Social Listening

How You Influence Your Brand On Social Networks

Social Listening: How You Influence Your Brand On Social Networks

For many companies this has become inevitable, others are just inventing different kinds of work for themselves. We are talking about social listening. Social audience tools allow you to search about your own organization or products. Also, it helps to find references and reviews on the Internet. These are important for monitoring market improvements and being faster than the competition. But what does a social audience include and how can you make the best use of it for your organization?

What is social listening?
Social listening can best be described as listening on social platforms on the internet. Here you observe different channels after mentioning which may be relevant to your own organization. It's not just about social media platforms, but also about blogs, forums, and news sites. The right keywords, conversations, or references about your own company can be identified and the customer's mood can be read from them. You can search for your products and get more detailed customer ratings. Also, competitive analysis is basically important in social listening. Because competition can be easily noticed through these tools.

Following data can be evaluated and used to improve your own organization. Social listening can thus be described as the collection and evaluation of data on a specific topic on social networks. There are now many programs for this purpose that can be used to search for specific words.

Social listening and social media monitoring - not the same thing!

Perhaps you’ve heard the term social media research before. At first glance, it can be assumed that this is the same as social listening. But that's not right.

Although the terms are very similar to their rough activities, the oversight process collects data that, for example, evaluates the success of a campaign, measures the reputation of the organization, or is used to deal with storms. Furthermore, social observation focuses on content and other key personalities. This includes, for example, the interaction rate such as the choice at the bottom of a post.

On the other hand, by social listening, data is collected for its immediate application and with it the development of new strategies. While social monitoring is more concerned with content and key personalities, it is more likely to analyze the activities and moods behind social listening posts. What is your own brand doing? How do people respond to the organization? What do customers think about the product?

Thus, social commentators are more concerned with key images and information. They are more concerned with the general state on the Internet on social listening organizations.

What are the advantages of social listening?

As an organization, you have the right to make continuous improvements. The ideal social network to follow how reports are being made about your own organization on the Internet.

For example, it can help you get to know your customers better. People like to exchange ideas and share their experiences with others. Negative experiences are usually more popular than positive ones - it’s more important to respond to them quickly.

By searching forums and networks you can see exactly how satisfied or dissatisfied your customers are with your products or services and then take appropriate action.

You can also use this tool to try new techniques. For example, if you bring a new product to market or place a new ad online, you can see how people react on the Internet. If the new strategy is poorly adopted, thanks to many opinions you will immediately know what it is and you can adjust your strategy.

Social listening is also an important tool for comparison with competitors. You can use it to closely monitor your competition, discover when they're launching new products and exactly how they've been received. You can learn a lot from this and make your own business decisions.

On the other hand, you can similarly look for authorized partners such as influencers or brand ambassadors. If you have a deep insight into the most important social media platforms, you can now find out who is important and who deserves support.

Whether you’re trying a new product or strategy, you should always keep an eye on your target audience and the general mood of your industry. What do people need right now and what are their concerns and aspirations? You should be the first to respond to these problems and find solutions to them.

Apply social listening properly

Like all tools, social listening only helps if you know how to use them properly. Since this tool offers an incredible number of possibilities to see where and what to look for, you should think in advance about which direction you want to go and which goals you are pursuing.

So ask yourself at the beginning: What do I actually want to measure?

It is helpful to work with different departments of your organization. Other goals will be more important in terms of customer service than marketing content. So sit down with those who are responsible and set common goals for everything.

Also, consider whether you want to focus on specific platforms. It depends on where your target group is and whose opinion should be more important. It is possible that your company will be reported completely differently on Instagram than on Facebook. So here you should consider which feedback is more relevant to your business.

To get started, you need to know how to search for keywords. This is a great advantage for those who know what terms the target group is using. Such terms may be:

  • Brand name
  • Username on social media
  • Name of your products
  • Competitor brand names and product names
  • Important keywords from the industry
  • Advertising slogans
  • Name of the manager or employee
  • Campaign tags
  • Brand hashtags

To further analyze the competition, the name of the company and its products are helpful here. Otherwise, industry-specific conditions are always recommended to keep the market up-to-date.

Social Listening vs Influencer Marketing

You need to have the best and most suitable tools for you and your organization to be able to use listening as effectively as possible. There are many different providers for this, with a focus on different functions and their applications. But is there any possibility that it is connected with influencers? 

Influencer marketing is a new trend in the online marketing world. There are so many research and analytic reports you can find online about it. Social marketing and social listening are linked if you can measure it through communication. This influencer marketing can be a tool to make both the result from marketing and listening. 

Social influencers are the person who can serve your information to the audience. They can influence a community or targeted audience or group of people for you. But the fact is you can make your social listening through it. You can get the result for what your customer is not satisfied with. Influencers can also be used to check out the content that is not relevant to you. So you only get what is really important to you.

Try Influencer marketing Platform for the best Social Plan!

As influencer marketing is growing in the market, influencer marketing platforms are also created. They can offer you a top marketing plan for the best influencer strategy. So that you can make the best result and get the top priority. Social listening is for what you can improve for your service in summary. Influencer marketing means getting responses through the influencers so that you can improve your future services. So influencer marketing can really give you a big helping hand. To make a better review you can get service from an Influencer marketing platform. Digital marketing plans need digital solutions. 

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If you always want to stay up to date and constantly develop your organization and your products, it is advisable to apply an influencer marketing strategy to use social listening. Feedback from your customers and reports on your products is essential for successful business management.

Make yourself aware from the beginning of what your goals are and what you want to find. Then you can choose a suitable tool with which you can work best. Also, talk to the departments in your organization. Share who is monitoring to get everything out of the listening equipment. 

Stella Palmer