Instagram Marketing Strategy

Discover The Best Business Part

Instagram Marketing Strategy: Discover The Best Business Part

Did you know that 72% of people buy a product after seeing it on Instagram? This makes Instagram the best social media for managing the marketing of your business. In fact, before reaching this end, Instagram needs to develop a good business strategy first.

But today many people think that you need to post your photos or videos to earn the most from Instagram. Make no mistake, an Instagram business strategy needs to be able to reach users. For this reason, we've chosen the nine best business strategies to promote your business. And not only that, but you can also discover a secret method that allows you to gain 0 to 2,000 followers on Instagram in 30 days without Kim Kardashian! So, without further ado check out these famous strategies for yourself.

What would you consider to develop your business strategy on Instagram?
Before you get started, you need to keep in mind that Instagram is more for instant content. This means that users prefer new and up-to-date content instead of old content/downloads.

So you should try to post frequently to stay relevant to your existing development.

1. Instagram business strategy: Insight
You need to know your own insights before you start creating a professional Instagram account. This information is a feature of Instagram that is used to provide important information about your followers and most listeners' posts. That way, you can learn more about your audience's behavior.

2. Instagram business strategy: Use a professional Instagram account
The first method of the Instagram business account is mandatory before moving on to the next strategy. Because a business account allows potential customers to contact you to give your business a more professional idea.

There are also some features in the Instagram business account that are not present in the personal Instagram account.

With a few of them, you can create Instagram ads and access insights as well. This information is a useful feature for analyzing and providing statistics about your account.

If you still use a personal account, you can easily change it. Enter the Settings menu, click Accounts and switch to Professional Accounts.

3. Business strategy on Instagram: Optimization of your business profile
The first step after changing your account in Instagram business is to optimize your profile. Try to transform a good professional profile to repeat potential customers. This is only possible through a good business strategy on Instagram. There are several ways to move forward, which we invite you to discover later.

Choose an easy username
Ideally, you should use your business name as well as your username. In addition to being easy to find, people will not make mistakes when posting or commenting.

However, if the company name is already taken by someone else, you can add a word after it. Remember the word behind should be related to your business for easy recognition.

Your brand profile picture
Your profile picture is the first thing people see when they visit your business account. Also, your profile picture will appear in every comment or post you make. So your profile picture is the most important part of your profile.

Therefore, choose a profile photo that describes your brand or business. Typically, business accounts use a business logo as their profile picture. But competitors can also research what strategies they are using in the Instagram business.

Write an exciting and informative biography.
After your profile picture, people will see your bio. Therefore, you need to be able to maximize the 150 characters provided by Instagram accurately

You can write an Instagram-bio about what your business is and how it will benefit customers. If your target audience is the younger generation, you can also include emojis in your bio.

Make a call to action (CTA)
Any call to action will appear in your biological suffix. The goal of this CTA is to bring customers closer to buying your product. For example, "Take the opportunity to promote now!" Or "Click to get a discount!"

This CTA could also relate to the current competition/race.

 The link under the CTA
After completing the bio with CTA you need to enter the link below. Remember the link should be CTA-related so as not to confuse consumers.

If the CTA is for promotion, enter the promotion link. If this is a contest, enter the contest link. Don’t do any CTA in promotion, but go to the competition or vice versa.

4.Instagram business strategy: types of Instagram posts
After using a professional account, create quality content on Instagram to develop the next business strategy. In fact, it is really important to create quality content to retain customers. On Instagram, the content is divided into four sections: namely Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram TV. Find an overview of each type of content below.

Instagram feed
Instagram feeds are all the photos or videos that you post on this Instagram account. It can be a quick way to attract potential customers with unique and attractive visuals.

Instagram stories
Instagram stories are usually different from Instagram content. The stories are only 24 hours long and the location of the stories is also at the top of your feed.

The story business has many advantages and several advantages over other materials.

Instagram Live
As the name suggests, Instagram Live is a type of content that you broadcast live. Many have adopted this business strategy on Instagram.

Instagram TV
Instagram TV or IGTV is one of the latest features of Instagram. Unlike Instagram Live which is broadcast live, IGTV is more similar to YouTube. On IGTV, subscribers can watch the videos you uploaded.

