Why does your business need

influencer marketing?

Why does your business need influencer marketing

It has become absolutely essential for digital brands that the internet can change everything with one click. Effective marketing is a discipline that has very distinct advantages over other styles of marketing used.

Influencers know their audience. And they are able to communicate better with them by promoting content that appeals to them. Their audience is certainly smaller than certain media. But there are many more specific and interactive possibilities. Because their association with influential people makes their ideas acceptable. A message that is influential will appear more authentic and interesting than a message that comes directly from the brand.

Influencers are not just brand ambassadors, whose legitimacy in relation to the real information surpasses that of the traditional media.

Here are 5 good reasons to include influencer marketing in your small business strategy.

1. Develop your notoriety

The first advantage of using influencers is to be able to develop the notoriety of your brand.

And yes: the influencer relays your message to his community. And it is generally very developed, and active. Suddenly, your message will have a very important reach, with a targeted audience. Ideal for developing your notoriety.

2. Interact with your community

Influencers are the direct link between your brand and your customers.

Influencer communities follow him very closely and are often very active. With each publication of the influencer, its communities respond very quickly to any feedback about the products or your brand. Sometimes if there are too many questions, the influencers respond to their community through live show videos.

It helps you get feedback from your customers in real-time. This interaction also allows you to adjust the decision editorial line with the influencer (if you find it inappropriate). This is the perfect way to get valuable information on your product line.

3. Develop a new form of communication

By going through an influencer, your brand develops a better brand image.

And yes, influencers in communication are less intrusive. If they share your brand's products, it's because they think they can be useful to their community. And their fans know it. This is why when an influencer promotes your brand, their community doesn't feel like spamming when it comes to interfering with ads.
Also, you need to follow their personal accounts to get their product talk. If Internet users see and receive news and news, this is because they want it and so they must be interested in these influencers.

This form of communication is developing on different channels: pages ebook, Instagram, Twitter, but also on influencer YouTube channels ...

You will thus develop a less intrusive relationship with your customers through this form of communication.

4. Increase your sales

When you call on an influencer, beyond developing your notoriety, it is also to highlight your products, logical.

Influencers talk about your brand. They promote your products and thus send customers to your website or your store. Suggestions and feedback on your product (of course positive!) Will increase your sales. And yes, consumers are turning to influencers for advice and feedback on the products they want to buy today. They assure that they can trust the opinion of anyone outside the brand. Your partnership will have more impact than conventional advertising impact Also, it will often be cheaper.

5. Boost your sensitive connections

Your prospects identify with the influencer, with whom they have a strong emotional connection. They, thus, trust him. By regularly promoting your brand, this emotional connection can extend to your brand.

That's why it's important to choose your influencer well. It is better to take an influential person with a small community but who is busy, instead of someone who has a large community but with whom it does not communicate. Influential thus helps you to convince your goal. That’s why the influencer you choose must love and immerse yourself in your products. He must succeed in preaching in a natural way and accepting them on purpose.

You can measure the profitability of this partnership, including the number of likes and comments, especially on the influencer's major social networks. You also measure the impact by evaluating, for example, the number of new customers during the partnership or the number of visitors to your website …

Where to find the right influencers?

Partnering up with influencers can be tricky. First, it is important to establish exactly what you want. You need to know your budget, your target, and your values. To do this, it is interesting to create a typical character for the target, and then create one for the influencer. This will allow you to better target potential influencers. Then, you can find potential influencers in your own subscriber base. Also, among your employees, using tools on the internet, by researching hashtags or loyal customers that you already have. Once you have a list of several potential influencers, it is important to make sure that they share the same values ​​as you and that they have a relevant number of followers. Warning, some have a lot of fraudulent subscribers, they should not be taken into account. Finally, you contact them explaining the benefits of collaboration and why you think you make a good team.

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