Take Your business online

What you need to start?

Take Your business online What you need to Start

If you have an organization today, you will not be able to appear on the Internet properly.
People are increasingly using the web to find solutions to their problems, buy products and services, and communicate and have fun.

If you're one of the few people who doesn't have a web presence, will they be a problem for the future of your business (but are they so rare?)? Because it will be vital to be there when the time comes and it will probably be too late!

Why are we saying this?

Presence on the web must be made day after day. Laying the foundations properly and, above all, gaining people’s trust takes a lot of time because people are already skeptical, so leave it on the web.

If you're still thinking about them, we'll give you a few simple tips to get you started on the Internet. But if your business is already present, it will be useful to understand what you can do to improve the situation.

So we can get started!

1 - You need a website/blog

We assume that this should be a graphically beautiful site, practical and easy to use.
You need to enter your initial information about your organization. But above all, you need to communicate with your potential customers: who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it!

In short, why would people who visit your site choose you?

More than a self-referencing site where you say how beautiful and attractive you are, what problems you can solve, and how you do it is better than communicating.

This would be ideal if you have some (true!) Suggestions from satisfied customers with your product or service. Because it is well known that people believe in the opinions of others as much as they do. To make a positive attitude targeting the niche base business, people are thinking about digital marketing. There are so many digital marketing options that you can apply for your blog or website. But to attract your target audience you can learn about influencer marketing easily. It is a much effective and popular marketing tactic now.  But before that, you have to make your site a more charming and service-related attraction.

In addition to the site, it is important to have a blog section within it today. Here you can write articles where you have provided useful and interesting information for your visitors.

This is for a variety of reasons, both to qualify as an expert in the eyes of your readers and to introduce your products and services. And then to generate traffic to your site and then show Google that people like your writing.

The more traffic your articles receive, the more Google will reward you for putting your site in a better position in organic searches.
Without a blog, your site will become obsolete and become a virtual brochure.

Another basic thing for a site is SEO.

What does SEO mean?

Search Engine Optimization (for those who don't chew English) is search engine optimization. It is, in other words, a complete series of activities and site settings to ensure that search engines like Google make your site rank higher and higher in organic search results.

But, the topic is very broad and thus needs more in-depth analysis that we will see on other events.

2 - Have a profile in the main Social Networks.

We take it seriously that you know what social networks are, but which one should be?

The first is Facebook, where you will find the mass.
Who today doesn't have a personal profile on Mark Zuckerberg's social network?

Just remember that here today 2.7 Billion people are registered, and so it is very important to stay there.

Moreover, the tools that Facebook provides us today are numerous and evolving regularly. And above all they allow us to reach people according to their choice depending on the demographic and their actions.

For example, if you sell fishing net you can show your ads to those who have shown or declared their interest in sport fishing, nature, etc. as well as only those who are in a certain geographical area and/or who, for example, are between 30 and 50 years old, who are married or single and much more ... or to people who have already visited your site.

For example, you can bring people before you visit the pages of your blog

But to do this, we have to pay Facebook (with a fairly low price but constantly growing)

But what to write on Facebook?

The main mistake is to use it only to sell! Indeed we could tell you that on Facebook it does NOT sell.

What do you mean?

When people go to Google, they search for solutions to their problems. For example, some people are looking for a digital marketing course online. If they are on Facebook, they are not searching for it or there. But they are there to have fun, chat, and do other people's business!

In short, while Google has a user-published need, Facebook has a latent need for people. They always needed a course, but they didn’t go there for it. But when they are fooling you on Facebook an ad will appear so that you have to learn the courses and when they click on it it will take you to your site.

The customer engagement process is part of a real funnel. It starts with familiarity with customer transformation.

Many companies on Facebook try to sell even before making themselves known!

The social network is a very powerful tool for creating connections with potential customers.

These then maybe finish their purchase process not on Facebook but on the site or maybe directly at your business or on the phone.

And another important social network is Youtube. This places too much importance on the index with the reference market. Also, you can post content on YouTube's social network by entering it. Could it lead to your site based on your feedback? Can it improve your search engine visibility?

We think you've already given yourself the answer ...

Are the contents useful? We would say that they are fundamental, and you should consider posting more and more on social media. Then if you do it in the first video social network in the world like Youtube which is owned by Google and is the third search engine in the world it can bring you many advantages.

Other Social Networks that can be useful for your business are Instagram (also owned by Facebook). It is a famous social network that is mainly based on images. Linkedin connects companies to other companies or professionals. Pinterest another image social network. Twitter and Flickr are also important and all are growing.

3 - Google My Business

This tool is connected to Google Maps, and it is essential because if correctly set it can make you appear on the first page in organic searches on Google for free!
Find it here, but we'll see it in detail in a future article.

4 - Influencer Marketing Platform

If you have an organization and want to connect with customers, you can use the communication management platform. Influencer marketing platforms are the top communication basements in the digital industry. If you want to lead your business perfectly, you can't help but use an automated system to manage your messages and contacts.

Today there are some platforms that allow you to create your branding through influences. They are able to send messages to the right audience following the product choices. Also based on your service and behavior in relation to your communications.

There are so many influencers present on social media. You can find various social media influencers for your business presence online. Though your target is to set your aim on the higher rank on the search engine you must try this strategy. For Instagram, you can make your branding with Instagram influencer marketing. If your target is video base content publishing you can deal with YouTube influencers. For Facebook, there are Facebook influencers available to promote your brand. They all are effective and useful. But if you want the best collaboration finding them in a single page you can contact an agency near you. Because finding the best influencer for your business is also important and very complex. So make contact with a solid influencer marketing agency for your deal and learning. You can improve your digital marketing skills more in advance with these new and popular marketing thoughts.

Other tools and activities such as market and competition analysis are useful for getting results on the internet. But, this guide marks a starting point for those who want to get started on the Internet and don't know where to start.

Isabelle Evans