5. Business strategy on Instagram: Optimization of your Instagram feed
The content you post on the Instagram feed matches your brand and can be well received by followers. So, you need to know what kind of content to post there.

There are two types of content in the Instagram feed, namely pictures and videos. There are no special arrangements for photos. As in the video, the maximum length is 60 seconds. So, the video must have certain dimensions which include: 1080 x 608 for portrait and 1080 x 1350 for landscape.

Backstage images
This type of image is an image that shows an aspect of your business that very few people know about. This image is an article that shows what is going on behind the scenes of your business.

This message can be an image that shows the entire manufacturing process of the product before it is sent to the buyer. Try to keep the backstage images non-artificial so as to give the customers an authentic feeling.

Educational images
Educational images by name, this type of image can educate your customers. Whether it’s in the form of tips or guides for doing something in general, the instructions given are short, the instructions are easy to follow.

Influencer image
This kind of image takes advantage of someone's reputation to promote their business followers. Typically, this image shows interactions with your product using influencers.

Image of follower
This type of image takes advantage of the posts of your followers that you then post. Also, be sure to identify the tracker you are using to crop your images.

Images of the memorial day
Well, this day has taken the opportunity of anniversaries of a few events. So don’t miss the benefit. In fact, birthdays can be the best opportunity to post or promote your related products.

Entertaining videos
An entertaining video can be a great way to show your followers your personality and brand. It’s also an opportunity to make your customers happy. In fact, if you manage to make your followers laugh, make sure they like it, leave comments. But others will share it with their friends.

Video stories
Stories are an important part of a good Instagram business strategy. Because who doesn’t like good stories? You can talk about many things. History of the consumer experience using your product, starting with the source of the brand.

Educational Videos
You can educate customers on brand-related things. That way, customers can better understand your products and increase their willingness to buy.

Behind the scenes videos
Like on-screen footage, this type of video is intended to show a different side of your business. Remember to do it as it is invented and not invented. If you want to develop a business strategy on Instagram, don't invent something that isn't guaranteed.

6. Instagram business strategy: Define a business strategy
Set your target audience. Knowing what goals you need to reach first to determine your business strategy on Instagram. You need to determine your target market so that you can create content that speaks directly to the audience. This will become a criterion when choosing targeting options for your Instagram ads.

To get started, you must first follow other Instagram accounts. You can follow other companies related to your business or look for influencers in your industry. You can also follow other accounts related to your business.

7. Instagram business strategy: Do not use robots or fake followers
Many business accounts try to use fake followers to improve the quality of their business Instagram accounts. But, you should not use this robot tracker as it will only damage the image of your business. Start slowly, as the business grows listeners will automatically learn about your product and follow your business's Instagram account.

8. Promotion
Promotion is a feature of Instagram that renders your posts as ads or ads on Instagram. This is a business strategy on Instagram that many people know. This promotion will definitely help you to deal with other traders but can also bring business cooperation. You can choose a target audience or allow Instagram to suggest a target audience for you. After that, Instagram will advertise as an ad based on your desired duration.

9. Instagram business strategy: Create interesting content
Writing on Instagram is also a business strategy that should not be avoided. Because creating great content helps attract customers

Copy involves the language of advertising. The whole point of copywriting is to get your audience interested in the products you display on your Instagram feed. Writing is not unfamiliar to the business world. Yes, these strategies should be used in business strategies. Creating copyrighted articles is especially important for a young business. Use a unique and contemporary language to capture your audience.

Hashtags are a great way to increase the visibility and efficiency of your visitors to search your business account.

Using the right hashtag is highly effective for the increased customer and sales profit. Hashtags are the best way to find what you need. Using hashtags, you'll find posts faster. This is also true for your business, if you want to search faster, use a hashtag that matches your needs.

There are many ways to optimize Instagram with hashtags. In fact, you can use up to 10 hashtags in an Instagram post, but hashtags are now commonplace.

How to attract qualified traffic for free?
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A lot of people today actually want to promote their business on Instagram but they can’t.
Nothing but reason: they don’t know what Instagram business strategy can apply. So, if you have read this article to the end, you already have the key to developing a good business strategy.

Practice the above 09 tips to develop a good business strategy on Instagram.

Stella Palmer