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Blogging can help you

Theories of Web Traffic – Why Internet Marketing Cannot Do without It

You should know about Blogging. It is the most effective plan that can generate more traffic on the internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo suggest more results from the blog then other websites.

What are Blogs?

Basically Blogs are the recorded websites. You can say it chronicles web pages. Because they can give you the ease of use to post date wise posts and content on it. Also, you can maintain it as you want. Mentioned that an article with different topics in structure and size is called a post.

All the users that visit that post are called visitors. They can comment on your particular post. Also you can reply to the comment on that post. Thus blogs are popular for its interactive interface and use.

Also, a blog gives you the chance to post your commercial website URL in your particular post which helps in traffic generation. As many people visit your post as many engage will reach it. Also if someone likes your post, they may comment on that post. In this time they may want to click on this URL link and visit your website for more information.

Mostly Blogs are popular for it's latest and advanced content and post opportunity. Most of the people visit here to get information about so many things. How to get certain things, how to make interesting products, how to do something new and so on topics are here. You can get so many reviews and products based on articles and posts also. So it can be said the most available tools to fine-tune your business.

How to Make Blogs Work

The primary step is to create a blog. Using web tools like Blogger ( you can create your own blog in minutes and keep it up. If you want a premium or paid blog (the only reason you don't want it is to fight their ads on your blog), you can go to a WordPress ( blog.

Once your blog is done you are decorating it with great content. But do not add any direct links to your post or website. Because at the initial time most of the readers do not like it. This may seem like a shameless ad that you should always spend. But you can smartly put your web links in tiny bylines following your author name as the post author on the blog.

Blogs work because of search engines like them. And search engines like them because people always visit for their content. The best search engines, such as Google, add key servers to the results that people search for. And blogs also fit these bills.

So the best things that you need to make your blogs effective are: -

  • Solid content
  • Regular post updates
  • Responding to all user comments
  • Fine publicity of your single product

Sometimes, it helps to offer products for free. If you prefer a free ebook download, people will surely be taken in downloading it. You can offer them to download the particular ebook when they respond to your post on the blog. After they click on the post and make a lead capture from your post you can offer them your free product on their respective email. You can ask them for their email or get it from their profile. If you have the list of your visitor's mail you can send it one by one to their inbox directly. The list of their mail is the most probable traffic that you can transfer to your website. Especially the people who are interested in your product or free services that you promoted on the post. It is the easiest process to turn your visitor as your customer on the respective business and market.

Isabelle Evans