Theories of Web Traffic

Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do without It

Theories of Web Traffic – Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do without It

Traffic is the most important term to deal with Internet Marketing. Although Traffic is meant to be related to the road or highways, it's meant not like that here.  But pretty much like real driving high-way roads. In Internet Marketing traffic is the number of visitors that actively arrive on a selective web site. When the analysis says that the Traffic of a website is million per week or month it means that some millions of people regularly visit the website each month.  Here you have to know much more about it. To understand the following aspect consider the facts below:

1. Traffic per SE is not so helpful for an Internet Marketer. Traffic is the major thing that counts for the web rank. But the unique one counts like this. For instance, you can make millions of traffic over a web site, but if 80 to 90% of them are a regular visitor then you can not earn anything new from it. In that matter, your significant traffic that spells your growth is only 10% of the new people you get.

2.  Again, the people who click on the link to your website are very easy to use for you. You require more than luck to succeed and make money in the affiliate business. All you need to do is download an ebook, subscribe to your website, or pay for and buy products. Ordinary surfers don't do much for your website.

Hot and Cold Traffic

The idea of ​​hot and cold traffic will shortly become very valuable to you. Simply set, people who only appear on your website and leave without doing anything are cool traffic. It is of no value to you. But, people who come to your website take some steps that you want them to receive hot traffic. Useless to say, this is hot traffic that you should attempt for.

Cold traffic is what you get from commonly monitored methods like Google search. These people probably found your website when they searched for a specific keyword on Google. Especially since they had no desire to visit your website, it has just turned out. They hit on your website without any anticipation. They should not be expected to take any step. The growth rate of these people functionally known as (conversion rate) is very poor.

Hot traffic grows to your targeted website through some targeted ways. They may have been due to some of your works such as blogging or content marketing, which we will explain later. Generally, these people mean the most to your business potential. The people come to your website with some desire, so you can expect some business from them too.

Monetizing the Web Traffic

Traffic is essential, and we'll look at ways you can drive traffic to your website. But what are the basics you need to start monetizing that web traffic? Monetization means turning your web traffic toward money. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business. The more you can make traffic the more you can earn money over the business. Here we try to take it.

Making the Preparations

A good website is the first element to plan for traffic production. It is absolutely necessary. It is no less than an office space. This could be your online base virtual corporate office. People you don't know about them will see these and form an idea about your website. One of your basic requirements is a good functional website. Of course, there are many ways you can make money from your online efforts without a website. But if you have a great website it will be a quite distinct story.

If you think you don't want a website yet, you can have at least one blog. Today, blogs are judged to be more advanced than websites because they are responsive. The best thing about the blog is it's totally free of cost and you can connect with your audience through it. You can keep in touch with your audience through blogs. The best part is that blogs are free. You can create your personal blog using tools like Blogger ( And you can make it in some minutes and keep it up online. You can try Wordpress ( also if you are not interested in Blogger. Because the ads on bloggers are functional and you may not like that. But Wordpress can offer you personalized advertising without any cost.

Keep in mind that it's not just a matter of driving people to your website or blog. You need to maintain their attention so that they are compelled to take the response exactly from you. Thus, the attraction is a crucial feature. But it is also necessary to fascinate them with important content.

The Real Monetizing Process

All you need is an eCommerce solution to start making money. Having a shopping cart on your website is a great profit if you have a product you are selling. The shopping cart holds the customer's purchase as long as it pays and keeps the account. As the payments will be made via credit card, the shopping carts also have an encryption system.

But as you know the different ways of the route can lead you to the different income sources you can make different choices. Like you can allow an eBook to download from your website that is considered to be purchased you need to get paid through different payment systems like Paypal  ( or transfer money to collect the amount.

Note that monetization does not only mean raising money, it also means the entire process. If you are trying to get your customers interested in any event today so that they can be customers tomorrow, this is also monetization. We will see how landing pages and lead capture pages (known as squeeze pages) can do this.

Building Passive Income

For any internet marketer, the best thing that can happen is to start with a passive income possibility. This results when the marketer has a business that pays for it without any active effort. It's a lot like the royalties that are made in a novel once composed and published. There are some ways that this kind of residual income can be created on the internet.

One of these is a popular blog page or web page that has an ebook that people will download and keep. If your submitted e-book is good to read, people will discuss it and more people will keep buying it. This is recognized as viral marketing. Regardless of whether you don't want to work for some time, your residual salary streams ought to be enough to prop you up for some time.

Stella Palmer