The Power Of Marketing

In Your Company's Digital Transformation

The Power Of Marketing In Your Company's Digital Transformation

When did the marketing story begin? Do you know how marketing works in digital transformation? First of all, you have to understand what has changed over the years. Thus, the idea is that it all started around 1450 with the printing press revolution. The newspaper was published and thus they sold space so that companies could place ads in their products and services. Thus, it is easy to analyze what the role of marketing was in the past. Thus, the original practice was a more aggressive expression. Thus, preventing people from doing what they are trying to do in order to sell products or services. Thus, there was no real concern for the needs and success of the customers involved. So, we already know.

So, with the advent of technology, automation, and routine activities, the marketing that we now call outbound anger the client and thus becomes obsolete. However, he did not disappear, only he had to adapt to the changes of the technological age. New marketing has transformed, studied, and measured what we call inbound, committed (and will do) to be the catalyst of the digital transformation process. But is it a digital transformation?

The Digital Transformation

In the corporate environment, the term “digital transformation” is currently the most used word. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is knocking on our door and many companies still do not know how to adapt to a world and a market with powerful digital expressions. So, for those who are well informed today, it is seen that technologies are always changing. Also, existing ones change and new gadgets appear every week.

Thus, companies are still very accustomed to the old way of selling. They are having trouble integrating several new technologies into their processes. However, digital transformation still goes far beyond that, it’s not just innovation. After all, it’s not just the media that has changed. Users or customers and their behavior towards products, services, and brands. Thus, this process symbolizes a significant change in the paradigm and, essentially, in the way of doing business and interacting with customers.

Contrary to many people's beliefs, digital transformation goes beyond the study of new usage and Internet usage behaviors. It also breaks down the boundaries of organizations and businesses and affects our lives completely. Thus, it is important that companies become aware of this new reality and begin to rethink their sales practices and relationships with customers. Probably the first thing you do when you wake up is call, notification. Similarly, kids today have more contact with technology than in our past.

Marketing in the digital transformation
First, before we actually start talking about the active role of marketing in digital transformation, we need to identify a few key features that characterize this process. So let’s start. 

Customer success
In the past, sales methods had almost no relation to customer performance. But, nowadays, the success of your organization comes from the success of your customers. Through conversions, individuals can now experiment and understand more about products or services before investing. Also how much your audience needs your service or product you can measure it. If you need to power upon the marketing tactics you can do that using the customer satisfaction rate. The more your customers respond to positive feedback you can make positive results from your business growth. So customer success is a measurable point in digital marketing transformation.  

Greater choice
With all the changes in the technological age, there is a lot more power of consumer choice today. Digital transformation with product marketing models has transformed the co-demand market so that demand increases further and higher levels of optimization are achieved. Thus, it was possible to combine empowerment with usage.

Mindset change
As you can imagine, the sales mentality has changed. Today, we solve more problems than just one product or service. So, adding real value to those who are buying it, the individual considers this action as an investment, not as an expense. And, of course, it generates the best returns for your organization. After all, who is satisfied, that always gives, right? So set your mind first to get the initial goal from your activities. It can lead you to the top of the digital formation.  

Nowadays the price per second is much higher than before. But what does that mean? The law of agility and speed when it comes to digital presence. If you decide to start creating a project to further improve yourself at Google, your competitors are probably already doing the same. Updated service can make an updated community. Also, it can rank you on the first raw when chasing your competitor. You can not run too long with your old marketing method always. So, always stay updated and make yourself happy.

The active role of marketing in the transformation
Considering the above, it is easy to understand that marketing experience takes on a new role through business connectivity. Thus, the connection between brands and people lies in the digital transformation of marketing to solve the problems and ways of previously explored channels. Thus, it is not difficult to understand that a significant portion of digital projects arises from functions analyzed by marketing, user experience, and dynamics. So, it becomes vital to change your business strategy so that it is directed towards it.

In the past, measuring the actual return on investment in marketing has been a challenge. But, nowadays, with all kinds of user behavior, it has become much easier to prove ROI (Return on Investment). Also, the new digital world provides data, identifying how the user works and how he interacts with his activities. On the other hand, physical marketing does not provide such data for analysis. So, if you set up a billboard, for example, you don’t know how many people saw it, how many people were interested in it. But an ad on the internet, for example, optimizes your strategy and provides all this data.

Think with us, you can make a great digital transformation within your company. You can optimize your production time, improve the quality of your products, automate processes, etc. However, if this investment does not add value to your client, it will be in vain. The new marketplace puts the user at the top of your company’s success, a practice that is also called Customer Experience (CX). And only a good marketing strategy centered on the user is able to build this bridge efficiently.

If you’re still unsure about the need for marketing in digital conversions, let’s look at an example. For this, we'll use a major strategy of introversion; Relationships via email. First, you need to know that this relationship creates an automation flow and good email marketing. Thus, there are several platforms that are able to provide different metrics on top of sent emails. Information like; Open Rate, Click, Subscribe as well as Unsubscribe helps you analyze whether the strategy you are using works.

This will enable your organization to gain competitive intelligence and analyze human interactions in a measurable way with its actions. Staying out of it?

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Stella Palmer