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Why social media is the best communication channel for brands?

Why social media is the best communication channel for brands

Influencer Marketing Services and brands through UGC have won Instagram more effectively in promoting products and services. Social is the employer’s branding tool and HR’s collaborator. Possibility of matching content and format, strength, and some caution.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has gained considerable momentum. And in a few years, it has become one of the most popular social media by users and brands. And companies are the most used to promote their products and services. Why is Instagram marketing so successful? Because it's instant, inspiring, and easy to use.

Instagram, a social network that is certainly an ideal platform for online branding business. In fact, with this site, you can create and share a variety of professional content - stories, reels, and videos.

That's why many companies are now interested in marketing on Instagram. Also, influencers have chosen this social network to “have a conversation” with their community. They are trying to link the reference to create long-term loyalty in the medium.

It is clear to all that one can use Instagram for business and it is not just for personal use. These global platform brands allow for humanization in their content. Also, recruit new talents, improve internal communication, showcase products and inspire their audience.

The real power of Instagram marketing is not just its users. They are engaged in it. Because it manages to establish a very direct relationship between the brand and potential customers. It is very impressive to display content that is considered true, engaging, and inspiring.

What is business branding?
Branding those who want to promote themselves through quality communication is nothing more than a content marketing strategy.

So it’s a well-defined marketing initiative that allows businesses to focus on corporate values and at the same time connect with potential buyers.

How to do Social branding?
To provide social branding, the business needs to know issues, where “published” content and media should share them over time.

On the choice of corporate issues, communication managers must focus on the company’s core business as well as corporate mission and vision. Only in this way will it be possible to understand which topics will be included in your content marketing strategy.

Once the company's problems have been identified, it is advisable to choose the type of content that suits your community's properties as well as the company's own needs. For example, for a young community, you can choose short video content like TikTok. For a more "mature" community, you can evaluate different entertainment solutions.

The final crucial step in achieving a branding strategy is to choose a media. It can be a digital or traditional themed business to promote someone's content. It would also be appropriate to analyze potential buyers to understand which platform should be the focus.

Why does business branding on Instagram?
With the development of the generation of modern technology and the rise of social networks, even small companies have begun to provide branding in digital media. Most of the entrepreneurial activities are now online basically on social platforms. Implementing this marketing strategy has been achieved on social communication platforms, especially Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg owns Instagram now. This social network currently serves as the best solution for creating corporate content for business ideas. In fact, with Instagram, you can create a variety of video content. You can share storytelling by sharing acclaimed photographs with both corporate and product.

Clearly, everything should be shared in the company’s account for insight and support analysis on the events of social advertising.

Instagram: some numbers on the platform
Instagram today has one billion monthly active users worldwide and 500 million stories are uploaded on a daily basis. There are 130 million users in the United States: it is the second most visited social network after Facebook.

About 60% of users visit the platform for 53 minutes every day.

There are at least 25 million company profiles on Instagram worldwide. About 90% of users follow at least one brand and 83% say IG has helped them discover new products and services. And after the purchase ideas, they will open the purchase decision ( according to Hubspot 2020 data ).

IG has about 79 million users in the USA, the data was updated in March 2020: YoY + 24.2% increase compared to March 2019. They spend an average of 7 hours a month scrolling through the feed, which is one hour more than YouTube.

Instagram marketing between ER, UGC, and Influencer
ER Engagement Rate. This is one of the main metrics for evaluating the usability of an Instagram page. This is the ratio between the number of interactions with the fanbase and the published content. Thus, as the number of followers increases, so does the interaction. A possible indication of not doing any work at the editorial level under the penalty of low engagement rate.

It is good to study a good editorial calendar of local, seasonal, and trend-based content. Because it has to take advantage of so-called UGC (user-generated content). Users have created their own. In stories and posts, users spontaneously refer to companies with harmful powers of visibility.

Clearly, the more influential and follower the user is, the more effective this practice is. Engage targeted Instagram influencers with their consumers and invite them to try their products. Review them, share discount codes or opinions, create surveys on stories or Live is the way to make the most money on Instagram.

Instagram for business communication

Instagram was born as a place of inspiration. Get plenty of inspirational phrases and lots of posts, stories, and full accounts dedicated to personal growth. It can be used to give companies a certain character to lead and to showcase them as much as possible to attract new talent.

