Influencer Marketing

The Basic of Next Big Marketing

Influencer Marketing The Basic of Next Big Marketing

Influencer Marketing is now a growing form of digital marketing. Not only digital marketing but also in all marketing contexts it creates a big establishment. For a moment it has started as a buzzword and the media refers to it on all platforms. Social media to online web or blog platforms, all are now talking with this popular marketing form. But there are so many people who are still not detailed with this influencer marketing. They may not know the proper uses or do not really understand what it is. So among other marketing experts, they can ask to know about this marketing that "What is Influencer marketing?"

Jocial is a well-organized influencer marketing base popular website. It has a lot of articles on Influencer marketing and experience over this campaign. Even detailing other digital marketing they explained all the complexities of influencer marketing. We have made some real and informational articles on these marketing tactics and strategies. But there are so many people who come here the first time and search for their primary question about marketing. As we care for our visitors and users, again we tried to explain the basics of this marketing. So that the new ones can know the focus of influencer marketing and the regular user reader can update themself. Today we are going to update the article about Influencer marketing so that all can know about the basics of influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is one of the newest forms of digital and content marketing. While it is true that there is a difference in content marketing strategy, it is true that content with value does not automatically find a large audience. It depends on a variety of factors, first, the "who" shares and advertises the content.

In the image of the influential person, companies have received great support for sponsoring and sharing their products on social networks. A complex process, if used in the right way, can greatly improve the performance of an activity.

But why this result? Who is an influencer and why does he have such control over the public?

An influencer is an ordinary person: anyone can become an influencer. This figure shares, through social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, his daily life, his interests, and his knowledge. On the other "side of the screen" are the followers.

Other common people are known as the audience. They identify and find points of contact in the influencer, follow his stories, and find there a reference figure.

With influencer marketing, companies can make use of the link between influencers and followers.  So that they can advertise their brand to have a wider sharing of contents. Brands can aim to transform followers into leads and, subsequently, get more progress.

Who is an Influencer?

It is clearly someone who has:

  • the power to influence the purchasing decisions of others. He/she can use the knowledge, position, or relationship with the audience.
  • A following in a niche and with which he actively engages. The number of followers depends on his niche and also on his ability to promote himself.

But it doesn't necessarily have to have thousands and millions of followers. Because without a big following one can make this influence a big marketing weapon. We will see in this article, there are also micro and nano influencers.

What a person must have to become an influencer

First, an influencer must have an audience with thousands if not millions of followers on a specific social network platform. It can be one of the common social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or even a blog.

One of the most important factors is that the followers must be real and active on the influencer's profile. So they must not be bots or users bought and not interested in the topics and content posted by the influencer.

A recent Instagram update hides the number of likes received under each published post and further examines the impact and originality of influencers. Receiving many likes (not counting those generated by bots) means nothing if there is no base. It's a good strategy.

In fact, it cannot be considered as an ideal platform for advertising unless users interact with comments and shares. Also, they are less likely to influence the likes of their followers.

The role of an influencer is to be able to literally influence purchasing choices and the thinking of their followers. This means managing the various products and services they advertise.

How to become an influencer

You see, to be effective, you need to be dedicated and passionate about what you do. While this can be difficult, it does not mean that it is impossible if you follow a detailed and well thought out project.

First, you should study social media. You need to choose a platform to start this path. We must increase by posting regularly and creating a connected community.

Then you must be able to master a certain thing. Then decide what kind of influence you want to be. At this stage, you can choose whether to become a fashion influencer, travel influencer, food influencer, and all the different types that exist in this field. The most important thing is to choose the sector and be the best in that field. By doing this you will be able to find the most effective influencer marketing on the web.

The third step is to create a web marketing plan and develop an editorial line. In fact, you don't just have to post a photo and hopefully, the rest will come by itself. You need to create interesting and engaging content that can grab the attention and attention of your followers. One must be persuaded, a “writer” can not only keep the passion in words but also be inviting, direct, and clear to everyone.

One must be an expert in online communication and public relations. For this, you need to build and maintain relationships with different marketing people. It can be influential, writers, and professional speakers. It allows you to build trust in others and grow professionally on the platform of your choice.

The fourth rule is to know and classify how to use photo editor programs so as to create proper and professional images.

Fifth and last, but certainly not least. That is to learn to analyze campaigns created to understand what is not working and to determine how they can be improved. Sometimes an expert and experienced influencer, even if they don’t have many followers, creates enough and interesting content to reach more followers than the person who has more followers on their platform.

The three categories of influencers

We can also categorize influencers into three different types.

  • The Mega influencers. This section contains all the popular influencers that count millions of followers on their platform. On this basis, they have a real impact on being a very credible and professional person in this field. Obviously, their remuneration is also much higher and they work with big brands. And these brands can set a big budget to start an ad campaign with them.
  • Mid-level influencer (The Macro Influencers). These are quite popular but not like the previous categories because they are not public figures. They have a lot of followers but in this case, we are not talking about very high statistics: we start with 7 to 10 million followers.
  • Micro-influencers, who are regional or local influencers. They have considerable authority over them, but they have no number of people. They have 500,000 to 1 million followers. So they are all active and interested in your feedback.

The relationship between the brand and the influencer

If a relationship is to be established between influencers and followers through connectors and general interests, it must be based on a specific strategy between organizations and influencers.

Common mistakes marketers and companies make are choosing an influencer based on the likes, opinions, and numbers of followers on their posts. In fact, it is the marketers who find that influential people can better adapt to their goals and products.

Even the social channels through which influencers work can be a good model for the person we can choose duty. The social networks that have made this collaboration even more useful today are, of course, Instagram and YouTube. These are immediately followed by Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. The visual content is actually managed to grab the public's attention.

The wise choice by companies and marketers is to choose to collaborate with micro-influencers. They are consistent with the brand of the company. Influential individuals who have a relatively small community compared to VIPs or long-established influencers and who can actively engage users, get to know them, and form a bond with the brand.

The benefits of influencer marketing

Starting a partnership with an influencer has various benefits for your business:

  • Your brand will be perceived by the public as being advertised by a “trusted person”, it is a matter of preference.
  • Sharing content about your organization by an influencer can increase your chances of getting new leads. Followers of the influencer may be affected and in a short time, agree to purchase.
  • As the last step, followers can be your customers, convert, and then purchase your product.

All this can happen through the actions of the influencer who has made himself available to advertise your brand through:

  • Sharing your posts
  • Sharing articles that talk about your brand
  • Sharing the same post or article on multiple social platforms

Last but not least, influencer marketing is a measurable strategy. Data can be collected, studied, and analyzed to track the effectiveness of various campaigns. This means being able to perform strategies where they are flawed, continuing with strategies that have so far allowed effective results for you, and monitoring the return on investment (ROI) progress.

Learn how to build effective marketing strategies

No university can teach you how to run an effective marketing campaign. At the same time, the experience can bear fruit as well as a bad experience. Knowledge of monitoring tools and processes that lead people toward loyalty is required to be able to adopt a strategy in this sector but they can prove difficult to study independently.

We offer Jocial the leading Influencer Marketing online platform for your business or branding. This is because it prepares the digital marketer or entrepreneur to create effective marketing strategies by providing the skills needed to get the best results from the promotion. Also, they can teach you to use the tools you need to monitor the progress and effectiveness of your strategy.

The platform is online and gives you the opportunity to see and review the lessons whenever you want, following your learning pace and immediately putting into practice the skills acquired.

Isabelle Evans