Email Marketing And SEO

How Both Branches Of Marketing Help Each Other

 How Both Branches Of Marketing Help Each Other

Email marketing has gained tremendous relevance in recent times. It has established itself as one of the major branches of online marketing today.

This popularity means that other or more historical branches of digital marketing, such as SEM or SEO, are becoming somewhat stagnant compared to email marketing.

However, this is not entirely true because the Internet has taught us something about digital marketing. It is a branch that complements each other and when they work together, success is achieved.

That being said, SEO is not exclusive to running any good email marketing campaign. Or working on social networks is not exclusive to working on your email list.

In fact, using different online marketing strategies together to maximize your results and profits to get the right result (as long as you have the time and money).

That’s why, in today’s post, we want to talk to you about how SEO web positioning and email marketing come together. So you discover that both branches can be together for your project and if you do it well it can be beneficial for your project.

Let's go with it!

SEO benefits over Email Marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, it is advisable to maximize the Internet and various ways to achieve visibility.

For all this, we recommend that you not only use SEO but also manage your social networks, your display campaigns, etc. efficiently.

But, if a discipline comes to the fore in terms of popularity and perhaps “it’s something of a mystery” it’s SEO.

We think that if you read these lines you already know very well that Google’s top position in a biological way will provide you with a constant and wide flow of new visitors to your website.

Thus, as you may already guess, taking care of the SEO web position will be a key aspect for your website or blog if you want your email marketing strategy to be as effective as possible.

Why? We'll show you below:

1. You will get new impacts

Placing multiple keywords in a specific search volume will give you new impressions on users.

This means that if your SEO web position is very good, it means that you are in the first position of Google for numerous keywords. This, as shown above, will translate to organic web traffic.

So, you need to assume that the more visitors or users your website has, the more customers will be able to perform your email marketing strategy.

So, the main reason for being a good SEO is that if only the number of visitors is high, the number of people is high, they will subscribe to your mailing list to be able to be included in your sales machine.

2. Better web positioning means better visibility and popularity

Following the thread in the previous example, a better web positioning will translate into better direct or indirect visibility of your person, project, or organization.

It makes a yes or no business both directly and indirectly.

Also, imagine that a user searches for a word on Google and your webpage appears first.

Now consider doing another similar search and your webpage will reappear.

What will he think?

Exactly, he thinks that you will improve in that area so you have a better chance of improving your customer's conversion rate or if it just happens due to the user's own subconscious looking for things and finding you.

3. It will place you as an expert in a subject

This aspect is closely related to the former.

If a user always finds you in Google's top positions for specific search terms, their minds will automatically place you as an expert in that sector.

Think about it, every time you look for something you always find the same person but you indirectly believe that at least they will know what they are saying.

Exactly the same thing happens with SEO.

4. You will increase your contact list passively

Web ranking is passive.

Although this phrase is very confusing because your web location will not work.

It’s true that once you manage to climb to the top position on Google it’s hard to get down without doing the wrong thing.

Therefore, as a general rule, if you get good web positioning, you will get a constant stream of new customers on your website.

That way, you don't have to use other strategies that are more expensive than SEO.

It’s true that Google has updated and you can lose half your organic web traffic from one day to the next until there are no new updates overnight.

However, as we told you, if you do something good in SEO, you will get a good reward in the form of new users and you will not have to worry about Google updates.

5. You will get users filtered by first-class interests

Another great feature of web positioning is that each URL is located by keywords.

Therefore, if you are a searcher for the keyword "WordPress Optimization" and the user transfers your URL from your Google Account to / Optimize-WordPress, you already know that if the user fills out the subscription form from that page, he or she is interested in WordPress. . That way, if you subscribe via a tag in your mailing list, you can filter it.

For all of this, the good thing about SEO is that it also acts as a filter when users subscribe to the URL knowing what they actually want.

It’s interesting since it will come at the time of sale, you have more data about better users.

Benefits of Email Marketing over SEO

As you have seen before, SEO has many benefits through email marketing but as we saw at the beginning of the post, the opposite also happens.

That is, email marketing SEO and especially if you have a large list of customers we will show you below.

With email marketing, you will get referred traffic

Every week or whenever you deem it appropriate you send an email to all your customers, including the URL on your web page, you will receive that URL or post (especially if you have a comprehensive list of customers) to reach a significant peak of any URL.

This traffic peak is a positive reason for Google because the search engine itself is able to detect this traffic peak at a specific URL and determine its position due to the behavior of a huge crowd of users.

Moreover, as a general rule, the more traffic a URL receives (regardless of its source) the better for search engines.

Of course, sometimes as soon as the top of the traffic disappears it is possible that if your content is not good your position will go back to the beginning again.

However, if your content is good, the push won't come and users won't lose the web position they got with the top.

You will get repeat traffic (Very important to Google)
As in the previous case, Google is able to detect whether a user accesses a web page on a recurring basis.

Therefore, if Google detects that your users coming from your mailing list return and return to your website, it will be a positive signal for Google. And, as a consequence of this behavior, Google will reward you in its rankings. Because it understands that if a high percentage of users are repeat offenders on your page is because your content is good and therefore must be high in the Google indexes.

Conclusions: SEO and Email Marketing, the perfect strategy

As you have seen throughout the post, both email marketing and SEO web positioning are branches of marketing that feed into each other and that, as a team, form a perfect tandem to achieve what you propose with your project or website.

For this reason, there is no need for both parties to take care of and prioritize each other. Because when it comes to online marketing, everything is involved in achieving results.

Therefore, if you still only care about your email list or vice versa, we recommend that you start improving your SEO or email marketing. Because you will see double the results with less effort.

Furthermore, the effects of snowballs on marketing are very common. And if your SEO or your email marketing is already very careful, if you improve one of the two aspects, the results will be much wider by trying harder.

Stella Palmer