Why You Need Them For Your Business Growth

 Macro-influencers: Why You Need Them For Your Business Growth

Influencer marketing combines a set of dividers based on the size of their community. Let's discover macro-influencers in them.

This marketing is divided into different categories. It is because of the followers and content that are developed by the influencers. And especially the social networks they operate do not have the same number of followers.

This leads to the notion that within influencer communities the size of the community, unfortunately, using marketing influences to promote them, will be in line with the choices of companies and brands.

A reminder of the main categories of influencers classified by community size :

Celebrities: High-social personalities, usually with millions of followers on their social media. They are often ambassadors of big brands. The way to influence celebrities is directly related to the person! Here we can often talk about influential people in the fashion industry

Macro-influencers: Influencer with millions of followers. This allows them to increase their influence through this phenomenon!

Micro-influencers: Influential profiles who have communities generally less than 100K subscribers. They are more than their personalities through products or services that can influence their community. All these are inevitably less highlighted than celebrities and macro-influencers.

Nano-influencers: The niche is dominant, meaning usually a small community. They may have fewer followers but they may present a super-worthy target for some advertisers. Yet they have the potential to impress a class of people for their sharp skills in any subject.

Who are the macro-influencers?
Macro-influencers are generally people recognized in their field and/or through their passion. They have fairly large communities ranging from over 100,000 followers to several million. We have moved a bit away from opinion leaders in the true sense of the word. But we relay the impact, communicating more easily on people who are able to influence purchasing behavior. Here’s more about people’s influence on social networks. But who can influence purchasing methods and behaviors? We can talk about digital effects. Because they don’t want to make any impact directly outside of the internet. Instead, capitalize on the Internet users who follow them.

There are several of these and almost all of them are available through the various departments represented in the influential marketing campaign. This way they can work with different advertisers on different content topics. There are also different ways to influence depending on the action taken.

  • Trip
  • Well-being
  • Lifestyle
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Decoration
  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Hi-tech
  • Sport / Fitness etc ...

The platforms on which we basically find macro-influencers are in the first place on Instagram. Also, blogs, Twitter, and YouTube can be considered. It does not exclude other channels. For information, however, Instagram is the most used social network by all influencers.

Even if there are fewer bloggers and YouTubers, some of the most effective bloggers integrate them into their effective strategies. They also specialize in digital marketing and natural references. They can bring more value to the partnership structure thus managed. They are influential with some of them B2B players. It will be suitable for specific promotions targeting qualified companies.

The work of macro-influencers
Their work is primarily focused on writing sponsored articles for bloggers and creating videos for YouTubers. We are far from a simple picture taken with a smartphone with hashtags. This is sometimes enough to make a person influential.

Their work is primarily focused on writing sponsored articles for bloggers. For YouTubers, it is all about creating videos. We are far from a simple picture taken with a smartphone with hashtags. This is sometimes enough to make a person influential.

Because of their huge communities, brands and companies are guaranteed an attractive return on investment. Whether it is a significant improvement in sales in a short period of time or the work of the image yields results

Objectives may change according to the expectations of the partners. It is all through the activities of the macro-influencers. To collaborate with macro-influencers, in most cases it is necessary to call an agent. Influencer agent who manages them or can go through specialized influential marketing agencies.

There are several influencer marketing platforms or you can say agencies out there today. They need to be well-selected to work on your impact promotion and achieve their goals. Influencer agencies can occasionally manage marketing strategies and social media strategies as long as they have the right people at home.

What are the advantages of working with macro-influencers?
The benefits of working with macro-influencers can be numerous. But without trying to hide their face, they are usually asked to increase the sales of a brand or a company.

It refers to an influencer who promotes a product and/or a service that must be urgent. Conversely, if it is scattered throughout the partnership, it may lose the trust of its community. This is a question of ethics that applies to certain campaigns.

The risk of loss becomes apparent as greed is felt. The remuneration of influential people is sometimes very volatile and uncertain. , So sometimes there is a great temptation to collaborate with such images on the outside.

So a brand is interested in choosing its macro-influencer wisely with the help of an influencer agency or a professional agent who specializes in the subject.

If everything depends on the right choice of macro-influencers, the benefits will be obvious if you work with the right people:

  • Bestsellers
  • Better website traffic
  • Better visibility
  • Better image / notoriety
  • Increase your influence
  • More collaborations etc ...

What are the disadvantages?
If the influencers are not well mapped, we can fix the error. And this creates a gap between what the image is trying to express and what the image users understand. From there, influencers like the brand will be able to pay the costs and lose credibility.

That’s why it’s important to remember that macro-influencers will shape your brand in one way or another.

Often marketing or social media agencies outline the impact without knowing everything about its outline and what it means. A bad choice, an uncontrolled migration campaign, will provoke the opposite effect of those who have been searched.

So the downsides can also be countless if influencer marketing is poorly managed. They may also come from a desire to manage the influencer internally and a lack of skill at points.

The engagement rate among macro-influencers 
Since the engagement rate is incorrectly a metric on which many people rely, it is low among macro-influencers. The macro-influencing community has seen a decline in the rate of short-term hiring.

This is not always true, but it does happen in most cases. It refers to the rate of engagement in influencer marketing as any activity on the web. Quotes, Preferences, Clicks, etc ... It is a question of understanding what we are looking for in order to achieve a specific purpose.

Understanding the engagement rate among influencers
The rate of engagement in influencer marketing as social media is an indicator that is often misinterpreted and means absolutely nothing. A committed rate has to be compared to a goal, which targets a specific action or interaction to meet it.

Among the influencers, whether they are macro-influencers or nano-influencers, we measure the growth rate of their propagation and a set of metrics that we must analyze. Among other things, an agency has a role to play in influencing customers. With the use of dedicated state-of-the-art influence tools, Jocial can be a solution to know outside of home-made algorithms.

So it is possible to get rates of 2 to be perfectly involved but the purpose of one of them is not fulfilled. Likewise, we may have a lower engagement rate, which would meet a goal in the face of higher rates.

In our example below, let's say we're looking at traffic to the sales page. After sharing a link to get there, click on it clearly that will be the first indicator to be considered for the influencer. If you don’t integrate it, your statistics may end up which, unfortunately, will have no effect in the absence of a good explanation.

The following 2 and 3 example clicks should be considered as traffic involved objectives. We see that this choice can sometimes increase the rate without leaving the opportunity and the expected result.

Clearly, the example does nothing in our example, except to generate a good engagement rate.

Macro-influencers are a serious resource for promoting your communication through social media. Especially those who work towards increasing sales or visibility. But, to enjoy the implemented actions you have to go through a particularly influencer marketing company.

Since there are relatively many influencers today, related to the values of your brand or organization, you need to know how to map to specific criteria. Let’s not forget that the selected profile will shape your brand into a larger community. The impact of marketing still has a bright future ahead of it!

Isabelle Evans