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Keys To Pricing A Campaign With The Best Influencers

About 70% of communication professionals claim not to pay their influencers. This is one of the data published in the influential report on the status and practice of the relationship with Influencer 2019. But, there is repeated debate surrounding the price of an influential campaign.

In most cases, because a few brands have resisted the temptation to use influence in their communication strategies. The dominant lu in the protected bet right now. In fact, many users believe in user-generated ads also to traditional themed ads. But, many brands find it difficult to determine the value of an influential promotion.

Influencers are part of the new voice for brands. They communicate effectively to promote business products or services. They help create conversations and win more customers. The influential phenomenon has become irresistible, which has pushed up the price of their services. But the price will vary depending on what kind of influential need you have.

In fact, it is not surprising to find an influential person today who advertises more brands than can charge a celebrity. They do not reach the more than $ 230,000 per tweet that Cristiano Ronaldo charges. Nor to Iniesta's 8,000 euros for a message with his Twitter account. If we analyze the cause of a series later, the cost of an influencer may reach the previously imagined images.

How to choose influencers?
Yet, companies benefit more than the difficulty of being influential in their communications plans.

To play any support for your digital marketing plan and get the help of these pillars, you must first choose the influencer you need very carefully. Here are 3 things to keep in mind when making effective choices that will lead your campaign to success:

1. Review the followers of the influencer
Before making an offer to an influencer, you must make sure that their followers are relevant to your target audience. If a person's followers are not interested in your products, it would be unreasonable to promote them to anyone. Or otherwise seen, if the brand is not interested in the followers of the influencer.

A good way to find your ideal influencer is to search for keywords among their followers. That way, you'll discover what they're interested in, and if you know for sure that it's really an audience, it's best to contact the person behind the account.

2. Set the exact number of influencers you need
Businesses that have made a lot of money can carry the luxury of working with a single influential person who has a large following. But, these influencers are usually not very accessible financially. Most brands do not have enough money to access these.

Thus, many businesses are committed to working with an influential group with a small community but on the contrary, have great connections to their activities as a brand.

In the end, by putting together a good team, you can achieve as much impact as you can with one person. But, in this case, for a much lower cost. So, look at the budget you have and choose the best option for your business.

 3. Offer more than a single budget
Many influencers are not limited to your proposed budget just to work with them. Its purpose is to connect with the brand. And, similarly, they want them to do something. In other words, a large part of potential influencers wants to be involved in content creation and work together with the brand.

So, think of providing other things that are out of money. This should be seen as an advantage and an opportunity for you and not as an obstacle. Working together can bring you lots of new ideas from influencers.

How to set the price of a campaign with influencers?
Once you've chosen your influencer, it's time to talk about your budget. It is often difficult to determine exactly how much money an influencer can pay to participate in your campaign.

For this reason and to help you get rid of your doubts more easily, there are a few keys you should keep in mind when pricing promotions with influencers:

1.  The number of followers of the influencer
There are some features that make influencers special which make them more important. One of them is the number of your followers. This is an important piece of information that you should pay attention to. Ultimately, it’s about your community. Users make the user influential. If your community is large in size, the most logical thing is that the influencer has something special that you can take.

But, it is important to pay attention to all the social media platforms you have participated in. Otherwise, it may be that you have a lot of followers on Twitter but your community is significantly less on Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube. In that case, the prices offered by these influencers are usually lower because they will only increase your campaign on a certain social network.

However, things change if you want to focus on promoting your digital marketing on a particular social network. Perhaps the price of this influencer will increase as a guarantee of access to a certain community of interesting digital platforms.

2. What type of collaboration are you looking for?
One of the key factors in deciding the effectiveness of influencer promotion is deciding what type of collaboration you are looking for. Some brands are looking for influencers for single promotions. But more and more brands are trying to establish lasting relationships with their influencers to become ambassadors for their brands.

In this case, the price is discussed on the basis of the packages. It's not like sharing posts on a network like the Instagram influencers or writing weekly blog posts about your brand. Thus, you try to persuade him and give him some gift of your earnings.

3. The impact of your digital work
Another key element that determines the final investment in effective promotion is its impact on their social networks. This means that this person may have a lot of followers but they are completely inactive. Or the influencer really has a residue on them.

So, you should pay close attention to the level of communication with the influencing community. Do you have a high-level conversation? Does your message create engagement? If not here's a new product just for you!

For example, if a user has 80,000 followers on Instagram but their publications do not exceed ten likes, you cannot consider them an influencer. The interaction rate with your community will mark a large part of the price of a campaign with influencers.

4. Identify trends
In the same vein, you can find the user accounts of more than 2,000 followers on a particular social network alone. Perhaps at first glance, this is not an interesting amount. But the investment decision of influential investors may depend on some other factor. This person has the skills and abilities to create trends or understand their users.

If a small account has a good engagement rate, the number is likely to increase over time. Therefore, make sure that you are not missing out on good opportunities. To do this, search each account thoroughly without allowing an account just because of the number of followers.

It is not currently effective for users who have participated in the upward trend. Partnering with these types of influencers will give you a higher return on your investment. Above all, because the influential community will be supported by the brand.

How much to pay an influencer?
Here are some tips to keep in mind before pricing for effective promotion. You see, it comes down to all the intelligent things. Analyze which influencers are right for you and search their profiles to find out which budget offers will be more or less the same after the person has appeared.

There are currently no written rules about how many influential posters will earn. The expert advice of influential people who have worked on this campaign gives a different picture. And the key to investing the amount you need to make your influencer promotion successful is both the sector in which your brand operates and the country is successful.

Some of the approximate global figures published in digital spaces are:

  • Up to 5,000 followers (with a high interaction rate): between 100 and 150 euros.
  • Between 15,000 and 50,000 followers: between 300 and 400 euros.
  • More than 100,000 followers: from 1,000 euros.

Indeed, in the American market, there is a place that provides influencers, which emerged in response to the digital debate about the value of influencers. The investment of various brands in influential promotion in this space is revealed.

However, it all depends on how you want to promote and what kind of relationship you want to establish with the chosen influencers. Also, be sure to analyze the promotion data realistically to see if you are getting the desired results.

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