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Why do brands need TikTok for influencer campaigns?

Influencer Marketing Why do brands need TikTok for influencer campaigns

It’s true that brands want to keep in touch with their audience over time. Especially those who are aiming for a small goal. It is no less true that sometimes there is fear and laziness to enter to run the test. And try new platforms, strategies, or new ones appearing on social media regularly. Have you ever considered TikTok followers?

Conversely, who doesn’t like to jump into a proven work bandwagon? We travel those roads because we have no capital or opportunity when trying strategies that do not guarantee results.

But every once in a while comes something that encourages standard marketing plans or at least creates a hole of its own.

And that's where the platform we're going to talk about in this post comes in: TikTok.


It is an application that allows us to create short videos with relative simplicity. Users can choose between two durations: 3 to 15 seconds or 30 to 60. It works very similarly with Vine or Snapchat. It is widely used among the youngest. And its most outstanding feature is Lip Sync, which lets you synchronize your lips with a video, song, conversation, etc. An important fact is that no one needs to follow, because it shows relevant content with AI system users.

How does it work?

TikTok lets you create, edit, and upload 1-minute music videos, you can apply different effects and add a music background. It has some artificial intelligence functions and features with amazing special effects, filters, and augmented reality. This app has a special charm that attracts most juniors. But, the TikTok world does not end here, as it has become the perfect balance to developing a good online marketing strategy, depending on your target audience and the values ​​you want to carry.

How Can We Take Advantage Of It In Our Marketing Strategy?

TikTok is a social network that works thanks to the content created for them. The most prominent of these is the so-called Tiktokar, which has a large audience. So, we can work with the influencers of other social networks like Instagram as much as we do with them. Also, we can configure links to our business profiles, as well as manage ads that are shown to users. Note that:

  • The majority public is under 25 years of age. Think about whether your product or service fits this age group.
  • Take care of your videos: They should be as professional as possible. They should also be eye-catching for such a young audience.
  • This social network is not saturated with advertising yet, as is the case with Facebook or Instagram, so your engagement is likely to be higher.
  • Optimize your website: Keep in mind that from your profile (or advertising), users will reach your home or a  landing page. Prepare it so that the purchase is simple.
  • Create filters, videos, etc., so that users can use them to generate their own content with your brand. Corporate videos are not valid here. The tutorials,  challenges, show your facilities, etc. work.

Why Brands Need TikTok?

In 2020, marketing professionals and brands need to stop taking the big 4 into account (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, Twitter) and start taking more into account platforms like TikTok. And here are 5 reasons why they should.

1- Community development

The way people swallow through social media is also changing. What you do as an individual becomes what you can do as a community.

Sharing ideas, starting discussions with people with similar tastes, growing projects with the community - these are all important. The big channels were already watching this arrival, focusing on groups as part of their strategies. Facebook now has about 700 million group members worldwide.

Even if there are no group items on the ticket, you can clearly see the community on the platform. People respond creatively to other videos, mostly driven by content trends. Duties are a great example of this, as users can add feedback to other videos for real collaboration.

TikTok is providing users with navigation that they want to avoid potential toxicity on other platforms.

2- Anti-marketing marketing

Generation Z does not like advertising. 51% of them use ad blockers while browsing. This means that traditional strategies will not be as effective as the previous generation.
Instead, you need to be less aggressive. It goes together with an idea of ​​community. These users are willing to interact with brands at their level. So if you’re creating content that lets you join the community, you’re on the right track.

Tiktok is an ideal platform for this. Brands are now creating their own channels on the platform as useful content for TikTok viewers. It has already begun to pay off; IPL started advertising on the platform in September 2019 and has reached around 541,000 fans. The IPL has mastered the art of designing content that suits a TikTok audience.

3- User-generated content

User-produced content is also one of our trends this year and it relates to other concerns of this generation. Accuracy 90% of millennials say honesty is important to supporting brands.
The rise of fake news has eroded consumer confidence around social networks in recent years. Every platform is working hard to solve this problem, TikTok has a hand in thanking us for how it has become new. Boost authentic content as part of your design.

And that’s because of the focus on user-generated content. It depends on any marketing strategy but the word of mouth of the customer. These people just want to talk about your brand because they like it.

As part of your TikTok strategy, the content generated by your user should ensure as much motivation as possible. Be part of the conversation and help shape the discussion towards your brand.

4- Fast trend jacking 

Social media is fast. Being on-trend is essential if you want to be relevant as a brand and drive as much interaction as possible.

Speed always brings production costs - but the good news is, it doesn't matter. If there is a trend, users will see low-quality content with low growth.

This is not a specific strategy for TikTok. It can work effectively on Twitter, where shorter, shorter messages can surpass others. But TikTok has trained a content platform without filters and increases that you can create with little effort and time.

5- Nano influencers

Influencer marketing on TikTok will be a big part of 2021 marketing, although we have yet to see the change in audience that could alter this as well.

Influencers no longer expect you. As part of the issue of authenticity and the rise of more critical users, the influencers who are there are now declining. There are many risks associated with using this huge influential audience. It and customers who feel disconnected from it do not want to sell it. That’s why they focus on the smallest experts who create communities and content that they enjoy.

This is not just a trend for TikTok. We have seen this focus on the micro (up to 100,000 followers) and even nano influencers (1000 followers max) across all social media channels.

However, TikTok Influencers are suitable as nano influencers. They didn’t establish an influencer who could find you on other channels and the platform allows anyone to quickly develop a community around their content, reaching out to too many visitors in a short time.

TikTok - The New Social Media Influencer Platform

TikTok is still a new platform, and despite not fully testing it, we have already seen the potential for anyone who wants to take this risk.

2021 is going to be a year where social media marketing has changed and we’ll see how customers go here to platforms bigger than just big sizes. The question here is: would you stay there if your audience moved to welcome a platform like TikTok?

Stella Palmer