What To Avoid When Exploring

Network Marketing?

What To Avoid When Exploring Network Marketing

In previous posts we have talked about network marketing, explaining a little what it is about. Also, it's possible advantages for some people, what to look for in a good business that uses this type of strategy, etc.

But it is also very necessary to have a better idea of ​​what to avoid before entering a potential network marketing company. In this post, we will make a brief summary of what to be aware of in the case of analyzing entering the field of network marketing. For more marketing questions, analysis, and solutions you can contact Jocial. Now let's get back to the topic:

What is network marketing?

In the beginning, we must remember that businesses use network marketing to promote their products or services through their distributors and their independent product providers. These distributors sell products to customers. And usually, customers start with friends, family, and others in their community.

Suppliers usually pay a fee to join the initial investment to buy the product. They employ their own sales force and make a profit. This is done both from the sales generated by these salespeople and from the sales collection of one percent of their employers.

How does network marketing work?

Let's take an example: Suppose you have a company that makes cleaning products (or maybe you import them). You make it clear that your product is not a basic need, as it provides the customer with something more. Thus, you are not looking for larger distribution, but a more selective one. You have a few stores but you want to expand your sales network with a small investment, then you can think of network marketing.

Also to having your products in your stores, they may be in the hands of independent distributors who help promote and sell the items. They will receive a commission for each sale and you do not have to invest, for example, to create a new store.

Of course, just as it does not need the same investment, it does not need the same sales as a distributor store. Thus, one way to promote and develop your network is to build your own network on behalf of that distributor and benefit from the sales of distributors on this second network.

Manipulation: risk in network marketing

However, in the case of this type of business, it can be distorted. Any other company bigger than this can achieve. For newcomers, the lack of visible organizational structure and the low-control environment where they sometimes operate. And it creates opportunities for anyone to strategize potential stakeholders.

Also, in network marketing, participants enter situations where they are not individual employees. Because they are part of an existing organization, the rules of which they do not establish themselves. But when their freelancers have some advantages (such as working your desired hours and determining which market to enter) they also suffer from a lack of support from unions or other intermediaries if they need any help.

It makes them weak. Particularly sensitive manipulation that makes participants occasionally make unsupported claims. Forget their suspicions, don’t question the error, and don’t act against the agency in case of fraud.

Guilt for not achieving goals with network marketing

Those who do not make big profits for any reason are the ones who often blame themselves for not achieving the objectives.

And this is the feeling that the partners belong to an organized community that was deceived using network organizations.

Encourages others to 'train' as well as help achieve 'financial success'. Which often speaks of inspiration. Although they provide very little useful information on how to sell, they feel that their supporters are omnipotent and with the effort, they can make a lot of money.

His main approach is to raise the expectations of those who enter these projects. Make sure they “change their lives” by making sure they keep all the promises they make. What they do is through discussions with their authorized companies, seminars, business meals.

Lack of data: red flag in network marketing

Another issue to pay attention to is the lack of data. A company should be researched extensively before entering it. If little is known about this company, it is a sign of alarm.

Also, what is known about the company is that the distributors are making money for hiring people and these vendors pay a higher percentage than selling the product to people outside the company. This is a sign that the business is collapsing or perhaps it has already fallen into a pyramid scheme.

Another question to review where the information comes from
Most of these companies flood the web with misleading information. In some cases, they create sites that seem independent and critical for networking. But they conclude that a certain business is legal

For this reason, you need to be very critical of what you are reading and look for all sorts of positions. From serious media recognized for instant power and purposefulness.

After reading this information, do you think you should apply network marketing to your marketing and sales strategy?

What do you think? Do you think multilevel or network marketing can be a good business? We hope you tell us in the comments or our accounts on Facebook or Twitter.

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