Pinterest Strategies To

Increase Traffic

Pinterest Strategies To Increase Traffic

There are many people who are now applying different marketing strategies through different platforms. Nowadays, you can see that so many marketers are addicted to Pinterest marketing. They could easily lose hours on Pinterest. But since last year, they have been using it strategically to generate traffic to their business site. They can get a lot of traffic to their website or services without spending time.

Pinterest is the primary source of organic traffic to business websites. And it’s quality, consistent, scalable and self-driving traffic.

There are currently very few people who are using Pinterest marketing strategies to grow their digital business. So this is an opportunity to stand up for you, take it one step further, and find your ideal client on this platform.

Today we will share with you the 3 Pinterest strategies you need. We hope this helps you turn this platform into a quality traffic generator for your site. The niche you are in will not be considered. So do not worry about this.

Are you ready?…


This is one of the most important issues, but it does not take anyone seriously. Surely hundreds of people are going with your Pinterest account right now. But nothing tells you why you should stay and go further on your blog or website.
One big mistake we make with our Pinterest account is that it doesn't fit our ideal client. What we do, create and store in our accounts is almost always thought of for us, our interests, and our inspiration.

But, your strategy about Pinterest marketing should be: Your ideal should be found by the client. So you need to adapt your own profile to attract the right people.

And how do you do that?

First, you must be clear about your niche, if you are not clear about this, you must learn about it. There are plenty of resources online to give you an idea of your niche.
Now that you know what your niche is and who you want to attract to your site, it's time to optimize 3 key points of your Pinterest profile:

  • Your profile name
  • Your biography
  • Your call to action

1- The name of your profile must be related to your brand or business. If your brand carries your name, you can put your name on your profile. But, if your brand or blog has a commercial name, you should keep that name in your account.

The idea is that there is a set between your Pinterest profile account and your business.
It is also important that you add some keywords to your profile name. Because this way you increase the chances of finding both Pinterest and Google. These keywords must be related to your theme.

2- In your biography, you must make it clear who you are, what you are doing, and how you are helping your audience. It is very important that you add some of your keywords. The message you give is also very important about what it will look for on your site.

3- And last but not least: Your call to action. And that call to action may be that they visit your site or better yet, and that is what we recommend, invite them to subscribe to your email list.
This way you will not only generate constant traffic but also, subscribers directly to your email list.


Account optimization with SEO? Is this really possible, but how?
Yes friend, because many of us are usual to seeing Pinterest as a social network, but it has been found that Pinterest is a visual search engine. And just as you have optimized your content for Google, you also need to optimize it for Pinterest.
You don't believe it?

All right. We want to go to your Pinterest account now and let us know what you are doing first. Go, we'll be waiting for you here.
And good? What are you doing on Pinterest? Do you like pictures? Are you looking for your friends? or Do you search?

Yes, of course. You go and search for specific topics, whether to learn, to inspire yourself, to inspire you, to share, etc... And just as you have searched for your ideal client.
The results that Pinterest shows you are not just the most beautiful pictures. Because Pinterest has a smart feed that considers several elements and one of them is the keyword (How to google).

The difference between Pinterest SEO and Google SEO is that the results are faster with Pinterest.
Thus, it is a need to optimize your account with Pinterest SEO.

And how?

1- Creating a board of interest for your ideal client. Remember it is not about your choice, but what your ideal client is looking for. And don't forget, give a name with keywords.

For example, you might want to attract entrepreneurs with creative businesses who want to attract more customers and who want to improve their business online. So you need to create boards related to these topics: Pinterest, Instagram, Blogging, etc.

But you must also think outside the box and create boards of interest for your ideal client.

2- Add descriptions to your boards and include keywords that reflect the board's theme and the interests of your ideal client. A very common mistake is to leave the description blank. But, it does increase the likelihood of your followers' feeds appearing and suggestions for search results.

3- The description of your PINs are also relevant to the search engine. So we suggest that when saving your PIN you add a description explaining what the content you are sharing is about, also to a call to action and keywords.

You must optimize the description of your own pins.


This is one of the keys to starting to grow fast on Pinterest and interacting with your PIN. Because Pinterest’s smart feed considers another element to suggest your content. This is the value of your PIN and if it is a Re-PIN, how many times has it saved the PIN in your account?
When we start, it becomes harder to see the interaction and people start saving our PINs. So joining the group boards gives you the initial push.
Group boards are boards where contributors from multiple accounts are invited to participate. In other words, several accounts are on the same board. So this board appears as a suggestion for all participating accounts when you save a PIN. And at the same time, as a suggestion for the followers of those individuals, so that the opportunity is multiplied.

You can usually see the instructions for joining the team in the board description

In the description, you will see the terms of participation.

To avoid spam they drop the pin limitation almost every day and in some, you need to save from shared pins on the group board. In this way, they gain more interaction and relevance.

It's your turn to practice these tips and get the most out of Pinterest. You can use it strategically to start generating quality traffic to your business.

Stella Palmer