Using Instagram for HR, in fact, manages to be very effective. Because it’s more personal and less “business” than LinkedIn. Spontaneous posts and employee stories or cards and videos are created by the organization itself and dedicated to each of its resources. In order to present them, they have a double advantage. Customers or potential, let you really show yourself by keeping your face. Like public bodies, recruitment also has a positive effect on potential personalities.

‘Employer branding’ is a powerful weapon. Because it looks good inside the company. Strengthens both the image and the relationship between colleagues, increasing the perception of the importance of each individual employee. And, thus, the positive effects that are present in all cases beyond that.

Instagram Marketing: contents and formats
Instagram cancels the distance. It brings users closer to the atmosphere and values of each organization with direct and engaging communication. That's why a good content strategy like social media marketing is essential.

Static visuals, images, photos or infographics must be well created and in mobile-first vertical format.

The video format is also widely used, but you need to pay attention to the length:

Instagram Stories are 15 seconds long, but we often think in 4 story blocks Social Uploads is a 60-second video that social itself splits into 4 transitions. 

Videos in feed posts can be up to 1 minute long. Reel, the new format launched less than a year ago in response to TikTok can be like a story for up to 15 seconds. IGTV allows you to upload over 10 minutes for general accounts and up to 1 hour for verified and highly tracked accounts. Instagram Live, i.e. the live broadcasts, can last a maximum of 1 hour.

Matching the right content-holder
Proper use of all the formats provided by Instagram does not mean getting their duration and technical possibilities. This means that each container has its own usage suitable for at least one type of container.

Feed post or story? We like to get memories and compose a feed that matches the graphic style and the tone of the organization’s voice. It is good to post all this stable content. So, the user just has to scroll to get an overview of all the “worlds” of the organization’s color and environment.

Stories are such a great channel for more artistic content, shared by someone’s staff or shared by a fanbase in general. And it can be integrated with many elements to make it interactive. For example, "teaser" stories of surveys and quizzes, or other feeds that will be published later in the feed, work well to increase ER. Thanks to “Featured Stories” you can’t lose them after being shared by category after being live 24 hours.

Reels are similar to stories but they have more features and potential effects. These make them perfect for creating rich content. They have the advantage of working well in the exploration section, where there is a section with daily top reels.

On the other hand, the long video format of the IGTV platform: Reviews, webinars, and video-lessons, speeches, and conferences. But also recipes and travel reports.

Instagram Ads, boost to your editorial plan
To market Instagram, a brand must have a company profile. Not only that but posts and paid promotions also need to enable tools to sponsor digital advertising. For this purpose, it is better to link the IG business account to the Facebook business page. Center Facebook structured ads to take advantage of business managers.

A very small budget is enough to make your organic content more effective. A few euros per day and you substantially increase the coverage of feed posts directly from the Instagram app.

Then there are some features that are only unlocked when 10K reaches followers. Above all examples is the "swipe up" of stories, which allows the user to land on our site arbitrarily or with a simple scroll of thumbs. That's why, for new pages, the 10,000 fan milestone is not just a vanity metric, it's a concrete goal.

IG Internal Analytics is not a very well organized and great monitoring page but allows for every post and history.

Other strengths of Instagram: keywords and links in bio
Another plus of Instagram marketing compared to other platforms is the powerful built-in algorithm. This enables the user to return to content that is growing with their preferences based on growing decisions and the content they enjoy. That way, everyone will have a feed with their interests and favorite brands and above all a “search” section.

IG started keyword research a few months ago. According to the original search engine, it bypassed the old way of allowing browsing the platform through hashtags and account names. It also works for companies that want to make themselves searchable and positionable from an SEO perspective and always want to be remembered as a legitimate partner in employer awareness.

The latest required feature is the only link across the platform, one in the bio of each account. There are many tools that can help you increase the effectiveness of the base "by link", transforming it into a deep-link treasury.

Branding on Instagram is now possible thanks to the features of the same platform.

IGTV will be able to develop a unique and original communication through stories, reels, and videos. All these will enable the company to relate to its followers and entertain them at any time of the day. If you can make an effective social media marketing strategy like Instagram marketing for your business you can win your deal. To make a marketing plan successful, try to create the best business policy first. You can contact us to learn about business promotion online with modern marketing plans like Influencer marketing, video marketing, etc. For best business growth we are always ready to serve you online. Without wasting time, join with our marketing learnings. See you soon with your business prospects!

Isabelle Evans