Youtube Video Ideas

That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Youtube Video Ideas That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Having trouble coming up with ideas for making YouTube videos? If you are a YouTube influencer then it can be a simple question. Because influencers need regular content ideas for post videos based on the brands and products. So making new videos with interesting ideas and content can grow your YouTube channel easily. Today we want to share with you a system that many people use to create ideas to create new videos. 

Knowing what to talk about in videos is one of the tasks that can cause the most headaches. Especially if you make a video with a high frequency since there comes a time when somehow you go beyond the concept. That’s why we want to tell you about a system that we personally use and we teach our clients. So that they are able to create different topics in advance to create content that is of interest to the audience.

The idea is simple but effective: create categories based on content typologies. Surely you suddenly have ideas about content from which you could create a video, perfect, what you have to do is extrapolate those ideas to categories. Let us get into it further.

The first thing you need to do to create videos that interest your audience is to ask our users and clients the answers they want. For which you first need to thoroughly analyze your potential clients. For this, we suggest you create a call reader person. This analysis will give you the keys to create the necessary ideas for the videos.

Types of Videos that you can make for your YouTube Channel

Influencers are the leading person now in the world of YouTube marketing. They lead their online life with new content and videos. But they have to make it premium and attractive to target the audience so as brands. It is wise to start a channel with a one direction contrast. If you are new you can pick your ideas from the below list. It can give you ideas for videos that answer each of these questions that your audience wants:

  1. Tutorials (How…?)
  2. Do it yourself
  3. Industry news
  4. Reactions
  5. The list of the 5 plus ...
  6. Case Study
  7. Tips and Tricks
  8. Myths
  9. Connection with people (introduce someone in the video that adds value)
  10. The right and wrong way to ...
  11. Recommended books
  12. The problem with…. and its solution
  13. Frequently asked questions about ...
  14. Predictions
  15. Studies
  16. Checklist
  17. Interviews
  18. Tools and resources
  19. Inspirations
  20. Behind the scenes (making of)

Out of the list, you can make your video with the best ideas as you are skilled and perfect. So many categories and sub-sectors that are available to make videos. So select your best one and start making videos and grow your channel as one of the best YouTube influencers on this platform. 

YouTube Videos That Can Grow Your Business.

As a YouTube influencer, you have to work with the brand. Because without the brand you can't grow your influential profile with the best profit. So collaborating with brands can make you grow and become famous. However, video content is required according to the category of business brands. So that they can promote their products or services with an attractive vision. Also, YouTubers need the best content to present the brand with high priority. So some video types are different with premiums and content and clips. 

Here's a list of some of the best video types for businesses or brands that can promote their icon more accurately. Influencers can also follow this set so that they can apply their potential to video content.

Commercial Videos

The most common commercial video clip of the video is 15-30 seconds. Although the content of a clip varies greatly depending on the brand that produces it. The goal is the same as the message it wants to convey: creating a short video that can be distributed on virtually any platform. It's on TV (or Hulu), before a video is released on YouTube, or before the movie starts.

The key to success with this type of video is to create immediately engaging content and to convey your point in a concise manner.

Also, the 15-30 second videos are very suitable for Facebook and Instagram formats because they are neither too long nor too short. And there are also more chances that you will share your videos on social networks rather than launching your own TV channel ...

Advertising is nothing new and YouTube remains a great way to advertise even after a loss.

The informative video

If your business provides services or products that may not be obvious at first glance, how to make a video can be a great choice. For example, it may appear on your landing page or on your website. These videos usually contain animation as well as voiceover which explains what the company will offer.

Although we don't need to animate the video at all, don't get us wrong. An animation timeline or “live” illustrated video as well as any other way of telling the story is equally valid.

Product presentation

The purpose of a video like this is to showcase your product as much as possible. Similarly, these videos do not try to explain how the product works apart from what is in the video but show all its options and benefits.

The product presentation is that the videos show the charismatic character talking enthusiastically about the product but the animations work great for these videos! Some people like to show their products in such an exaggerated way in this video case for Canon Lens.

The corporate culture video

Corporate culture videos have two specific purposes. First, they highlight the ethics of your business. The purpose here is not to sell any product or service, but to sell your brand.

The second goal of these videos is simply to attract new talent. Sometimes your brand needs to be sold to potential employees, not to new customers, who will grow your business next time. One of the best ways to do this is to present your most sensual employees on camera.

The video "behind the scenes"

If you have an interest in the production or distribution process, don't hesitate to talk! People like to see what happens behind the scenes and discover how products need to be perceived.

This is especially true for artisans, no matter what their specialty is. Your production process and the way they source your raw materials are a great way to engage the audience in your business. The more they invest, the more likely they are to buy your product.

Customer Recommendation

A great way to attract new prospects to talk about your brand to your existing customers. When they see how happy your customers are at your service, it will be easier for them to imagine having the same experience.

Encourage their existing customers on their screen to talk about your product or service. Tell them an episode about using the products in question or how your business has served them. Also, hiring your best customers in videos is a great way to show them that you value their support!

Representative portrait

Instead of just a photo and a short paragraph describing the journey of your company’s leaders, why not create a short video to highlight your best employees?

This kind of video is especially interesting. Because it employs the manpower of your business and thus speaks to the quality of your brand. It also shows that the important people in your business are not just at the top of the ladder. These videos are even more effective for small businesses that usually play an important role in community life.

The branded mini-documentary

The mini-documentary is in a way a meeting between a “screen included” video and a “corporate culture” video. Here, it’s time to show your business in a more extended period of time, as well as keep a close eye on the people making it, as well as how it works and its talents.

The example of the Oskar Blues tells the story of beer made by two separate farmers, locally grown barley and malt. Then very locally made and finally served locally only once, you guessed it. In other words, the four unique skills that come together around a single project to create something unique, and you no doubt know that all these celebrities have made this beer even better.

If these four entities are included in the production of a video and each of these entities promotes it to its customers, the presence of the video will be even greater. Everyone won! Remember that these videos should be treated like movies, not just videos. See a preview that will only intensify your promotional efforts and bring you new customers. Then, share your mini-documentary online to reach as many people as possible!

For each project its video

Whether your goal is to promote a product, share your values, or connect with your customers, a good quality video can help. Start by producing videos that will grab the attention of your customers, and continue to dynamically build your brand. YouTube is now a great platform for promoting business videos. And YouTube influencers are in the leading role to make the best promotion. If you are interested in different influencer marketing campaigns you can join JOCIAL. Because it is the top influencer marketing platform that can give you the top presence. Want to be an influencer or want an influencer for your business? Jocial is the solution for you. For influencer marketing learnings, join here now. Start the first step of influencer marketing here!

Stella Palmer