Instagram Marketing

How to use Hashtag on Instagram

Instagram Marketing: How to use Hashtag on Instagram

When a brand adopts Instagram marketing in its strategy, its purpose is to gain visibility and its goal is to communicate with the audience. These two goals can be achieved with hashtags if you know how to take advantage of them. To help answer your question and answer your digital marketing strategy, we've created many tips to teach you how to use hashtags on Instagram. Check out!

What are hashtags?

In the English translation, Hashtag would be a “tic-tac-toe behavior”. Its job is to tag or categorize the content published on social networks through keywords (tags). Because it is clickable, the # causes interaction and gathers the sets of posts that deal with that same topic.

If you’ve been on social media for a long time, you’ve probably seen it. Hashtags are usually a mixture of letters and sometimes numbers before the hash or pound symbol (#). Modern hashtags even contain emojis. It was first used in 2007 and has since taken to social media. Hashtags can be succeeded, useful for users who want to see all posts, including hashtags. And for that reason, you should use hashtags in every one of your Instagram posts to get noticed.

But using or creating random and irrelevant hashtags is just a waste of time. And it won’t help you achieve your goal of becoming famous, especially on Instagram marketing. Here are some helpful tips for using hashtags to get the attention you need.

What are the advantages of using hashtags on your company's social network?

  • Helps increase your brand visibility, generate traffic, and convert new followers;
  • Interesting publics will become more deserving, as they are already interested in the hashtag theme they are searching for or following;
  • Increases engagement with the public through likes and comments on posts;
  • It promotes a positive image of your business by standing on the network;

How can the hashtag boost your business on Instagram?

Hashtags are the equivalent of keywords used in SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. It helps to create organic traffic to your page, attracting visitors who match your personality.

The more popular the word, the more visible it is. But the competition will be more because many profiles will use it. Thus, it is more difficult to get a good position in search engines

On the other hand, it may be easier to appear as a highlight with less generic or less popular hashtags. A tag is something that no one searches for. The strategy must be done with a strategic eye.

To be well ranked depends on some factors, such as:

  • How recent the publication is;
  • How busy the post has made it;
  • And what is the popularity of that profile?

How to use it?

Hashtags can be inserted in the post captions (beginning, middle, or end) and also in comments. When using them, the most important thing is to focus on quality rather than quantity. Some studies try to determine what the ideal hashtag limit is, but there is no consensus.

Instagram allows you to use up to 30 #s per post, but that doesn’t mean you should reach that limit. Some experts suggest using up to 10, others say that if you have less than a thousand followers, 4 to 5 is ideal.

How to choose the ideal hashtags?

Creativity is important for finding the best hashtags, but so is your strategy. The first step is to conduct research, the second step is to examine the selected conditions.

Start using the Instagram search engine. Like Google Autocomplete, you can type a few words into the Instagram search engine and see suggestions. Evaluate the markup volume to see how busy the hashtag is.

You can also evaluate what competitors or region influencers are using. It is also worth using some applications and tools such as Keyhole, TopHashtags, Tags for Likes, or another Hashtag Generator.

With tags and volume searches, it's time to see if this hashtag is eligible. Check that the selected tag has already been used and which posts are related to it. So, you can choose the tags you want to do with your brand and your post. There is no point in using a super popular tag if the theme does not match your content.

Some tips for creating your hashtags

According to the article “How to use Hashtags on for marketing”, there are some types of # that are essential to boost any business.

The first step is to define a hashtag for your brand. Use and encourage your followers to use it too, tagging on posts and stories. You can also create #s for events, campaigns, and launches. Follow what is being published with your hashtag, evaluate the engagement and what is being said about your brand.

Other types of #s that can be created are market segment, niche (specialization), product or service, and location. Also, use a tag that tells the city where you are, this helps to segment your audience.

Finally, there is also the community hashtag: these are keywords that represent a group of people with common interests. For example #mothersboys or #focusondiet. But this type of # should only be used when it has to do with the persona, values, ​​and personality of your brand.

When you already have a good set of tags, test to see which ones bring the best results. From time to time, redo the process to keep up to date.

What not to do

On Instagram there are also some good practices that must be followed, both to be more successful in your reach, as well as not to be harmed.

Do not pollute your caption with excess #s. Imagine a #legend #all #written #ofthat #format. In addition to making it difficult to read, the tag loses its meaning and it will be very difficult to find your profile.

It is very important to avoid using #s that are not related to your content. This practice can attract the wrong audience to your profile as well as make it harder for the post to reach your audience.

Be careful! Using the wrong hashtag or repeating it too often may cause your post to be marked as irrelevant content, which will reduce the rate every time you use this hashtag. The same is true if your account is marked as spam by a user: #s can simply stop working.

Create a hashtag campaign
Previously, we mentioned not using branded hashtags. Because branded hashtags are true hashtags. Your creators use them for specific ideas to create an identity focused on your brand. For this reason, it is very helpful for you to perform your own brand hashtags.

Branded hashtags usually carry your brand name and boost your audience to use and share those hashtags. To do this you usually need to run events like Instagram contests. For example, your followers or visitors should use your branded hashtags in a few posts, share them with the public, and tag all their friends. Winners will receive a special gift from you as a reward for their participation. With this method, it is a sure way to increase the speed of your popularity. Because it will increase the engagement of your followers and in an important way.

A final thought about how to become famous
It takes a lot of effort and time to become famous on Instagram. In addition to benefiting from the use of popular hashtags, you must ensure that your audience is provided with engaging, high-quality content. Otherwise, all attempts at your hashtag will fail.

With all these tips you can already review your digital marketing strategy on Instagram. To continue to improve your organization's visibility in the digital environment, you can learn how to make your brand's digital presence. For this influence marketing platforms can help you a lot. If you don’t know what is influencer marketing then you should go for it. Because it can lead your business and passion to the top of the development. Try it once.

Isabelle Evans