Know The Power Of The New Stars Of Social Networks

Nano-Influencers: Know The Power Of The New Stars Of Social Networks

Nowadays it is generally assumed that the huge number of followers means this person has real influence. But, a small influential word can have more impact than thousands of followers. And that’s because the arrival of nano-influencers has created a new trend of collaborating with these types of influencers for exactly the same reason: high impact on their audience.

If you've seen Bronte King in the UK, You’ve noticed that a few selfies with a crescent quickly count followers, which you probably think is the best metric of success, right?

Following tracking was used as the sole criterion for determining follower values, now brands have learned that potential reach is far less valuable than actual interactions and this has been found among nano-influencers.

And you ask yourself, what is the nano influencer? How much do nano influencers earn? And where can I get nano influencers for my influencer marketing strategy? Discover more of this and this note that we have prepared for you.

What is a nano influencer?
Surely you have a friend who is really popular on Instagram and shares attractive posts, achieving in seconds an infinite amount of likes, comments, and mentions (and no, they are not only comments from his mother or grandmother). These advanced users are the main candidates for becoming nano influencers.

So what is considered a nano influencer? and How many followers does a nano influencer have?  To be more specific, a nano influencer is defined as a content creator who has between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. 

To give you a clearer idea, our leader John Manhab from the Online Marketing Course with Influencers, defines it as follows:

“A nano influencer is an active user on social networks who is willing to collaborate with a particular brand. Working with such influencers who are more passionate about your brand will help you communicate your product in a better way. ”.

In fact, the audience of nano-influencers comes from the small niche that is engaged in the content. The first place to start working with nano influencers of most brands is 1,000 followers

Although Nano influencers work on a variety of social networks, we can often find them on Instagram, as it is a platform that engages more users.

Characteristics of nano influencers
Let's take a look at the features of these new stars in straight networks. We can learn here who are gaining better positions and even displacing mega influencers.

  • One of the main characteristics of nano influencers is that they communicate spontaneously with their audience. 
  • They really talk to their followers and they like to communicate with them. They are interested in doing this through their posts, videos, stories, etc.
    As a result, these connections lead to more audience engagement and trust.
  •  A nano influencer is almost considered a friend by most of his followers. A recent study from one of the best companies revealed that if a purchase decision requires a small investment of time, money, and effort, we can trust our friends more.
  • Nano influencers are more careful when choosing products or services for advertising. Because they don’t want to be disappointed and lose the trust of their community.

Nano influencers have more credibility since their main purpose is not to gain an economic advantage but to share quality content that is of interest to their audience.

How much do nano influencers earn?
Nano influencers have become increasingly integrated into marketing strategies because of their authenticity and ability to attract an audience.

Be sure to use this content creator for your online promotion and find out how much Nano influencers can earn. Okay, first you must know which social networks they communicate the most.

According to the Influencer Marketing Outlook 2020 report, these are the top 5 platforms used by nano influencers:

Now, take a look at the average payout on each of these platforms:

  • Nano influencers on Instagram can earn on average $ 100 per post, $ 114 per video post, and $ 43 for an Instagram story.
  • Nano influencers on YouTube can earn between $ 20– $ 200 per video. This will depend on the idea of ​​the video that they promote. 
  • TikTok is fairly new to the nano-influencers game, which is less profitable, ranging from $ 5– $ 25 per video.
  • Believe it or not, Twitter is also a space for nano influencers, making profits between $ 2– $ 20 per post.
  • Facebook continues to be a favorite social network for nano influencers, fetching $ 25– $ 250 per post.

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What benefits do they offer?

First, nano-influencers save money. They often agree to collaborate with a brand rather than just a product. This is especially effective for brands that do not have a high market value for their products. While it may be easy to stop collaborating with top influencers in exchange for an expensive watch or all the paid vacations, they may not be interested in your product if it is less appealing than on the phone or pet food.

Second, the engagement rate decreases as followers increase. Nano influencers are the busiest since listeners believe in its content, so they are more likely to like or comment on it. In addition, they tend to manage their relatively small communities better. In fact, when an influential person responds to followers' comments or likes something on their page, it builds more trust between the parties.

