What Is The Difference Between

Influencer And Ambassador

What Is The Difference Between Influencer And Ambassador

Confusion often arises in the minds of many between influencers and ambassadors. However, they are 2 people, if we consider the digital/social media universe, relatively opposed to their role.

Conversely, in influencer marketing, the ambassador will be considered more as a real influencer.

So some people consider the effect as an effect. However, any effect is trimmed to separate the 2 conditions that can be placed on either side of the barrier.

Let’s look at the influencers and ambitious definitions of terms. It will be important for both the person present through social networks and the comparatively present for brands.

We will approach them from a marketing point of view and through the internet.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone who is followed for specific field skills. They have a skilled, skilled, and committed community around what they preach. If we talk about an opinion leader in terms of real impact, we are a bit far from it through the internet.

On the Internet, influencers will collaborate with brands for their visibility through their activities.

This means that he will be paid regularly for this work. And this is one of the main significant differences between being an influencer on social media and being an ambassador.

He or she will be able to test the product, create videos, write sponsored articles, or enable any other activity around the service needed for visibility in the region of a product or service. This will affect the purchasing behavior of Internet users. Basically to whom it will distribute these different contents.

At this stage, it calls brands to promote their offers. Brands usually go through influencer marketing agencies that specialize in managing and relating these profiles.

It is interesting to know how to work with influencers for the benefit of their community. You will also find that this is a real job that requires a lot of time to invest.

We can still say here that the difference between an influential person and an ambassador is related to his necessary work. And within the framework of that social media universe, ambassadors are usually not bound by any agreement. What we don’t say in community management is that community managers must try to be ambassadors for their brand audience. So in the case of influencer marketing, we would rather talk about a single ambassador.

An ambassador can be satisfied by relaying information. Although influencers can create content for different brands or organizations.

What media can we find influencers on?

Influencers are regularly very active on social networks but also on blogs. They can manage an ecosystem ranging from blogs to social networks. Thus having several thousand Internet users who will follow them.

These are typically bloggers, YouTubers, Instagrammers, SnapChatters, and between the ages of 20 and 50. It is an environment that connects first-generation bloggers and young users of social networks like Snapchat and Instagram.

This is one of the main interests of brands. Because thousands of subscribers who follow these influencers will become potential subscribers and subscribers to ensure the virality of their activities on social networks.

The work of the influencer blogger or powerful blogger is easy and it is not too far away. When creating content, managing your communities, managing partnerships with brands, and going through countless interviews, appointments ... it’s not as easy as it sounds.

It is not given to everyone who wants to be an influencer because it is a constant task and a skill that is acquired with a lot of patience ... Although in reality, becoming an influencer is not a goal, but results that are not inevitably explored.

What is an ambassador?

  • Ambassador from a social media point of view

An ambassador is a person who is usually committed to a brand, satisfied with the time of purchase and kinship, and with whom he spends some time.

Within social networks the ambassador will be relatively "loyal" to the brand he will follow, and to which he will adhere.

He will provide her with numerous information relays. Such as sharing and retweeting on Twitter, as soon as the brand will ensure the promotion of the activity on social networks.

The difference between the influencer and the ambassador will be committed to the modern and working towards a brand and not necessarily several. This will help to virtualize its activities and make them visible.

For the brand, the ambassador is a very important person but at the same time not associated with him in any way.

An ambassador is not paid to join the brand that he will follow and the brand that will continue his activities. As mentioned above, this is one of the differences between an influencer and an ambassador.

The differences we also notice are the ambassador's loyalty to a brand. This is not the case with any influencer, especially when there is no brand quote. She will save him too.

It is also a question of quantity between an influential person and an ambassador! Brand actions require many messengers to run the relay, but some influencers may be enough to achieve visibility.

So an ambassador does not have a particularly strong audience compared to an influencer.

  • Ambassador from an influencer or influencer marketing point of view.

In the world of influencer marketing, it should be noted that the ambassador doesn’t really have the same meaning on social media or rather as the same weight, but he remains as the general denominator associated with the brand. In influencer marketing, we are rather close to the status of the museum, where the influencer will comply with its brand image.

In this case, the ambassador will have intense notoriety (in general) and he will subscribe under a brand agreement that he will represent through various communication promotions. We have many stars who play the role of this ambassador.

If we go back to the digital field, we will talk about a brand, publisher, or another representative of a solution that will try to be driven by an ambassador who will be influential at the same time. We can say that the role of the ambassador here carries more weight than the influence. Integrity and friendship with the brand will not make him a person who will adhere to several entities in the same universe.

If we combine micro-influencers and macro-influencers among influencers, ambassadors will remain experts for the most part, including the “large population”. The foundation raised above has a lot to do with the fashion, beauty, and sports world ... and we can choose the word ambassador depending on the world.

A reminder of the notable differences between influencer and ambassador

Ambassador / Influencer

  • An influencer is committed to a brand
  • It may be under contract
  • Usually pays for his role (if under contract)
  • Brings visibility to strong brands
  • Strong audience/community
  • One person has relayed to a very social network
  • Content has been created
  • Sometimes associated with museums


  • Strong audience/community
  • One person has relayed to a very social network
  • Pay for his work
  • Not committed to any brand (excluding museums)
  • Content has been created
  • Work is required
  • Gain a lot of visibility for a brand


  • Committed and satisfied with a brand
  • Trustworthy and defender of the brand
  • Unpaid for his work
  • There is necessarily a huge audience
  • Achieve visibility for the brand

Ambassador from a digital/social media perspective, so here are 2 distinct roles, where he will be considered a loyal person to a brand, regularly relaying its content and on the other hand will be considered a brand foundation as influencers at the edge. Significant differences exist in the degree of influence of the individual. In the second case, it will be paid for its position towards the brand.

So there will be no more mistakes in the future between the influencer and the ambassador!

Isabelle Evans