The Importance Of Influencers In

A Digital Strategy

The Importance Of Influencers In A Digital Strategy

Influencer marketing has started as a new and popular digital marketing strategy in recent years. There are so many companies that are interested in these influencers. And they are trying to make these people a new axis of communication. 

Influencer marketing means all the strategies that rely on one or more leaders to promote a site, product, or service. Over the years, influencer marketing has thus become more democratic and now it is a big challenge for companies.

A real ambassador to his world, influential brands are tempted to attract customers in new ways in more innovative ways.

To be more real, here are some key figures for 2020:

  • 92% of consumers trust content posted by a person more than a brand.
  • 60% of consumers check out blog posts, videos, or social media posts about a product before making a purchase.
  • 4 out of 5 consumers buy a product that has been recommended to them.
  • 61% of consumers interact with an influencer at least once a day.

But to successfully execute your web marketing strategy, it is very important to establish the goals. The goals that you want to achieve and the goals that you want to reach by this influencer. In this article, we will define different types of influencers. And then we will establish why and how to integrate them into your digital strategy.

Who Are The Influencers?

Influencers are people who have a strong presence in digital channels. It can be social networks, influential platforms, blogs, etc. that allow him to influence the purchase or use of the following Internet users. Since they have a huge and quality audience, influencers can play an important role in your digital strategy. Audiences in question may pay attention to social networks, a YouTube channel, and even a blog. Depending on the channel, influencers will be listed as Instagram influencers, YouTubers, or influential bloggers.

Instagram Influencer

Interested users of the network, the Instagram influencer is characterized by a relatively large number of subscribers, established reliability, and high engagement rate. These influencers are part of a well-defined niche for influencers in life, sports, travel and even cooking for example. How to use the app's algorithm in a relevant way will prove to be a real asset to your business, just as an Instagram user creates it as his core activity.

If you want to substitute your sponsored campaign on Instagram or complement it with an influencer strategy, it's important to know the different types of influencers on the network:

  • Micro-influencers: its audience has between 10,000 and 100,000 subscribers. It is one of the most sought after groups by brands. In fact, this section strongly divides the audience. So to measure, the rate of commitment, the ability to build very strong customer loyalty, and ultimately the cost of affordable collaboration between small and medium brands.
  • Macro influencers: They have subscribers between 100,000 and 500,000. Also, they have a slightly more developed account than micro-influencers. Because they are used to maintaining a segmented audience and certain financial accessibility. Working with several Macro influencers offers the possibility of increasing the impact of your campaigns with loyal followers.
  • Mega Influencers: between 500,000 and 2 million subscribers. These influencers with a high price per campaign and publication guarantee to reach a large audience with different communities. By collaborating with them, you can quickly increase your brand's reach and increase sales during a product campaign. 
  • All-Star influencers: with more than 2 million subscribers, these opinion leaders make it possible to reach a massive and very diverse audience. They guarantee you immediate impact and strong coverage. They are often confused with "Celebrities" Because of their high number of followers. But their aspirations to only create digital content keeps them apart. Their pricing, in proportion to their fame, is very high and limits the possibility of making partnerships with them for many brands.

Among these majority leaders, we also find celebrities who thank their highly developed audience. And the effect of the exceptional effectiveness of brands (voluntarily or not) has become.

Take the example of Puma who set up a long-term partnership with singer Selena Gomez in 2017. With her 183 million subscribers, the young singer was able to convince her audience to buy the famous Puma shoes that we can see at his feet in the photo below. This partnership strongly contributed to the increase in the turnover of the brand by 15.3% in 2019. What proves the importance of high visibility on social networks thanks to celebrities!

The Blog Influencer

Originally, the goal of bloggers was to offer original content. They always create content for their website on a particular theme. For example travel or food bloggers, always try to present new content to publish online.

Over the years they have learned to monetize their content for advertising, communication promotion, and any other branding project. So, with the rise of social networks, they have been able to adapt to using their Instagram to promote their blogs.

Today, some bloggers are known as influencers because of the success of their blogs on social media.

Because of this influencing effectiveness, the blog generally comes second after Instagram and has these advantages:

  • An explicit editorial around the product/service: an article can be more or less along with a well-detailed description or not.
  • The possibility of adding a video
  • The sharing of content on social networks: The audience acquired through networks will significantly expand the visibility of the article. Thus a blog with a strong social presence is a real asset.
  • The positioning of the content on Google and its lifespan: we remind you that a good positioning on Google allows a publisher, a brand, or a company to offer an optimized lifespan to its content. The blogger generally masters the fundamentals of SEO to improve his positioning in search engines. This allows it to remain visible over the long term at a lower cost.
  • The newsletter: the blogger often uses it to retain his audience. For advertisers, this is a point of negotiation. The newsletter can make it possible to highlight a sponsored article, an advertising insert, or even to offer a promo coupon.
  • The cost of operations: when we compare to Instagram, where the costs are relatively controlled. Indeed, even if a sponsored article costs an average of € 300 to € 1,500 (depending on the reputation of the blog, its target, and its theme), the lifespan of your advertisement will be longer compared to that of an Instagram post. It can quickly get lost on the news feed.

The Youtube Influencer

Youtube Influencer is an author of a Youtube channel. They regularly publish videos on their channel. These influencers can make product placement or recommendations for brands.

The real opportunist has become the real level of engagement with the YouTubers brand with millions of subscribers. In fact, unboxing, haul, product testing videos give brands a chance to get closer to the YouTube community. And thus sending a message with a strong impact and a clear understanding.

Collaborating with Youtube influencers will allow you to access an audience made up of very committed people. But also to give credibility to your content.

Also note that some influencers can work on their videos according to the brand’s brief, ensuring exclusive and unique content.

Why Integrate Them Into Your Digital Strategy?

Content For The Right Audience

As you can see, influencers are people with deep credibility in their field. They create quality content, which leads to significant engagement with their audience. They will learn how to educate customers about your brand/product in a fun and original way.

It is important to think about choosing the influencer you want to work with. To maintain a certain consistency in your communication, your community needs to be consistent with what you have to offer.

Mass Word Of Mouth

Influencer use is synonymous with time-saving. Partnering with influential people, thanks for their worthy and wide audience. These will increase your visibility as well as traffic to your website or social networks.

These collaborations will naturally improve the quality of your brand as well as your commitment to your products and services.

Contact Them

It can sometimes be difficult to know who to choose as accurately as possible with your brand identity. Many brands are now using tools internally to map influencers and thus be able to identify fake influencers. These tools include monitoring platforms, social listening tools, effects platforms, social media, or search engines.

After identifying your future employees, it is important to personalize the communication by sending a short and very short message. The challenge is that if he agrees to work with you, he will be offered an attractive partnership while promising confidence and true bonding. This collaboration can bring him and show him the added value of how you stand out from your competitors. It is advisable to contact the promotion results. So as to be interested and maintain a convenient link with these brand ambassadors.


Integrating influencers into your digital strategy is a real opportunity. You can develop your visibility with a large and skilled audience in record time. But be sure to prepare well for these partnerships by setting relevant influential identifiers as well as concrete digital and commercial objectives.

Stella Palmer