How To Gain Visibility On Instagram

Influencers How To Gain Visibility On Instagram

The younger generation shuns certain social networks like Facebook. Even though internet users use it almost every day, it is still not growing in the case of Instagram.

In fact, the app is not one billion active users per month and this community does not stop growing.

As an influencer, it is important to be able to continue your activities on social platforms in search of visibility. What is the key to understanding how algorithms can better understand and gain visibility by tracking 9 tips for achieving engagement and followers?

Instagram's algorithm

Instagram, during the 2017 period, decided to change its algorithm. By then we had become accustomed to seeing the most recent and oldest publications on our newsfeed. From this date, the algorithm was personalized for each user.

According to Instagram, users missed 50% of the posts posted by their friends in the news feed, as well as 70% of other posts (influencers, celebrities, corporate accounts, etc.).  

This algorithm customization displays more relevant content for each user. This personalization is based on their previous browsing so that the offered content is more likely to please them.

How does this algorithm work to play it and gain visibility?

Three prime points are prime constants for this algorithm.

  • The first point, which we have already mentioned slightly, is "interest". The algorithm identifies the publications that you are likely to like, based on your past interactions on the social platform (likes, comments, etc.).
  • The second thing is "innovation" since Instagram prefers recent posts in user feeds.
  • And finally, we have a relationship that Internet users maintain. The more you interact with an account, the more Instagram will promote its posts. Photos from this account will appear as a priority in your social media feed.

Other factors all interfere with this algorithm in the same way but in a slightly different way than these three points.

The frequency of use by the individual, for example, is considered. Posts posted on Instagram are best after the last login to the platform. The more you connect, the more likely you are to see all your posts.

However, the more accounts you follow, the easier it is for the algorithm to show you all the posts. And then, for example, we noticed that if the Internet user prefers the video format over the photo, he repeats it on the navigation page: the video format will be more desirable than the photos.

This change has affected many accounts, both individuals and organizations, but also influencers accounts. The most significant change was the reduction in the rate of engagement. To develop the visibility of the platform as much as possible, it is necessary to understand this algorithm and understand it by different methods.

To work at a busy rate, you need to create some things based on marketing strategies.

Did you know that when you publish a new post, about 10% of your subscribers see that post in their news feed? The more interactions this publication has, the more it will be distributed to other Internet users.

Choose as much content as possible, it's important to enrich your community by sharing. This will have a direct effect on your engagement rate.

The format of the stories, although the latest Instagram is a preferred tool because it has created more interaction with your interactions with the accounts, you will be more present in the first stories to see this account. It’s important to be your own and be authentic in your stories.

The use of hashtags is essential. These allow you to gain visibility without limiting yourself to your audience. This is a real natural referencing in the network. These keywords should be relevant and relevant to your post.

If you use the same thing all the time, Instagram with hashtag counts will notice it. If you keep it close to 20 or 30, social networks will consider it spamming: your post will be considered inappropriate. Frequency is essential.

It's interesting to choose a specific time slot as an influencer for your new post. This will create a kind of meeting with your community. Also, you will increase your chances of being in the top post of the newsfeed.

These are the most important comments among the interactions considered by the algorithm. Because it judges the photo based on them and distributes it among other internet users.

The more you have, the better, but to show your regular active algorithm you need to give them time to respond to and comment on other people's photos. Feel free to comment.

Tips to gain visibility on Instagram

Here are some tips to increase your visibility on Instagram. With these tips, you can access a lot of collaboration with interesting brands. Also, you can thank the good engagement rate.

1) Create a recognized and unique identity on Instagram

The key to success is having the courage to tell the difference between you and yourself. It’s not good to have a copy of what works on Instagram. What works for one does not significantly work for the other. Show off your everyday "lifestyle", share your preferences, and improve your tastes and your personality. This will be your universe in the network.

2) Beat your photos using quality software

To gain visibility on Instagram, it's important to optimize the value of your visuals published on your profile. For this, there is a lot of software, easy to use. Available on the desktop, but mobile, as well as a few planes and mobiles like Lightroom, are easy to handle, they also give professional results.

You will be able to add brightness, saturation, color balance, effects. You will have access to different and varied filters but we recommend using only one or two maximum to get the same feed. To be different from other influencers, don’t hesitate to use key effects. 

3) Dare to play with color tones

It is very interesting to play with any color that is found in your various posts, be it small touches or large colors. This will stream the Instagram feed, standardize it, and give a touch of pips. While the images have nothing to do with each other, it does have the effect of continuity

4) Taking your photos, an element to take care of

A good photo requires good shots. Imagine this in your Instagram feed before taking this picture. This will allow you to focus on framing and focus. Apps like VSCO Cam let you frame the grids well before taking pictures. This app has won the hearts of many influencers, as it focuses on many options.

One of the trends on Instagram is flat-lay: It is a combination of several everyday items taken from above. It has real artistic power and allows easy placement of products in collaboration with any brand.

5) Plan your Instagram posts

The planning of your Instagram posts ensures visibility on the platform. In fact, this editorial process will ensure your daily presence and thus your visibility. Some content is available to plan and manage your content so you can adapt to reach the ideal time of day to learn how to post.

According to Oberlo,  the best days to post are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Sunday should be avoided.  The optimal hours are during the lunch break (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and in the evening after work (7-9 p.m.).  

6) SEO, for maximum visibility

There are many possibilities to refer to yourself naturally on Instagram. You can enter the location, the social network will integrate your publication into the site's research page, allow you to reach other internet users and thus increase your visibility and your audience.

The hashtags mentioned on social platforms are a key element. The more popular the hashtag, the more it will reach. It is also possible to follow a hashtag with the new features of Instagram. Many internet users have taken this option.

7) Find an original Instagram bio

As an influencer, you have to take care of the biography of your account. Here’s to introducing yourself to an audience you don’t know yet and getting their attention. You have to let them discover your universe, join them, and follow you. You need to find the right links for your blog and other social networks. To be well mentioned on the platform, the biography must be clear and marginal. The use of emoji is recommended but it should not be used excessively.

8) Quotes and content to message

This is a big trend on social media and the web! Sprinkling images with quotes and messages between your photos and videos are very interesting. It lets you share a feeling, inspiration while promoting your feed. This will highlight your other content for more pleasant navigation of your Instagram account. You can take advantage of a competition or promotion in collaboration with a brand.

9) Use the Instagram stories feature

This format of stories lets you capture, confuse, and reinforce the story of your story! There is nothing better than bonding and engaging with your community. The story has become a real asset to gaining visibility by creating traffic and attracting new followers.

You are surely going to want to start working on your profile with these strategies and recommendations. But if you also want to improve engagement with your followers, at JOCIAL we can help you build collaborative links between brands and influencers so that you can achieve it. 

Stella Palmer