Social Media Optimization (SMO)

How You Can Improve It

Social Media Optimization (SMO): How You Can Improve It

S, E, and O are the three letters that you know by heart if you create a website. By changing one of these you will get SMO (Social Media Optimization), or social referencing which you can no longer ignore to grow your business on the internet. It can help you boost your energy for any online business promotion. 

But then, what is the SMO? How has it become essential?

Is it possible to improve it? (spoiler: yes, in 10 steps). You will know all about the SMO in a few minutes!

Creating a site and staying on social networks is now integral. But, you know what?

Your social networks can be a real acquisition lever and you can use them to SMO. So... 

What is the SMO?

The SMO, or social referencing, is the set of actions carried out on social networks with the aim of increasing its visibility on the internet. It is practiced in complementarity with SEO, which focuses on visibility on search engines.

On social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or even Google Plus, you have the possibility to publish content as well as numerous links to your website.

The advantages of an optimized SMO

An optimized SMO brings a multitude of advantages to your website, and in particular, allows you to boost your SEO and your performance.

But, in practice, what is the SMO used for?

  • You create a true community and retain your customers

Social networks create a convenient link between an organization and its visitors. This allows you to communicate directly with your community and improve your brand image as well as your credibility and efficiency in your case.

  • You are communicating with potential customers and partners

By presenting yourself on social media you are visible to billions (yes, billions) of users every day. The traffic is ample and dense, but also full of potential partners or future customers who are just waiting for you.

  • You drive more traffic to your website

This is the primary function of SMO: it attracts traffic to your website. Also, with a good communication strategy, you will not only get more people to your site. But also qualified, targeted traffic that is any potential customer, or regular visitor and then ready to become a loyal follower of your business.

  • You get live feedback on your products or content

Social networks allow a word or instant right or wrong. In the case of your business, this direct and impressive response is essential for firmly understanding user expectations and adapting to your content or products.

  • You optimize your online reputation

Be aware that 80% of what is said about a brand on social networks.

* Do not come from the brand itself.

You can control your e-reputation and your communication by appearing on social networks.

You can now understand the utmost importance of SMO in your traffic and potential acquisition strategy.

Let's move on to the practice of optimizing your SMO.

By presenting yourself on social media you are visible to billions (yes, billions) of users every day. The traffic is plentiful and dense but full of potential partners or future customers who are just waiting for you.

Optimizing your SMO in 10 steps.

Unfortunately, SMOs do not know how to create and post a publication directly on networks.

Social referencing, however, considers several parameters. Animation of its community ranging from knowledge of related social networks.

To see more clearly, we are going to review 10 orders of SMO.

# 1 Know the social networks concerned

An effective SMO depends on a good knowledge of social networks.

It requires knowledge of how social networks work and their algorithms, but also:

  • The majority community of social networks

In fact, the community on Twitter and Pinterest is not exactly the same.

For example, the users on Twitter are usually 18-24 years or younger. In the case of men, there is no fundamental difference in the proportions between women. Also, the Twitter community responds publicly and regularly to posts.

Alternatively, you can take the example of Pinterest. The average age is older and mostly made up of women. Pinterest, the community of users (UK) is less than Twitter but very active with 4 million users per day.

  • The tone used on this network

Similarly, the attitude of doing business on every social network is also completely different.

To use Twitter, for example, users of the platform usually prefer organizations that actively respond to users and laugh with them.

On Pinterest strategy, the interaction is more visual. Piners appreciate beautiful images and short videos as well as more careful tunes.

  • Favorable hours

Each social network has a specific time and day while users are active. For example, Facebook seems to welcome wickets and 1 more person at the end of 1 month, between 1 pm and 4 pm.

In contrast, posting at 5 am on Mondays and Thursdays is more understandable, according to a sub-schedule survey on Instagram.

# 2 Choosing the right social networks

Then, strategically choosing which social networks will focus on your presence is very important. For example, a B2B company would favor professional social networks like LinkedIn.

If your business is more audiovisual oriented, choose a social network that ends itself like Instagram.

For a more professional and comparatively focused community, enlighten yourself more on Facebook.

Also, choose multiple social networks, not one. Nothing prevents you from appearing on LinkedIn and Facebook, or Twitter and Instagram, or at the same time.

The key is to know what your goals are in each social network and what steps you will take

For example, you can simply use Twitter to relay your blog posts and connect more with your community.

# 3 Link your social networks and website

To be truly effective and maintain good social references you must build a bridge between your social network and your site.

It is up to you to create a network that allows your visitors to easily switch from one social network to your site, or from one social network to another.

You must think about adding buttons to your social networks when specifying your site URL in the biography of each of these networks. Fill in the details described in the "About" tab on your credentials, especially Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram.

You can regularly remind your site visitors to follow you on social networks by adding these buttons to the end of your content.

Conversely, this is also possible by adding links to your website to your publications or your periodic posts.

# 4 Create shareable content

The flow between your network and your site must be constant and reverse: this is the key to the relationship with SMOs and SEO.

To do this, be sure to create content that can be easily shared on social networks. So you get external links that are visible to more people. Also, if a user shares your content on their own account, they're telling their own customers that your content is informative, quality, and credible.

So you get curious and interested traffic that follows the advice of someone who is already present with their user.

To create shareable content, you can:

  • Use graphics and infographics to distribute on Pinterest or Instagram,
  • Add a "click tweet" feature, which allows anyone who posts a piece of your written content to post directly to their Twitter account.