Third, nano-influencers can help enter local markets. Even if your audience is small, they are often interested in your content. This effect is ideal for small businesses searching for local influences. On the other hand, if a brand is trying to reach a new niche, the use of nano-influencers may be an effective way to do so. Take, for example, a beauty company that has just launched its first organic and vegan skincare product. There may be influential followers of any beauty department who are interested in it, but there are also many who will not. . However, a nano influencer who has gained his followers about this idea, although it usually reaches very few people, will probably buy the product.

Where to find nano influencers?
Top brands have learned the value of this new trend and will clearly see that nano influencers are their new allies to reach more specific niches.

If you want to know where to find nano influencers for your effective marketing strategy, we are here to help you! Next, we’ll tell you a few strategies you can apply to achieve this.

Search for specific hashtags
Follow hashtags related to your brand’s topics on Instagram, as it’s a great way to expose emerging nano influencers. 

# discoverunder10k, # discoverunder5k, #smallblogger, # bloggersunder1k, and #bloggerstribe are hashtags that most nano influencers use in their posts.

Another way to do this is to follow a nano influencer you have found and let Instagram show you "other similar profiles to follow."

Identify potential nano influencers
Also, you can find nano-influencers by the telltale sign on an Instagram user's profile page that makes it clear that they are nano-influencers (or aspire to become one). Here are some signs:

Interests and specialties in your Instagram bio
Nano influencers generally include a summary of interests and/or areas of expertise within their bio to help brands understand how they can partner or collaborate.

This may vary depending on the niche of the nano-influencers. For example, they maintain a high and consistent photography aesthetic with high-quality editing using some lightroom presets.

Highlights or featured stories
Nano influencers can use the Highlights to define or share their interests and even showcase collaborations with other brands.

Contact information
Nano influencers are often explicit when displaying contact information. These are usually located in their Instagram bio. Among the main data, they include email, phone, or a portfolio where they can find their best photos or collaborations.

Track your brand mentions
Use a social audience tool on social media to monitor your brand’s references. That way, you can analyze online conversations on a specific topic or quote from your competition. This is a great opportunity to find the next nano influencer for your brand.

Additionally, these tools can extract references to specific keywords, which will help you analyze the references. These tools not only measure social networks but also include posts, comments on blogs, forums, and websites where information is public. You need to know who is talking to your brand and who you can contact.

Nano influencers vs. Micro-influencers: what are the differences?
Nano-influencers are very similar to micro-influencers. But, they stand by the word from the rest: "better": better connection, better engagement, and better ROI. Let's compare the influencers of these two groups:

  • The authenticity and sincerity of your speech are a great source to capture and retain the audience. According to the State of Influencer Marketing 2019, the average interaction rate of nano-influencers is much better than that of a micro-influencer.
  • Micro-influencers' posts have a high level of quality (i.e. perhaps better camera quality and editing capabilities). And all are published on a fairly regular schedule. For example, once every other day or every day, Monday to Friday. 
  • In contrast, nano-influencers may not have any micro-influencers or repeatable content and may fit and finish the post schedule. But nano-influencers may be more involved due to their niche or hyper-focus content and more interested followers.
  • Most nano influencers often accept a sponsor brand's product, service, or event invitation in exchange for their promotion and endorsement (sometimes without receiving any payment); while micro-influencers are hired for recurring sponsorships and to be brand ambassadors.

What Next...
Before collaborating with an influencer, you should always check their metrics, regardless of the number of followers you have. Because only such research can ensure that a good engagement, true follower, and audience match a person's purpose. And remember: you can analyze metrics directly on social media, but an influencer marketing platform helps you do it more efficiently and effectively.

Working with nano influencers gives the opportunity to try a new personality for a brand in return for minimal investment. Many nano influencers are looking for their first collaboration, and it could be with you!

If you want to increase your brand awareness and build a loyal community, working with nano influencers can be a great way to grow. Let's find out the real interactions by leaving the number of followers behind!

Stella Palmer