Nano-influencers And Social Commerce

What's New For Digital Marketing?

Nano-influencers And Social Commerce: What's New For Digital Marketing?

Nano-influencers are helping create a community field in the social commerce world. Although social media influencers are growing, nano influencers are taking a part in today’s digital marketing world. Digital marketing is needed for all businesses now, and influencer marketing is considering the best efforts from its core responses. 

By 2021, more than ever, if we all want to take care of it, it's a social bond. Victims of the 2020 epidemic have become physically disconnected from each other. Many of us have turned to social networks to keep in touch, no matter how virtual. Whether it’s chatting with friends or relatives or continuing the brand innovations of their choice, everyone wants to live an experience that is both personal and authentic on social networks.

What role will social networking brands play in 2021 in this unprecedented context? Together, we will explore social marketing trends to predict this year and specifically how brands can and should do their best.

1 - The future lies in social commerce
The COVID-19 pandemic and the limitations of almost the entire planet affected more ongoing customers. Many of whom have already digitized their shopping trips - from physical sales to sales. The social or connected trade market, already estimated at .4 89.4 billion, will continue to grow rapidly. The market share is expected to increase fivefold in the next ten years and Facebook advertising revenue alone is expected to increase by about 30% last year.

The strong growth in social commerce is not surprising. 60% of millennials in the United States have Instagram accounts, and the Pinterest platform has 322 million users. We spend more time online than ever before and 30% of that time is spent on social media. In fact, social trade is a natural development of pre-existing behavior. Because customers are already accustomed to using platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to find inspiration before making a purchase.

The ‘social aspect of the social business should therefore be taken seriously. People who like your brand are probably already involved in social media. Using social media listening tools as mentioned to stay aware can help you improve your experience for these people.

A good social marketing strategy should be integrated with the brand’s customers. But the brand values ​​should also be communicated. We must aim for authenticity so that customers can discover a brand of their choice.

2 - Explosion of short videos, all channels combined
Today’s social media videos need to be short as well as informal, engaging, and accessible. Last year's numbers showed us how much users appreciate the short video format. As Snapchat's success in its day inspired Instagram Stories, this year it's the popularity of TikTok that we owe the Reels on Instagram.

This type of content is not new, but it has become necessary, especially for young people who want to be relevant to a brand. The short video is a great way to get to know your brand from the inside out while your customers are appreciating the truth to build a closer relationship with your audience.

But as video speeds up, marketing teams and budgets are getting tougher. Taking videos from the marketing department and engaging your other teams is one way to create authentic, educational, and entertaining content at a low cost.

3 - Focus on nano-influencers
Influencers are already an integral part of social media marketing promotion. But in the 2021s we have put at risk what we have always known to approve. In reality, instead of reaching out to influencers with as many followers as possible, try for the best nano influencer suitable for you.  Because so far innovative brands will want to start partnering with nano-influencers from small niches to committed followers.

These narrow-beam influencers seem to be the best vectors for the field of biological growth of effects. There is a nano-influencer that matches your brand, you should look for it.

And if you don’t already get to talk to influential people about your business, you can still use social media listening tools to your advantage. As we explained in this article, look for nano-influencers in your niche who don't necessarily know your brand. And if they’re already working with one of your competitors, don’t see it as a barrier, but rather a gauge of the existing market.

See nano-influencers as version 2.0 of “user-generated content” (UGC), a way to relay authentic information and promote a social relationship that goes beyond promotional.

4 - The impact of even more personalized advertising
As online competition grows, ads become more personalized. Also, targeted niches are developing to attract targeted viewers. Brands are trying to communicate more directly with their customers. They want to gather the community through personalized personal messages. And they also personalize their marketing campaigns. The more marketing contacts are adapted to the profile of the customer they are addressing, the more attention is likely to be drawn and understood.

In a situation where general financial health and prudent spending have inevitably declined for many, the amount of bets is higher.

But what do we really mean by personalizing the brand's content? More about quality than personalized marketing. It’s about identifying an audience that resonates rather than trying to please everyone or communicating as widely as possible.

As we consider other social views on social media in 2021, this marketing approach must go beyond personal goals for genuine personal and authentic interactions. We’re all looking for connections, and social media marketers have a role to play in honoring this request.

5 - Search for authenticity and commitment in the content
In 2020, the conditions of engagement on social networks have changed. Internet users are shouting at their standards instead of trying to avoid sensitive conversations or controversial topics.

A global epidemic, racial injustice, the effects of climate change all these themes manage exchanges on social networks. And it penetrated the daily lives of social marketing professionals.

On Instagram, we’ve seen the development of text-based graphic creations deliver important messages. Often in the form of carousel publications of graphic creations both their content and their aesthetics are convincing. Customers have shown a surprisingly strong fascination with these ‘information social posts’ as soon as they call Instagram. Even if it forces them to move away from the comfort zone, brands must ensure that all of their content, even universal promotional truth, is combined with their values. In the last year, we have seen a lot of brands emerging on social media.

So social media Influencers can help you?
To communicate well, you need to know where you are and exactly who you are talking to. Because the audience wants to know how you treat them from your position. Many of the beads are now taking influencer guides to promote their product and services. Not only for making product promotion but also to create a target group of people. Because you can deal with the target people anytime you want to grow your service. 

Have you ever searched for an influence marketing platform online? If you don’t search now. You can see that thousands of agencies now available to serve you the best influencers for your product and company. It reflects that social commerce and digital marketing are changing for its needs. People are now more careful about choosing services from businesses. Thus popular marketing trends are now altering for better options. In the meantime, influencers are growing with social marketers. Nano influencers and social commerce related to the new marketing thoughts. So to make your digital marketing balance you have to change your marketing strategy over the trends. And now it’s time to go with an influence marketing plan for your business. Marketers will also suggest it even in the weak weather of the marketing environment. 

In 2021, social media will continue to evolve, but social marketers are accustomed to the rapid pace of change. Adopting these new strategies and techniques may introduce a learning curve. But the way customers deliver their expectations is personal human connection.

If you don't know where to start, join with the best influencer marketing platform now. This is how we learn.

Isabelle Evans