Influencer Marketing

The Key Factors For Success

Influencer Marketing The Key Factors For Success

Influencer marketing is very different from other strategies. All you need to do for your content marketing, email strategy, or social media editorial line is to think about it, plan and execute it.

But people are involved in influencer marketing. And with them, making a plan is a bit complicated. So how can you help influential people join you and create awareness for your brand? How can you make a new difference so that you can succeed in your strategy? We reveal some of the major key reasons for the success of influencer marketing.


The most common question now is how influencer marketing works! Contrary to popular belief, this strategy is not new. Long before the industry invented this term, consumers turned to experts for advice or inspiration. At the time, they were professionals in their field or celebrities (television, cinema, music…). Today, the field of influencers has widened to include passionate individuals, but you still find the “stars”.

But whether they are icons or bloggers, these people gain the trust of their audience. And in doing so use some influence over their procuring power. In addition, influencers can reach difficult demographics, niche, or resistance to online advertising.

This online trust translates into revenue. Twitter reports that nearly 40% of the microblogging site's users say they made a purchase directly after an influencer tweet. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, in 2016, 62% of online and offline purchases were influenced by Facebook posts!

Influencer marketing is a lasting part of the digital landscape.

If you've thought that a “wait and see” approach to influencer marketing is safer, think twice.

According to a study, 92% of marketers who used influencer marketing found this strategy to be effective. The 2018 budget dedicated to influencers was also up for 39% of professionals.

This means that brands that have not yet collaborated with influential bloggers or social users are late!


The hype around celebrities like the Kardashians has created misperceptions about influencer marketing. As we said at the beginning of this article, influencers today take the form of individuals who have a passion for an activity: fashion, sport, beauty, interior design, connected objects. This passion, they transformed it into expertise that they share with their community.

These influencers aren't on TV and don't have millions of social media followers. Yet their words are golden. He sometimes wears more than big celebrities, who suspect that they are less sincere and are published as more money-making ads.

These Internet users are often nicknamed micro or medium influencers. These are the type of influencers most sought after by brands: 90% of activated bloggers have less than a million subscribers, according to a survey conducted by Jocial.

It’s no longer privacy, consumers no longer trust traditional themed ads and brand words. This drop-on trust is worth noting, among other things, that the ad has become "intrusive" as evidence of the widespread acceptance of ad blockers.

Consumers today, especially millennials (who will total over $ 1.4 trillion in purchasing power by 2020) prefer to hear from real people rather than brands. However, influencer marketing offers precisely this link to more authentic experiences.

The choice of quality rather than volume of subscribers

Jocial's study shows that the choice of influencers is not just a question of numbers. The main criterion is the quality of the relationship with their community. The number of subscribers comes even better later.

As seen earlier, brands usually target advanced internet users. These influential people have more authentic images but above all, their cost is affordable. Most of the time, their fees are the opposite of any product.

The advantage is being able to increase your name tenfold! In fact, if you want to collaborate with dozens of micro-influencers, you will reach out to different communities, but the same. Your visibility can be much more important than a single campaign with a big celebrity.


But before you canvas, you must first find the influencers related to your brand and list them ... then make them aware of your universe.

To attract the attention of selected Internet users, you need to engage them with your business outside of products. Regularly present your culture and your values ​​from the offers they receive. Stand out to provide their real experience with your brand.

1. Be visual

Influencers engage in their professional and personal lives and create content on their blogs / social media. In addition, the most influential brands communicate regularly. For this purpose, they do not have much time to read a long list of ideas and explanations. These are very risky to lose.

Keep your pitch simple and get to the point right now. Present your ideas, your brand in a concise but comprehensive way.

But above all, remember to take care of the visuals! At a glance at your photos, influencers must understand your universe, your values, and your services. These decisions will have the greatest impact on the images of his decision

Finally, include activity calls at the end of the presentation to encourage the influencer to return to you.

2. Set the goals

When working with an influencer, they should always know what to expect. Start by setting goals and expectations in your primary application. Make a plan and describe in detail what steps you and the influencers will take together to achieve your plan.

But be careful not to be too greedy! Blogger is not a magician and he can't increase your sales tenfold in a single Instagram photo. Keep goals achievable.

Finally, give the influencer the opportunity to offer their own advice. He may have some great ideas that you didn't even think matched your promotion.

3. Display the value

If an influencer agrees to work with you, you have to pay them in return. Demonstrate how partnering with your brand will benefit influencers and their audience. The minimum is to offer to test your product. If not, how can he express himself?

In the short term, you can offer him a voucher or pay him. In the long run, if you renew your range regularly, why not deliver your new product regularly? You can negotiate with the exclusive and offer him preview information.

Influencer marketing is done step by step. People need to be an integral part of your digital marketing by following your brand values with this strategy. So it is better to join with an influencer agency that can help you apply your marketing campaign. Because an effective marketing campaign can be set up by an effective company. Jovial is one of the leading marketing heads in this sector. You can learn and offer different marketing features from here. Also, you can find millions of social media influencers from various regions. With this influencer marketing opportunity, you can reach worldwide with your brand. Want to learn more about digital marketing strategies? Contact the Jocial team now. You can make your marketing big with so many features from here. 

Stella Palmer