Marketing And Sales Strategies

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Marketing And Sales Strategies

It is still common to interpret marketing as a synonym for "promotion and advertising." But this area can do a lot more for your organization. Putting marketing and sales strategies together is one way to use marketing to grow your company's branding.

A transversal area of ​​the marketing company, which is related to several other departments. Also, it can appear at different stages of the life cycle of a product or service, from customer service to sales.

Have you thought about integrated marketing and sales strategies? If not here's a new result just for you! Here you will read:

  • What are the marketing and sales strategies?
  • Why integrate these two fronts?
  • Marketing and sales How to attract more customers?
  • How to specialize in both cases?
  • Open a document to write your insights and come with us!

What is a marketing and sales strategy? 
Marketing is a field of knowledge that exists between business management and communication. It aims to produce value in products or services or in the company’s own brand. The expected results of this standard production are:

  • Generate more sales;
  • Build customer loyalty;
  • Increase knowledge about a product, service, or brand;
  • The brand or its associates and affiliates;
  • Building positive relationships with visitors;
  • Involve the company’s own employees.

To do all this, marketing works with four main pillars, which you have probably heard of. The 4Ps of Marketing, described by the Father of Marketing, Philip Kotler. Are they:

  • Product; 
  • Price; 
  • Promotion;
  • Square (or distribution)

As you can already see, marketing has actions that touch the main strategic sectors of the company. 

Marketing and sales strategies are those that use the first, focusing on strengthening the second. In other words, increasing sales - or better sales, as we have said - is the main goal of a company's strategic plan. And marketing comes as one of the key contributors to achieving this goal.

Why integrate these two fronts?
Although marketing has already proved its worth in the decades since its start, many companies still view the region as an accessory.

Contrary to what many managers still think, marketing is not a less relevant field - at least not for companies that want to sell more. But in order to be able to achieve sales, the marketing department needs to be integrated with the commercial and the organization as a whole.

As we have seen, the marketing strategies of an organization have different goals. For this reason, it may not be concentrated in a single department. But it has been distributed in different sectors throughout the organization.

To integrate marketing and sales into the company’s strategies, a term was even coined: sales marketing. Despite the strange name, the idea is quite simple. The sales and marketing departments are working in a marginal and integrated manner.

A part of the marketing department of the company that is directly related to the commercial, it is a competitive advantage. As these areas become more integrated, marketers will be able to create more strategic plans that touch the client's pain and communicate the company's services or products to the public in the most relevant way. The results are no different: strong and tough results.

Marketing and sales How to attract more customers?
Over time, marketing has specialized in meeting each of the requirements listed at the beginning of the lesson. Thus, there are currently different approaches within the region. Several of these can be used to attract more customers, including marketing and sales. See the original.

Inbound marketing
Unlike traditional advertising in inbound marketing, you can attract and lead people interested in your product, service, or your brand. This attraction occurs through the provision of relevant content for those interested. The sales team works in this lead to transform you into a sales funnel customer at a more advanced stage.

Outbound marketing
On the other hand, we have marketing abroad. Instead of attracting interested parties, the company actively looks for potential customers or prospects. It does this by advertising in various media, phone calls, emails, and other tools.

Digital marketing
Digital marketing is the application of marketing principles and strategies to digital media. Thus, all the online channels of the company are understood in this kind of approach. From strategies like social networks, newsletters, information products, and more, from institutional websites to e-commerce.

When the goal is to integrate with sales, all of these tools come together for it. Even the top funnel channels have the ultimate goal of taking the subscriber on the whole ride, resulting in the closure of a deal. 

Social media marketing
Demand for performance highlights on social networks in digital marketing. Because these platforms have become independent channels to create their own business flow. Some brands and small businesses even sell them all through channels like WhatsApp and Instagram.

Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is a digital prospect that can secure your efforts by upgrading the marketing level. You can boost your branding power by transforming the target audience. Best brand approach and online presentation method that is offered by the best icon on a different network channel. The marketing and sales goals can be driven to the top pick through the best influencers on the social site. 

To create your influencer branding you have to make your plan with a solid guide. One influencer can change your sales power and boost it making a user community around your services. You can build your position on any channel like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or any other social site or website. Learn more about this sales-making strategy from a world-class influencer marketing platform like Jocial. 

How to specialize in both areas?
There are many training courses in marketing and sales, with different purposes and to meet different objectives. You can take everything from an MBA in marketing and sales strategy to short courses. 

For marketing, you can learn from the most prestigious schools near you offline. They have some options for distance learning courses. Another option is Udemy's online courses, which offer several thematic training options within the marketing area.  

In the commercial area, the best option you can take is to take one of the online sales courses at JOCIAL. Based on the experience it is one of the top marketing specialists in the country. The specialty field was born with the aim of helping the professionalization of the marketing sector and further development of companies.

If you are starting your career in marketing, we offer specialized courses to impress us. In the course modules that include this, you will learn important things:

  • How to find out more about companies, products, markets, and competition;
  • What is your mission as a salesperson;
  • Plan your business goals and the most effective strategies to achieve them;
  • How to overcome shopping objections.

If you are already a senior in the profession, you can take advantage of our digital marketing course. All our courses are divided into high-end modules. Prepare this course in a fancy way to deepen your knowledge and present advanced sales strategies. So you can achieve high performance.

Jocial has a few more courses with specific themes than the more specific needs of the seller. In all our courses, the method used is the same and based on the principles of advanced and proven methods that allow the professionalization of sales and marketing.

Discover our online marketing course from the best digital marketing platform. And become an increasingly qualified marketer aka salesperson to close your deals!

Isabelle Evans