Utilizing the Gaming Community and increase the Sale of Your Next Product

Utilizing the Gaming Community and increase the Sale of Your Next Product

The world is becoming a Gamer’s candy shop with the rise of augmented reality and artificial intelligence. Till 2021, the gaming industry will become worth an astonishing $180 billion industry (Estimated by the Tech Jury). Now the question arises that how will you get into the gaming world to maximize the presence of your brand and the answer is via Gaming influencers!

This is to remember that all gaming influencers are also human and not the robotic gaming addicts as people were once led to believe they were. As they are from all different walks of life like they will all have different interests in a number of different quality of products. Moreover, it has been also seen that the majority of products that gaming influencers promote have normally been within the gaming niche. Now many of the Influencers are now interestingly showing various parts of their personalities and their lives also promoting brands and products out of the gaming niche that is becoming popular.

Various products like headphones, energy drinks, desk accessories, clothing, and even makeup, and skincare products have all been passing through into the gaming industry via influencers.

Once there was the time when gamers may have been the individual teenage boy but now gamers are now just as likely to be women. In fact 45% of women are gamers and really good for brands who typically selling makeup/skincare and clothing. Rose and Rosie the YouTube duo is the best example.

In addition, the mobile gaming is also a big market and also engaged. This is perfect for different companies to increase brand awareness by collaborating with gaming influencer who is perfectly fit for your brand, product, and services. There are many more examples in the gaming industry who have become boon for many companies and successful marketing campaigns.

As every company is always looking to enhance their sales and brand awareness and therefore sometime fall victim to being a bit “awareness-thirsty” and end up with bad promo. Producing brand awareness helps to act as an effective cause during your marketing campaign that will also earn you a badge of brand integrity. Companies should step forward to gain the trust and loyalty of their new customers.

In a traditional manner, marketers are trained to go super niche whereas gaming industry involves everyone.

Stella Palmer