Pinterest Marketing

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest Marketing - How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest has become even more popular in digital marketing in recent years. That's why companies have recognized Pinterest marketing as an opportunity for them. As a complement to social communication strategies with Facebook and Instagram, the possibilities with this platform are very interesting. So this is an excellent time to take a closer look at Pinterest.

What's behind Pinterest?
When it comes to marketing your own Pinterest it helps to keep a close eye on the platform and its users. Pinterest was founded in 2010 as a visual search engine. The policy here is to display images instead of search web pages like Google. The platform enables users to gather inspiration from different walks of life on the pinboard. The name is spelled as PIN and interest. Users can create their own pinboards on topics of their choice and "repost" from other users, save, pins. Pinboards and users can be followed on Pinterest like Facebook or Instagram.

Who is using Pinterest?
But who is using Pinterest? This question can be answered very easily: the network has about 442 million active users. In the UK, Pinterest is used by over 53 million people and the trend is growing here too! The user activity at the highest level of the user is evident, for example, 14 million pieces of content are stored on Pinterest every day in the UK.

It is interesting to note that 69 percent of users are female and 25 percent are male. As a result, female users are still dominant, but male articles have increased. Most Pinterest users are between the ages of 18 and 44. And: About 74 percent of all page views are done through mobile devices. As is often the case with Pinterest marketing, optimization should primarily focus on the mobile user experience. It’s also interesting to note that interactions with organic Pinterest shopping pins increased by 44 percent in 2020.

In short: the potential is huge. We have listed the key facts about the users of Pinterest again here:

  • 442 million active users worldwide
  • Around 74% of mobile access
  • More female than male users
  • User group between 18 and 44 years old
  • High interest in buying

Who is Pinterest marketing worthwhile for?
Like Instagram marketing, Pinterest marketing is much suitable for all organizations that visually prepare their products or services. Because images are more important than related text. Pinterest marketing is successful if your products or services fit the lifestyle theme. Because lifestyle is the biggest thing that most pins carry. This includes various fields like lifestyle, sports, leisure, fashion, or hobby. So you can market furniture and fashion on Pinterest, but also groceries, cars, or courses.

Check to see if your competition has appeared on Pinterest and see how well users have found similar products. Pinterest often provides possibilities that should not be underestimated. Because there is less competition than Facebook. But, Pinterest is marketing, if you want to achieve great success quickly, is not the right choice. Because you first need to create an important range through regular pinning.

Goals in Pinterest Marketing
People who like Pinterest marketing often do so for a variety of reasons. It quickly becomes clear that it would be a mistake to combine these types of ads with raising awareness on a website. The reason: The possibilities here - assuming a well-established marketing strategy. They are much more flexible than they may appear at first glance.

With the help of the right strategy, it is possible, among other things, to achieve the following goals through Pinterest marketing :

1. More traffic
Individually designed Pinterest campaigns can help you generate more traffic for your own homepage or online shop. This is often the result of extra benefits (accidentally), such as more orders in stores or more registrations for newsletters.

2. More sales
Pinterest promotions that take users to their own homepage can certainly have a sales-promotion effect. This effect can be used to increase success, especially when pinning is done regularly and a certain relationship is established with the brand.

3. A higher level of awareness
More fans on Pinterest or more people to visit homepages and online shops naturally miss out on the increased level of awareness. And: becoming more familiar means constantly expanding your customer base, among other things.

4. Advertising with a certain “reverberation effect”
Every Facebook user must know how fast social networks can run. Posts appear with a relatively high frequency - especially on Facebook - older posts are often more popular on Pinterest. In a positive way, the clocks here have decreased a bit.

In short: If you are looking for a marketing channel that enables long-term impact as much as possible and at the same time creates better conditions for more customers, more sales, and brand awareness, you must put the failures on Pinterest! Along with other well-known social networks, it is a platform that should not be considered with marketing activities.

Particularly important: An individual Pinterest marketing strategy
Pinterest is no different from other social networks here. If you want to succeed in marketing in the long run, you need relevant strategies. It must always be adapted to the organization in question.

But what questions or points within the framework of this national strategy should actually be “processed”? But, it is important to take some time to run as relevant a campaign as possible.

The following considerations will help you find the "perfect" strategy:

  • What goals do I want to achieve with my Pinterest promotion? What is important to me?
  • How is my target group composed? Who do I want to address? And who can be passionate about my product?
  • How to design the pin so that it attracts as much attention and visibility as possible?
  • How should pins be designed to represent the truth of my organization?
  • Are there any tools that can make post pins easier?
  • Which "pin frequency" suits my target group better?
  • Are there any promotions that could support one more Pinterest channel?

Based on these and other questions you can gradually create a campaign that not only fits your own idea but is promising. While it is clear that the strategy is likely to be essential for development and investment, it is also appropriate to reconsider existing strategies

The entry into Pinterest marketing
To be able to manage Pinterest marketing you first need a company profile on the platform. Like other social networks, you can set a name, username, a profile picture, a website, and an impression. It's best to choose the company logo as your profile picture to create a high recognition value. A link to the company's website is also required - even for your own PIN. Create pin boards as you store the most important information. As a furniture retailer, for example, it is understandable to create a pinboard for each dwelling and each furniture department.

