Why do online marketing and digital advertising?

Reasons to tell you!

Why do online marketing and digital advertising? Reasons to tell you

According to statistics, the volume of digital advertising reached 93.097 billion in 2019, and the overall growth rate was 27.9%, indicating that the online media market is still in a state of continuous expansion. Many brands of digital marketing have also grown rapidly and become used to become family names.

If you still don’t know what the advantages of digital marketing are, this article is for you!

Digital marketing? or Traditional marketing?

What is "traditional marketing"? For example, the commercials of TV stations, the billboards on the road, and the flyers you receive are all in the category of traditional marketing.

"Digital marketing" is "Internet marketing." Anyone who uses the Internet as a marketing medium can be called digital marketing. And the types of digital marketing are very diverse and continue to change and innovate. From operating a website to optimizing SEO and launching Google Keyword search ads to YouTube, communities (such as Facebook) and webcast platforms (such as Twitter) that are contending with others are all ways of advertising new content.

The rise of digital marketing means that traditional marketing is gradually declining. People who used to turn on the TV when they went home, now the first thing to do is turn on the computer and slide the phone. With the popularity of the Internet, we are undergoing a revolution in audiovisual habits. , No longer guarding a TV, but acquiring information across screens and devices.

5 advantages of digital marketing

The advantages of digital marketing include "budget flexibility", "high versatility", "quantification of effectiveness", "accurate audience", and "in-depth communication". Through this, there are many people who operate websites and communities (such as Facebook and Instagram). Among them, many companies are willing to plan budgets for digital advertising. Because digital advertising, as a paid service on a platform, can often develop the five advantages.

Budget flexibility

Traditional marketing usually has a very high budget origin. TV commercials in the best time often come in tens of thousands of pieces per second. Outdoor billboards in the best locations are billed on a monthly and quarterly basis. The asking price is also quite amazing. If you need to achieve a large amount of publicity through traditional marketing, can not afford to play without certain capital.

In terms of digital marketing costs, the threshold is generally lower, and there is more room for flexible change. For example, one month of outdoor billboards can be used for online advertising for three months. And the period can be based on performance or low peak seasons. Factors "adjust at any time" advertising budget ratio.

High versatility

Share a personal experience: there was a movie that I was looking forward to will be released soon. On the eve of the release, I wrote down the premiere date on the bus ad and planned to invite friends to watch it. As a result, I saw my friends on Facebook on the morning of the release. I found out that the movie had been changed to be released in the world the first night before.

This story tells us that besides good interpersonal contacts, the flexibility of advertising benefits is very important.

The common problems of traditional marketing are low fault tolerance and low flexibility. Today, even if the company’s proofreaders take a vacation, it may cause 10,000 flyers to be printed with typos. The entire quantity is destroyed and wasted money. If it has been sent out, it will be even more trouble to make a joke.

The advantage of digital marketing is that minor errors can be corrected in real-time, and any changes to the event content (dates, discounts, gifts... etc.) can also be adjusted to communicate updated information with the market.

Effectiveness quantification

Have you ever bought a TV wall advertisement? The advertiser said: "This intersection is an excellent spot for presentation, with an average daily round trip group of nearly 30,000, and an appearance of 50,000 people during holidays."

When advertisers flew up and down, everyone must have been full of questions:

"How is 30,000 calculated?"

"Will bad weather affect the groups?"

"Will everyone look up at the ad for 50,000 people?"

"Since there are so many variables, how to check the effectiveness of advertising?"

Digital marketing can give you a clear answer to all the above questions.

Any user behavior on the Internet will be recorded and converted into data, which is called "quantification."

In the advertising background, you can clearly know how many people your ad was presented today. How many people clicked and entered your website, and how long you stayed there after visiting a few pages. On the basis of these data, it can be more accurate to analyze the effectiveness of advertising.

Precise audience

Every election street is always full of advertisements for various candidates. But for people (such as commuters) who spend a long time outside their own life circle, they may recognize more candidates from outside areas than in their own electoral area. It is meaningless to calculate the appearance rate at a later time.

With the advent of digital marketing, advertisements will no longer be scammed, and the ads will be delivered to the right people so that the effectiveness can be fundamentally optimized. Take Google ads as an example. It can set the geographic location of the publication in the advertisement. And lock it through the region, it can ensure that the advertisements of marketing candidates will not go to those companies.

To give another example, if a women's clothing brand advertisement can target "women" and "customer age" immediately, it will immediately save a lot of misused money.

In-depth communication

Recall, is there any experience in which advertisements follow you after you click on a link?

As mentioned above: "Any behavior of users on the Internet will be recorded." Online media advertisements can be used for "remarketing" ads for users who have visited the site. And it can be as fine as "video viewing seconds" can be tracked.

For example, for users who have visited a promotional website within 7 days, the content of "There are only 2 days left for the event, don't hesitate to order now!". The content will be more appealing and promotional.


Digital marketing has certainly become a mainstream trend in modern advertising. Companies that have sensed business opportunities early have entered their markets. Compared with the high advertising costs of traditional media for small and medium-sized enterprises, digital marketing is a way to gain market visibility with large companies. After reading this article, the question should not be "Why digital marketing?", but "How to do digital marketing?".

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