To optimize your files (videos, images), consider adding text, a title and a description using keywords to share with Internet users. You can follow some influencers on social networks to get the ideas about posting content to make better impression.

# 5 Be active to maintain your community

You can then become proactive and work on your trust relationship with your community on social networks by increasing exchanges with your customers.

Users have appreciated the proximity of the link created immediately. Many users do not hesitate to mention or communicate a brand directly on social networks to benefit from faster and more people exchanges by email.

You can rest your comments, photos, or comments on the mentioned users, especially on Instagram or Twitter. You thus enhance the interaction with your community and incorporate it into the life of your organization.

Also, by targeting your audience, you can identify influencers with whom you need to interact. If you want to deal with the best social media influencers for your optimization you can join with one agency. The best influencer marketing platform can serve you best optimizing opportunities. 

# 6 Create diverse and adapted content

The advantage of social networks is that they each give a different format and so there are different ways to send your message.

Instagram is known for its square format, Facebook “cover photo” format, and a small number of characters on Twitter who can get points.

So don't hesitate to enrich your content: for example, you can add infographics to your articles. These infographics are especially popular on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.

For technical purposes, you can then enter a title and add an ALT description to your file and distribute it to different media.

# 7 Involve your audience
As a result, it is important to communicate with your community for social reference.

The best way is to involve him in your content or your decision-making.

It has two advantages:

  • You build a bond of trust that improves your SMO,
  • And take the advice of those for whom you are creating your content

For this, you can easily create surveys on every social network. They can be shared in short posts on Instagram, multiple likes on Twitter or Facebook ...

Going further, you can also give ideas or feedback to involve them personally or publicly.

You will include your community in your content center, content, and size.

# 8 Reward your community
Rewarding your community for optimized social referencing is a bit extra.

If this is possible within the framework of your brand or your organization, you can offer specific competitions or discounts.

You get two benefits:

  • You have established a give-and-take relationship with your audience,
  • You've significantly increased your network and your website traffic.

People you already know will enter the contest and those who don't know will probably visit your website after relaying the contest. Be sure to pick your keywords, especially those related to location.

# 9 Carry out constant monitoring

In every case of the internet, social networks are evolving very fast.

Some common habits in a network a few years ago are completely extinct today.

Furthermore, missteps and bad habits can significantly damage your online reputation regardless of your level of awareness or customers.

So for every network you run you need to educate yourself regularly among the most popular and most hateful habits. There is nothing better for him than being a regular user of the platform.

# 10 Check your stats

Every social network has general information for post-optimization but the best way to get a good engagement rate is based on its own statistics.

I like shares (or retweets), comments, and more effects.

In your SEO, more or less long-term and indirectly in terms of gaining traffic to your website. In fact, it is a quantitative indication that the content has been appreciated by Internet users.

So take the time to analyze your results to understand why a post is working, on the other hand, you are not getting the engagement you are looking for. The reasons can be multiple:

  • Lack of visual or neglected visuals in any publication,
  • Poorly selected schedule according to your goals,
  • Lack of emoji or comfort that highlights your posts ...

You can add RSS feeds to your site to make it easier to view and share your publications.

As you can see, good social referrals combine a lot to do in the long run. You get all the benefits of social networks to drive significant traffic to your website and improve your SEO.

But a misstep happened fast and on the networks, it’s hard to forgive. There are mistakes here to avoid knowing all the traps you have to fall into.

The bad practices of SMO

Be inconstant in your publications
Managing both your social media and website can be very time-saving, with almost two working full-time.

Regularity, but, is the core of the Internet and you need to post your website as regularly as possible on your networks to improve your SEO and your SMO together.

This leads to our second error ...

Neglecting your SEO in favor of your SMO

Since it can manage a site and its networks well, you can neglect your SEO without realizing it for the convenience of your SMO or vice versa.

But a good SMO depends on good SEO. SEO is more technical when marketing SMOs but there are two complements.

The natural referencing of your site is the basis of good social referencing. There are lots of best practices and strategies to improve your SEO, such as:

  • Work on the tree structure of your site so that it is structural and logical.
  • Use enough keywords and choose them well to include in your content or descriptions of your sites, pages, and images.
  • Work on your text, your title, your hat, and your internal links.
  • Update your content regularly.

Do not personalize your account
Social networks are a very smooth structure of your account, equal offer for everyone.

How do you stand?

Creating visuals for your profile, cover, background photo, etc. is a must, for all customizable areas of your account on social networks.

You must also ensure that your visuals adapt to the formats of the platform. Profile photos are now round on all social networks and may vary in the size of the cover photo (or not at all as good as Instagram).

Disagree with marketing tone
As we have seen, each platform has a specific melody community. If you want to know user behavior and habits, you should be careful not to lose the tone of your business.

The differences between these tunes are often noticed by seasoned users who are sure to show you.

Ditch hashtags
The #hashtags had the wind in their sails, then were abandoned, then came back ...

… And now?

Whether hashtags are still visible is necessary to allow social media algorithms to understand exactly what your post is about.

It is also possible to subscribe directly to specific hashtags on different social networks to see content published by different accounts on the same topic.

Hashtags make you more visible to a community that is interested in something related to you but doesn't know your brand (yet).

You can learn more about social referencing. You know why it's important and how to improve it to get it:

  • Better SEO,
  • More traffic,
  • More visibility.

See you on social networks!

Isabelle Evans