If you offer different courses, you should also create your own board to match the subjects. And then it's pin, pin, pin. Add a linked URL by selecting an image, inserting a title and description, and creating a pin by selecting the whiteboard. It is advisable to plan carefully to achieve maximum impact. Think ahead about when you will publish content and when you will reach the most users. You can align your Pinterest activities accordingly.

Apply for posts on Pinterest - that's how it works!
Many companies that decide to advertise on Pinterest sooner or later want to increase their profile. In this way, your own range can be significantly increased. For this type of Pinterest marketing to work, but, it is important to follow a few “basic rules”. Reason: The more adaptive the ad is to its goals and brand, the more sustainable the success will be. Going “just by feeling” is not enough. The following steps show how you can advertise on Pinterest and at what point you should pay attention in detail.

Step # 1: Create an advertising campaign
Creating an ad campaign on Pinterest is relatively easy. You click "Ads" and then click "Create Ads". Now select a campaign goal and you can set more details about the ad campaign. Give the promotion a meaningful name. So you can keep an eye on things while running different ad campaigns and be faster at what you are looking for.

Step # 2: Create an ad group
Also, give the ad group a name and then proceed to the target. It is important to think in advance about the target group for promotion. Next, set your budget and time frame. Like Facebook, you can also choose between a daily budget and a runtime budget. Delivery can be customized or automatically controlled by Pinterest.

Step # 3: Select the pin to apply for
You can now create a new PIN to promote or select existing PINs that you want to promote. You can review the details of the selected PIN and determine the destination URL. Also, be sure to include the name of the ad and any ad group that matches the name of the ad group. Then click on “Start”.

Step # 4: fix the bug
Like other social networks, ad promotion is tested on Pinterest. If the required information is missing or an error occurs while creating the campaign, the identical error messages will be displayed and can be fixed.

Step # 5: Review Results
Check the success of your Pinterest promotions regularly to find out where and what to look for when creating new promotions. Especially when you're starting out with Pinterest Marketing, it pays to do some testing to better understand your target groups and their interests.

Pinterest Marketing Tips: How To Be Successful.
To use Pinterest effectively for your business, like other social networks, it is important to develop strategies and plan activities. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Pinterest marketing :

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 1: The number of pins defines the success
Pinterest works with so-called pins, which can be posted by companies or individuals. This is a graphic that can be designed to your liking. It is especially important that the number of pins determines success. In particular, it means: Posting as often as possible and not limiting yourself to any post every day is reasonable. Various tools can be helpful in this case, allowing the pins to be posted automatically at certain times. Tip: Most users should analyze in advance to determine when they are active on Pinterest or post as few posts as possible.

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 2: Make sure the image size is correct
For the pins to be as appealing as possible, the size of the figure needs to be considered. Pinterest itself states that the minimum width of graphics should be 600 pixels. Additionally, according to the company, the best format is 2: 3 or 1: 3.5. An image with the dimensions 600 x 900 pixels would be optimal, but a graphic with 800 x 1,200 pixels could also be used.

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 3: Customize PIN details for users
As already mentioned, Pinterest works on a policy that is no different from Google or other search engines. Also to the number of pins, the description and definition of pins are also responsible for the success of Pinterest marketing. The descriptions can be detailed. The following applies here: More text in the description is better than very few texts. Also, attention should be paid to the use of appropriate keywords in the title and description. But be careful: use advertising information or call for a small amount of action. Similarly, no hashtag should be used. And: Upper and lower case letters also play an important role in Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 4: Repins ensure good visibility in search results
It is very important in search results that Pinterest shows relevant results. If another user pinned your own post (e.g. saved on a pinboard), Pinterest rated it positively. You need to look at the problem for your own method so that as many users as possible pin their own contributions. It also depends on the creativity of the company. The more creative and appealing the posts, the more users will repeat them. Instead of annoying information, for example, graphics should be used for a sale that demonstrates the use of a product or otherwise highlights it.

Pinterest Marketing Tip # 5: Varied Pins
Don't just pin the picture! Make the most of the opportunity to post different content to present a varied and appealing profile. You can also pin infographics, GIFs, or videos. Infographics combine an appealing look and presentation of information. It is the proposed format for products or services that needs to be explained. GIFS and videos add variety to Pinterest feeds and serve as eye-catchers. You can also use videos to present your products "in actions".

Conclusion: implement Pinterest marketing effectively
Like Influencer marketing, Pinterest marketing can bring great possibilities to advertisers. The contest is manageable and has a lot of users at the same time. It is important for success that your own contributions are also tailored to the needs of the users. The better it succeeds, the better your contributions will be rated by Pinterest - and this ensures higher visibility.

Isabelle Evans