Is Web Marketing Really

A Lot Like Playing Chess?

Is Web Marketing Really A Lot Like Playing Chess

Easy to work within digital marketing is as easy as playing chess. Chess is a game of strategy. Even the monkeys in TV commercials know it!

And, if you think about it, web marketing is too much. The goal of chess is to catch the opponent's king. The so-called "checkmate".

Similarly, the purpose of marketing is to collect leads and win the hearts of your customers. In the world of online marketing, when it comes to your job, you come across a variety of players. Like the world of chess.

You deal with newcomers - those who play very little and throw themselves into what they think. Intrepid - Those who try to follow the example of the calculation technique but fail to design the checkmate. From time to time, you will also find their masters to plan their future movements before moving part of the masters you are keeping.

Web marketing as a game of chess: We'll explain what these two noble strategy games have in common.

1. You are forced to know the pieces on the board

Like any game, you decide to play, to get started you need to know (well) the movement of the pieces on the battlefield. In this case chessboard. The chess piece is our strength (only available) to win the game. So our strength in customer data and marketing tools. To do this, you need to make good use of the resources you need to achieve great results.

Each piece of the board (the pawn, the rook, the knight, the bishop, and so on) represents one of the many digital marketing activities that you can dedicate yourself to for your business purposes.Influencer marketing can be a key to enhancing your brand reputation to better define yourself.

SEO can give you great benefits when it comes to paying for copywriting or advertising. But you must know the methods of management and manage them.

Because not all pandas move in the same direction!

For example in chess, the total of 16 pieces you have available for your game follow these rules:

Pawn: in a game, you have 8 Pawns initially deployed all on the same row of the board. Each Pawn moves only one square forward per turn. Except for the first move of the game, he is allowed to move forward 2 squares. The Pawn eats any opponent's piece that is in a straight diagonal to it.

Tower: in a game of chess you have 2 Towers, positioned at the ends of the first row of the chessboard. The Towers move vertically or horizontally with no limits of space except to meet other pieces (friends or enemies) in its path. The rook eats any opponent's piece that is in its movement path.

Horse: in a game of chess you have 2 horses, which are always next to the tower. The knight moves 4 squares with the so-called “L” move. It means that wherever he is, he can jump to any square that can be reached by drawing an L on the board, made up of 3 squares plus 1 side. The peculiarity of the Horse is that it can literally jump over the pieces that are in its way, as long as the landing square is free. The knight can only eat an opponent's piece that results in the last square with which it makes its L-shaped move.

Bishop: You always have 2 Bishop at your disposal when you start a game of chess. The Bishop only moves in diagonal squares with no limits except to meet other pieces (friends or enemies) on his way. The bishop eats any opponent's piece that is in his movement path.

Queen: the Queen (only one per side) can choose, at each of her turns, to move as a Pawn, a Rook, or a Bishop. In practice, he can move (and eat) like all other pieces except the horse. This offers you more game solutions and importance for the final victory.

King: the King (also unique for each side ) moves only one square per turn. Like the Pawn, but unlike this, it can also move diagonally without being forced to eat an opponent's piece.

2. You have to study the competitor

In the case of playing chess, it is easy to break into pieces in response to the opponent's movements. If this is your way of playing, know that your opponent is actually controlling you.

He will force you to go wherever you want until he gives you an angle to declare as a corner. Do you know that the opponent has studied your behavior of what is happening and is adopting a strategy to achieve success in front of you?

In order for your online marketing goals to be successful, you cannot help your competitors study. Away! Take the time to keep up with what your opponents are doing. Product news, new communication methods, and limited acquisition channels certainly do not avoid you.

3. You need a strategy to checkmate

Another similarity between chess and web marketing is that you can't announce a checkmate at once. Someday we’ll tell you how to finish a game of chess with four runs, but that’s another story.

In digital marketing, you always have to plan your “attack” and manage your goal from a leadership position where you can always follow the moves of the game.

Sometimes you are forced to give up a few pieces as part of your strategy. But it doesn't matter. Aim at your target with conscience and reason.

Use the data you have about your users. Personalize the messages and contacts you send. Listen to what they have to say about your product. Analyze the metrics collected in engagement and feelings towards your brand

4. You have little time available and you need to make the most of it

Did you know that chess is played in professional tournaments? It uses a very strange clock with two dials that calculate how long it takes the player to move. Also, when a player touches his pieces, he should be removed before anyone touches him.

Not to mention that each player must write one type of variable with algebraic formulas. We can already see the drops of sweat flowing down your temple.

You realize that playing chess is not really a child's game. This is not the case with web marketing managers. New business growth and growth strategies are grown almost every day and you can’t waste too much time.

There are growth hackers who put a start-up overnight and make your position stand out in the market.

Is there any remedy for all these concerns? Yes! And this is called marketing automation. You can’t even imagine how much time you can save by setting up a simple marketing automation strategy that you can do even after a week of work.

5. You have to think carefully about which piece to use for your next move

The best chess players, as well as the best web marketers, can see everything they do as fluid and natural thinking. They adapt and modify their gameplay. Their mantra is to create feedback from users, calculate their returns and study the right way to maximize each customer's investment.

Opportunities raised in both chess and business must be taken advantage of to take full advantage of them. Lalon checkmate in chess. Experience the best way to learn the medium-term adaptation industry. The next point will be explanatory.

6. Winning a game does not mean that you have achieved success

Just as the skills of a chess player are not acquired in any game, the experience of a digital marketing expert is also integrated over the years. The skill of deepening the basic ideas and applying a well-organized strategy is your daily bread.

This should be the ideal "circle shot and barrel shot" shot, that is, on the one hand, you need time to catch up on industry news and updates, on the other hand, you put into practice what you learn day after day.

Remember, if you ever stop studying both chess and marketing, you will soon find yourself among your competitors. But if you practice a lot, it is impossible to forget the main rules.

The way for learning to play chess

We learned to play chess with my father at an early age. Wasn’t it easy to find him to fight us? When you are a beginner, facing an experienced tournament winner can be frustrating and sometimes frustrating.

Only after learning and practicing well, can we start giving him a hard time. And he was surprised to see that we could make some rice. This means that it is not impossible to increase it through study and practice like web marketing!

Do you need a training partner? You can always give us a whistle! Write to us whenever you want, let's organize a chess match or chat about digital marketing!

Stella Palmer