The Future Of Digital Marketing That Generates More Conversions

Facebook Messenger

The Future Of Digital Marketing That Generates More Conversions

The dark social part of Facebook Messenger? Remember it is a channel with one billion active users every month. Don’t skip this, even if your brand doesn’t use Facebook Messenger right now, you’re probably doing it.

If you think that messaging applications are for personal communication only, consider the following:

The Jocial Facebook Messaging survey found that messaging ranks second among non-communicative ways of interfacing with organizations. And 53 percent of people are likely to buy from an agency that can probably send a message.

Why is Facebook Messenger important for your brand?

The growing importance of Facebook Messenger for business becomes more clear each time. Especially when analyzing messages in the context of the trend of using social networks in general. The user base of messaging applications has surpassed that of social networks. According to Business Insider, the top four messaging apps have more than 500 million active users per month compared to the top four social networks.

The context of the mobile application is also important. Although the Yahoo Flurry survey found that the average mobile app retained only 11% of users for 12 months. The messaging app retained 5.6 times better after 12 months. Holding 62% 4.7 times more than the average daily application of 62 mobile applications.

Combine these concepts and usage statistics that allow Facebook Messenger to communicate directly with personalized information to customers with offers automatically sent through conversations, and it’s clear that your brand needs to create a marketing strategy instantly on Facebook Messenger.

How to use Facebook Messenger for business?

Now that you know why your brand should use Facebook Messenger. This guide covers some effective ways to combine your Facebook page and your Facebook marketing strategy. As well as how Facebook Messenger can help your communication with co-workers and clients.

Facebook Messenger for business strategies and tips

Now that your Facebook Messenger account is ready, let's take a look at some of the ways Messenger can work for your business.

1. Use Messenger codes

Like Snapcode, Messenger codes allow users to connect to your business by scanning a simple graph. The messenger code for your organization is just a profile photo of your company page. In its notification version, surrounded by strips and dots that look a bit like the Morse code.

How to find your Messenger code

  1. Click on the Messages tab on your Facebook page.
  2. At the bottom of your inbox, click the info icon ("I" in a circle)

On this screen, you can view your Messenger code and download it as a graphic file. You can embed it on your website, share it on other social networks, or link it to your business card or other printed material.

2. Use Messenger Links

Like your messenger code, your messenger link is a tool that helps people start messenger conversations with your page. You can use it on your website, in your email signature, or on social media profiles. Or in printed content where the messenger code takes up a lot of space.

Your messenger link is]. So, for example, you can use the  Hootsuite Messenger link to start a Messenger conversation with the  Hootsuite  team:

3. Use the Send Message button in local business promotions

One of the easiest Facebook promotions to create local business promotions, you can launch them directly from your Facebook organization page. This allows you to target people within a certain geographical distance from your store or other offline location. And what could be better than chatting in real-time with someone who is currently walking or driving?

Adding call buttons to local business promotions encourages local and potential customers to contact you directly. So that you can learn more about your company, helping you overcome barriers to reaching your doorstep in real life.

4. Provide customer support

Let’s face it, when your customers have problems with you, they probably let you know on social media. Facebook Messenger can help in a variety of ways

Respond privately to public messages

Sometimes customers will post directly to your Facebook page about customer service. Also for the comments, or concerns rather than sending you a private message.

But, since these posts are visible to the public, personal issues such as orders or customer numbers are not a great way to solve them. Instead of pressuring your customer to send you a private message or email with the information you need, you can now reply to a visible post in a private message that all your customers should respond to.

The initial post will still be visible on your public page. But it will display a message saying you responded privately. So other visitors to your page will know that you are not ignoring your customers.

5. Provide customer service directly through Messenger

Of course, Facebook Messenger can be a special channel for your company's customer service. After all, it's easier for customers to search for you on Facebook than to find customer service email addresses on your website.

Jocial, a large Influencer marketing company. They implemented Facebook Messenger as a customer service channel. After that, they saw a 65 percent reduction in customer complaints and a 65 percent increase in customer satisfaction.

If you’re going to use Messenger as your customer service channel, it’s important that you have someone to check your messages whenever your business is open because customers expect a quick response. If you go to the Jocial Facebook page, you will see that they have received high response level badges. Such customer satisfaction numbers look completely different if the company is too slow to respond to customers.

6. Offer services through conversational bots

Conversation bots can be one of the most interesting ways to use Facebook Messenger. Because they allow you to automate everything from providing customer service, product advice, and even personalized content.

The use of conversation bots on Dutch Airlines KLM Facebook Messenger is to deliver flight updates within Messenger KLM, send boarding passes, and even change your seat choice.

Facebook Messenger now has over 30,000 bots.

7. Sell directly on Messenger

Only in the United States is there a new program that allows businesses to sell products and services directly on Messenger.

Tommy Hilfiger started selling the new outfit on Messenger with access right after the fashion show to customers directly as part of New York Fashion Week through his TMY.GRL bot.

Once your page has been managed in the United States, you can request the program now. Other organizations in the United States should look for ways to implement this new feature now. So that they are ready to go if the program becomes more widely available.


Conversation marketing is one of the futures of marketing. With this marketing strategy, brands can allow more people and personal connections with their customers. And they can communicate with their customers in an appropriate and effective way.

Facebook Messenger is one of the main instant messaging platforms for companies. It is one of the most effective sources for lead production, with 96% better conversion rates than lead landing pages.

You still don't use Facebook Messenger in your company, what are you waiting for?

Stella Palmer