Instagram Influencers

And Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencers And Influencer Marketing

Due to the relatively high engagement rate, Instagram is the preferred platform for influencers. These have become the necessary levers for effective marketing on Instagram. But the decision of the ideal influencer and proper partnership is acceptable and thus needs to be interested in more detail.

Today we are going to talk about influencer marketing on Instagram. As we already know, Instagram is an important social network today and the most visited at the end of the day from anywhere on the planet. That’s why the best brands use it in their products and to attract new customers to their business.

Therefore, today we are going to talk about how these brands use influencers to increase visits to their companies within their well-known social networks. You probably also bought sneakers worn by a celebrity influencer on Instagram? So, are you ready to decode all this?

What is an influencer?
Influencers have a lot of followers on social networks and the themes that they like the most are fashion, video games, makeup according to different themes ...

The key to being in an influential group is to have a lot of followers on Instagram, as in this case, it’s the social network where we’re going to analyze these people.

In the case of brands, they use these people because they have a lot of followers or they are known, in the future potential customers will only buy those products because the people who follow them are recommending them.

Instagram influencers

As we have said before the social media influencer is a person who influences social networks. Its followers have far fewer communities. By spreading his views, he was able to influence his followers in their thinking and in their purchasing behavior. Their goal is to attract more customers to further expand the community. Influencing the centerpiece of its model, Instagram has thus become the playground of choice for influential people. So Instagram influencers can be the unique marketing leader to your new business growth. 

The macro, micro or nano-influencers

There is a certain hierarchy of influencers depending on their perimeter of influence. This is why their classification takes into account their number of subscribers.

  • The macro influencers are more or less famous and have a relatively large audience. They have more than 100,000 followers. They are influencers like  Jesse Driftwood, Kanye West in the United States, or closer to us in Belgium, “Can relax you”.
  • The micro-influencers gather a subscriber base of between 10,000 and 100,000. They are generally more affordable than macro-influencers. They are closer to their subscribers. We can cite SweatAndTell, JacobTrue .
  • The nano-influencers have a limited audience, they benefit from fewer than 10,000 subscribers. They act rather in niche universes (narrow and very specialized, editor's note). 

The most popular types of influencers on Instagram. 

There are several types of influencers. Here are the most popular:

The icons
Celebrities like pop stars, actors, and athletes have become true icons. The practice they follow is not for their profession, but for their personality. These influential people publish photos of their daily lives like a party, their shoots, behind the scenes of shopping ... They have millions of followers. Their influence on Instagram makes it easy to promote their products or brands. You certainly know icons like Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, or Cristiano Ronaldo.

The adventurers
Instagram attracts travelers. They are constantly on the lookout for shots that capture the feeling of adventure or the moment of extreme sport. It ranges from the Northern Lights to Niagara Falls. Photographer Chris Burkard is a perfect example.

They are expert bloggers who share “ Do It Yourself  ” tutorials  (creation or repair of everyday objects, Editor's note) and also life hacking tips (tips to facilitate daily tasks, Editor's note). They have also often made themselves known on Youtube and take advantage of the new features of Instagram to extend their influence. Or, like Laetitia from Vert Cerise who was first a blogger before becoming an “Instagrammer”.

The gurus
This is the more traditional category. They are beauty, lifestyle, fitness & fashion influencers. Like the instructors, the gurus share tutorials but their approach has a complementary dimension: their opinion. An influencer like EnjoyPhoenix will, for example, review the beauty products she tests.

Instagram influencer marketing leads

Following the growing success of influencers, more and more brands are integrating influencer marketing into their marketing strategy. Influential marketing uses the potential of influential influencers to increase the visibility and awareness of a product or brand. Experts consider Instagram to be one of the most effective media for this type of marketing.

Choosing  the right influencer on Instagram

To be able to effectively influence customers in their purchasing decisions, a brand must choose the influential one with whom it will enter into a partnership. The elements to consider are:

  • "Reach" is the number of subscribers of the influencer. This corresponds to the number that can reach the potential number of the brand.
  • The engagement rate is the number of likes, comments, and shares of any publication. But, it is also the number of clicks on a product highlighted by an influencer. The engagement rate is an important selection criterion. It shows the quality of exchange and communication between the influencer and his followers. Micro- and nano-influencers generally have higher engagement rates than macro-influencers because they are closer to their followers. This makes them more acceptable in their messages.
  • The industry is a field where influential people are experts. The brand must effectively choose an influencer whose audience matches its target market.

When making these choices, brands can use search engines. These make it possible to find the ideal influencer for a campaign thanks to targeted search criteria: “Followerwonk” (keywords and locations), “Hootsuite” (conversations), “Good Pro relevance” (shared content), etc.

The different types of influencer marketing collaboration on Instagram

Depending on its goals and budget, a brand will choose a certain type of partnership. 

Product shipment
This is a fairly common way to introduce yourself. The brand provides a product or product for free to any influencer. After testing the product, the influencer will talk about the brand via a video or Instagram post. The brand gains visibility but as an influencer of the brand, the brand will probably re-post its publication.

Sharing a promotional code
Influencers share a promotional code to discount a brand's products. Its customers then feel favored and find the offer more attractive. This strategy makes it possible to achieve accountability and visibility.

The principle of competition is simple: the influencer posts a publication with a game that lets you win a product. Competition rules require tagging other people, sharing posts, and following brands and influencers. The benefits of this policy are thus mutually exclusive: visible for the brand's Instagram account and influencer and customer satisfaction.

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Influencers create content that allows a brand's product to be highlighted. Brands pay for such national partnerships.

An influencer can be associated with a brand to get a percentage of its turnover. The influencer needs to talk about a brand that generates regular sales.

A free product can work with nano-influencers. But you have to spend a certain amount of money to promote truly effective marketing on Instagram. Ultimately, the effectiveness of the campaign will depend on the choice of influencers and the type of partnership created.

If you want to know more about how to combine an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram into a marketing strategy, Jocial is here for you! So don't hesitate to consult the best influencing leaders from the world!

As we have seen, influencers are people who can help you achieve great benefits for your business. Therefore, you have to be clear about how much you want to invest in this process, always being clear about your ideas. 

In addition, the influencer marketing platforms to follow to be able to close a marketing campaign with Influencer are very simple and that is why we recommend that if you had planned to use it, you carry it out.

Stella Palmer