YouTuber Or Influencer

Make Your Ideal Profile

YouTuber Or Influencer: Make Your Ideal Profile

Recording a home video is easy and it's easier to upload to YouTube. You don’t need a lot of resources, just what you need to publish on your smartphone and platform, right? For example, a video of your puppy playing or a part of the last concert you attended. There isn't much science here, but you might think:

Could these videos make me a YouTuber or YouTube Influencer?

We are sorry to tell you No.

If we talk about making videos to become a YouTube influencer, the story is different. Let's say you need more than a hobby and a mobile device. So how do you become a YouTuber?

It's possible to have YouTubers, but it doesn't seem that easy. Thus, in this note, we have put together a few keys that will help you become an influential video maker.

What is a YouTuber?

Before you know how to be a YouTuber, you need to know what it means to be one. A YouTuber is not the only person who can draw or share the details of their life as an entrepreneur in a 5-minute video.

YouTube is a personal brand that publishes, shares, and promotes YouTube content in strategic and seamless ways. It can also be a business brand.

What do YouTube makers set by excluding users who upload home videos to their channel? In principle, two things: your business goals and your audience.

Bottom line: a YouTuber makes videos to make money on YouTube.

How to be a YouTuber?

Creating a video and uploading it to YouTube doesn't really make you a YouTuber. To be a YouTuber you need to focus on different perspectives. If you want to start making money making videos being a YouTuber on this platform, you need to focus on:

You need more than just a hobby

You are advised to define your niche before creating your YouTube channel. This is the category of potential customers/clients. Here are some questions that might help you: Which audience do you want to target? What is the interest of this audience? What is your taste?

Boost your technical skills

You need to know how to upload a video on YouTube or share a video on social networks, how to operate your video camera, or the basics of video production and editing. If you feel that you do not have the necessary skills, it is better to learn from an expert.

Some YouTubers start editing their own videos but as they gain more commitment they hand over the role to a video editor. If you have the skills to edit, you can start editing them yourself.

Get the tools you need to do your recording

We want to say a good video camera, a memory card, a tripod, a flash and of course a computer or laptop.

Video and image editing programs 

In the video, the most popular is Adobe Premiere Pro (available for Windows and IOS), followed by Final Cut Pro, developed by Apple, which has released this program for 90 days in connection with the quarantine.

To create a cover image of your videos or to create a format for your social networks, the guided program is Photoshop. Although there are many more free online platforms that can help you design like Pro. One of them is Canva.

Concern about delivering quality content

Ask yourself the following questions: Does the video seem interesting, useful, and engaging to your target audience? Will they share in their networks? Scripting, production, and editing: You need to focus on those three things. Quality is one of the most valuable attributes used by YouTube users.

Be constant

The content you share and promote must be periodic. For example, you can choose a day of the week to post a new video. Inconsistencies can cause your followers to lose interest in your content.

Create a personal brand

This means a strong presence on social media. Focus on what your audience uses. Remember that through them you will promote your videos and you will reach more people.

Becoming an Influencer

If you want to be a spokesperson for a particular brand, you must be an influential person on the internet. This means there are a lot of followers among other things. Let's get to the point: Influencer Marketing or Influence Marketing is a strategy that relies on the reach, credibility, and quality of content that a person generates (it can be a YouTuber), to promote a product.

So partnering with brands and setting up deals is another way to make money as YouTubers.

Earnings depend on the agreement you make with the brand. Typically, brands look at YouTuber with the same voice to spread their business message. For example, if you travel the world on your channel, an airline or travel agency might be interested in you as a spokesperson for their brand.

Income can also come through products that are made available to the influencer.

Does that mean we can work with a brand? Not necessarily. Your influencer marketing strategy must focus on the interests/tastes of your target audience. Otherwise, your content may become aggressive and compelling or even damage your user experience. For example, if your channel is about video games, it would be very inappropriate to offer beauty cream one day. Your followers will notice and immediately start asking questions and criticizing.

Why do influencer marketing?

The power of the influencers is immense: they are someone who has established a bond of trust with their audience. The latter cannot be understood as an influential trader who always wants to sell! Particularly influencers - since most of them are professionals - are demanding and will only work with their brands that will serve their audience.

Another advantage: the cost of promotion. Where you can spend thousands of dollars, creating relative traffic month after month, influencer marketing lets you increase your visibility instantly in small amounts depending on the price of the influencer. But brands will create great ROIs with micro-influencers whose audience swings between 10,000 and 100,000.

In summary :

  • You improve your natural referrals - backlinks that connect you to influencers. His publication needs to be optimized in influential SEO.
  • You boost your sales and gain notoriety in record time: The dropout rate is lower when you go through an influencer.
  • You establish a bond of trust with the audience: If you go through an influencer, your business approach is less aggressive.

It doesn't matter if you want to be a YouTuber or not. If you already have some presence on social media like Instagram or Facebook, you should not wait. Why aren't you jumping on YouTube? Of course, remember to set up quality content delivery and marketing strategies. Until the next article, stay with us!

Stella Palmer