Influencer Marketing

Identify the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Your Business

Influencer Marketing Identify the Best Influencer Marketing Platform for Your Business

Digital marketing is a growing marketing segment in today's world. But brands want to propose influencer marketing to connect with the audience. Influencer marketing is a popular and effective marketing option. It can make your brand value and popularity bigger. Brands can understand the needs of the audience that they are searching for from them. Though the social media networks spread with more equality the influencers are also involved. Thus brands need a platform to collaborate with consumers and audiences easily.

There are so many social media sites that can power any brand with publicity. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media can give you a strong presence. These audio-visual mediums including blogging can engage your brands. Besides these sites, influence marketing platforms can be another option.  It can give you solid control over the digital presence through marketing. From identifying to applying the strategy all things can be suited by the influencer marketing platform. So you can go with one if you are thinking about the influencer marketing strategy for your brands.

What is an influencer marketing platform?

An influencer marketing platform is an online tool whose main function is to connect brands and influencers. Using these platforms, it is possible to project your brand in a more open and effective way.

Some companies already understand the value of being digitally influential next to them. This process involves creating a specific promotion and conducting extensive market research. Then, select the key influencers to match the brand strategy. Verify that they have a good number of followers and listeners.

Using this platform the company must follow the flow of publications and philosophy. It will be possible to calculate the results obtained in this way. So, select it when you use the platform so that it allows you to manage promotions in a friendly way and measure results.

Influencers who are part of your promotion can give the best marketing support. If you have good engagement and the suitable influencer and quality of posts, identify how they interact with followers.

Why choose an influencer marketing platform?

With an instant marketing schedule and a highly competitive market, it's best to be responsive. This allows the marketing platform to be more effective than the damaged organization

Selection, communication, negotiation, project management, and contracts have all been done in one click. And with the help of a team of experts who will respect your deadline.

Data is only useful if it is important to sort this invaluable data in a few clicks and set up efficient algorithms for analysis.

How sure? Digital influence experts should be allowed to understand and analyze your statistics and performance throughout your campaign. And shows you the results.

Which influencer marketing platforms should you choose?

If you search for influencer marketing platforms, you will find several results. But you need to know that not all of them are suitable. Or everyone's goal is not the same. They may not fit what you are looking for.

While it’s true that these tools are designed to streamline your visibility and impact creation process, not all will achieve it optimally. That is why it is important to know how to choose and determine some selection criteria. What should work with influential marketing platforms?

  • A wide range of tools that allow you to find influencers in a split way. For this, the best influencer marketing platforms have filters that allow the brand or influencer to find the right result of their strategy.
  • They should provide the effectiveness of various promotional management. As well as communication tools so that users can interact.
  • It is important that they include a panel from which the performance of influencer marketing campaigns can be observed at any time.
  • The best influencer marketing platforms need to include a tool that makes it easy to import and export data. As well as reports on the effectiveness of the campaign, analysis, etc.


The platforms to favor for Influencer marketing Campaigns

Instagram: spontaneity, authenticity, attractiveness

It was established and launched in 2010. Instagram has established itself as the most influential marketing platform. Its success recipe? Believe in a new form of marketing and communication strategy. Much more productive than conventional advertising. It was voted by Forbes as the most suitable social network for building strong relationships with customers. Instagram has become the social network needed to connect with the biggest brands. This is one of the effects of the best engagement rate.

The statistics prove it:

  • With around 14.5 million sponsored posts, influencer marketing on Instagram is worth over a billion dollars.
  • There are an estimated ten million influencers and accounts receiving money from Instagram.
  • 48.4% of Instagram users use it to follow influencer content.

Instagram lets you express your creativity through professionally tailored publications. The video function is also one of the most popular on today's platforms. You can talk to your community for a few minutes without any hesitation.

YouTube: the iconic

Who would have thought that this video sharing platform, created in 2005, could one day be the second most visited website in the world? More than 500 million hours of video are viewed on YouTube worldwide every day, enough to attract the biggest brands and influencers. Beauty, cooking, fitness, fashion, everyone on this network can find their way.

  • 7 in 10 YouTube users say they prefer their favorite YouTubers to TV stars or traditional actors.
  • Videos for marketing or advertising today represent nearly 40% of internet traffic.

If you are looking for a good engagement rate, to express yourself freely, or to engage your audience, YouTube is a platform you must attend!

The Blog: freedom

The blog is the oldest version of the Impact Channel. But since Blogger told you that your day is like a personal diary, it has evolved a lot! True goldsmiths, influential blogs focus almost all their content on a single platform.

Unlike other platforms, the blog can be scary. But you don't need a pen to start blogging! In fact, it’s a great way to express yourself in length at a given topic. Brands love blog posts and often sponsor them. Not only can you provide all the details of a product or service, but you can also inspire confidence by writing a dedicated article and appearing as a field expert. To your readers: This is the key to influencer marketing!

Putting the influencer marketing platform into practice

Even with a clear idea of this universe, it must be recognized that influencer marketing is still a new strategy. This is why it is so important to always research these new influential marketing platforms. After all, there may still be a lot of news about this in a relatively short time.

It is important to know how to communicate with the public using these tools. And both brand and digital influencers have a lot to learn. You can remind yourself of JOCIAL to start looking for the ideal influencer. You can even search for influential groups on other social sites like Facebook.


We must present many more platforms. It is important to note that the prices of these platforms are usually quite high.

However, there are significant price differences between the platforms. For example, the Influencer platform is half the price of Jocial and it offers the same features!

Thanks to these detailed criteria, you now have all the cards in hand to choose the most suitable tools and this will allow you to integrate Influencer marketing into your digital marketing strategies.

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Isabelle Evans