Google Analytics

Reasons to use Google Analytics

Reasons to use Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible to collect and analyze information about its audience.

It is the most widely used analysis tool in the world. Around 53% of websites use these tools for their analysis according to Wikipedia. It means that this software meets a real need. But what are the reasons why you should use Google Analytics?

To make Analytics work, you need to install a code on all the pages of your website. It will send cookies to your visitors' browsers and allow you both to know where they come from and what they are doing on your website. With this tool, you can spot them when they come back to your site.

What is Google Analytics?

And yes the days when you had your shop and customers would come, watch, buy (or not) and leave without you knowing more about them is over. When you browse the internet, your browser stores “ cookies ” placed by the sites you visit to remember you and record your behavior.

This collection enables analytics tools to identify Internet users and their interests to provide more consistent content.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that allows you to analyze a large amount of information about the activity on your website. This solution is offered free of charge by Google without the need to pay an entry fee or use a later fee.

It is used by the majority of website administrators wishing to analyze their traffic.  Indispensable when you want to monitor your marketing campaigns (reporting, ROI calculation, etc.).

Your online site is the focal point of your digital presence. As a result, your site is in the best position to gather as much information as possible about the behavior of Internet users. To allow you to judge the effectiveness of the promotion you are running to promote your product or service online. This tool will allow you to analyze the evolution of your digital marketing for free.

You can add items to have more information about the source of the Internet user. These tags have been added to the end of your URL to provide more information about your links, such as Google Analytics to promote your content and provide the most lucrative social channels.

Example: Manob uses his computer and browses a e-commerce website named A . She looks at shoes, then T-Shirts and leaves the website. The Google Analytics of site A will be able to know that an Internet user has come to their site and visited two categories of pages. We will be able to identify a certain amount of information that we will see in the third part.

Why use Google Analytics?

The creator of any web page, be it a personal blog, online store, news or content page, etc., has created it with a purpose. And the most important thing to measure to fulfill that purpose is to measure. The following questions should always be asked:

- What advertising actions are most successful in the company?
- Where do users access the page?
- Do visitors read the content that is published?
- Where is it and what is the profile of the web users?
- Why doesn't the online store sell?

The answers to all these questions can be obtained with digital analytics, installing, and managing this Google tool. To get the most out of the information, you must know how to use Google Analytics, adapted to the type of page. Here are some of the tasks that analysts perform, and they may need training or assistance:

- Configure the different properties and views of your account.
- Mark the corresponding objectives in each one of them.
- Enable the reception of demographic data.
- Set up electronic commerce.
- Create conversion funnels to see the vanishing points in the achievement of your goals.
- Customize the input channels to your website.

Google Analytics: Why Use It In Your Business?

Google Analytics is software only accessible via the web.

It allows website administrators to be able to analyze its audience. It is a Google tool. But, why use it?

Knowledge of visitors

To sell better, you have to know your customers. What are their interests, their motivations, their expectations, what do they want or don't want?

Google Analytics allows you to better understand the visitors to your website. In addition, it also lets you know where they came from on your site and how they are distributed.

Also, by using it, you will know what the visitor has been doing on your site. What are the pages he visited? How long has he been on our site? What is the route he adopted on our site?

In addition, it allows us to have the demographic and geographic data of your visitors. With Analytics, you will know the countries of your visitors, their languages. You will also know their gender, ages, devices, browsers ...

Improve your sales process

By knowing the visitor path, the bounce rate on each page, you will be able to take corrective actions.

Take the example of an e-commerce site with a bounce rate of 90% on the home page. This means that 90% of people limited themselves to this page and did not continue browsing the site. The first question to ask is whether this bounce rate leads to sales. If not, there is a problem. It just means that 90% of visitors couldn't find what they were looking for or were not happy with the navigation. If they didn't find what they were looking for, then you should upgrade your product catalog. In the second case, you have to find the reasons. This can be related to design, ergonomics, loading time. It's up to you to take corrective actions.

Measure, measure, measure to improve

Metrics are essential to understand if your actions are generating leads and sales. Because they can also show that you need to review your marketing planning. And when we talk about measuring results online, no tool is more complete and efficient than Google Analytics.

Now you are ready to use the Analytics functionalities and get to know your audience better. You can offer content more aligned with the expectations of that audience. And, with this, improve the performance of your business in a continuous and sustainable way.

Take the opportunity to read our marketing post about business goals and see how to establish the most relevant KPIs for your business. If you want to know about more marketing strategies and plans for your businesses you can contact us now. Marketing campaigns like Influencer Marketing and other digital marketing are here at JOCIAL. You can make you expert with our leads. Try all these marketing thing for your business and choose the suitable one. You can grow your business in an analytical way. See you soon...

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