations via replies and tweets via hashtags;
  • Monitor the production of trending topics and target materials;
  • Products, testimonials, or even videos using the popular "Challenge".

These tips target a few major social networks. But there are still.

However, a study of the behavior of leads to exactly what should be generated on each platform.

How to make great videos for social networks

Finally, let's take a look at some practical tips on how to create videos for social networks.

Since you know the most suitable format for the desired network, just follow certain technical principles:

1- Create a script
The script is the core line of audiovisual production.

It is a document that contains all the information needed to record the material: speech; Actions, situations, and characters; Scene dynamic; Technical and human resources; And the location to which the video will be made

In this way, it can be divided into groups so that no one remains unchanged.

2-  Down quality in the high edition
It’s a bad thing when something bad happens. Bad feedback, content errors, audio with noisy sound ... that video, so go ahead and invest in technical knowledge!

A video, when edited, inspires the user and shares it.

Moreover, it communicates that it is a vigilant and effective organization because it is fully effective in what it gives.

3- Plan the publication
Once this is done, plan to publish the contents. It is not good to launch all the channels at once.

Study your individual usage behavior to find the most appropriate range and resources. Additionally, customize the video for each platform according to what we saw in the previous chapter.

When it comes to incorporating this visualization into your daily life, think about the ease of leadership, remembering to rank the shortest and most aim recordings.

Also, think about which hashtags you will use and apply SEO to both the title and the description. 

There are many options to publish your content online. You can try content marketing for producing the best of it. Also, new and popular Influencer Marketing can give you more power of marketing. It can evaluate the must result that you want for your goal. So you can try this for perfect results.  

These three steps are essential to put your production strategy into practice.

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However, we can conclude that the relevance of videos with social networks is beyond doubt. Proof of this is that today 87% of companies work in video marketing.

Of those who have already done so, 99% want to continue investing and 88% want to increase investment (this information can be found in the survey described above).

Invest in video production for social networks - it's worth it! What's in it! Rent if you need help.

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