Influencer Marketing

How to make money with Instagram?

Influencer Marketing: How to make money with Instagram

The Instagram market is constantly expanding. Every day it earns thousands of euros from influencers and even unknown people. If you want to start earning money through Instagram, we need to follow the general tips we are going to give you. And with a little time and patience, you will get incredible results. Although we don’t want to deceive you: you must know that you must have at least 5-10 thousand followers to start earning on Instagram. Below this start, you will be considered unreasonable for the companies that will finance you later.

There are many possibilities to earn money on the Instagram page. It is possible to be a promoter and sponsor of fashion brands or other products. If you are wondering how to make money through social networks, keep reading this article we will soon reveal how to make money through Instagram.

If the source of 5-10 thousand followers scares you because you don’t have these numbers, don’t worry. We are here for this and we will give you some tips to enhance the following. So read on to know how to make money with Instagram. If you already have one, keep reading, because having more followers can only help you increase your earnings via Instagram!

How Instagram works

Instagram is an image-based social network. This means that 99% of the content you find on this social network is photos or videos. They can be permanent or temporary, but in any case, it can be content with high visual effects.

Instagram is a "light" app designed for overtime use. Interacting with this social network is as easy as tapping the screen of this phone. Thanks to images, you can interact with users without the need for text. The description actually comes in handy for inserting hashtags or short phrases.

For Instagram, the text is so trivial that the social network itself restricts its use, retains the most usable characters, and above all prevents the use of links in posts.

This means that everything that happens on Instagram is (or almost) on Instagram.

Less than 10,000 followers can add a link to their profile, of course on Instagram Bio. Instead, more than 10,000 followers can insert links to their stories but I'll tell you later.

As we told you, Instagram is based on images. So, if you want to get public attention, you need to upload beautiful images and photos that are effective in which your income on Instagram can depend on the number of your followers.

Make money with Instagram by having a good following

If you’re posting lots of photos from an account, like cooking, football, PlayStation, or Travel, you’re already at a good point. Because you have already identified a target audience. This will help you both monetize and increase your followers on Instagram.

First, if you haven't done so yet, integrate your Instagram account with your Facebook account. Search for the option in settings, the process takes a few minutes and with a few clicks, everything you post on Instagram will be published on Facebook. So you have suddenly increased your audience.

One of the most important things to appreciate and activate your bottom line is to post quality content. And Instagram content means quality photos. Every day try to post the best photos and connect with your community through comments. Recognize both the quality of the photos and the quality of your intervention. Don't forget the hashtags (#) used to describe your image. These may be relevant but the most used hashtags at the moment (there are sites that tell you in real-time) are always worth remembering. So if your content can include another popular among the hashtags, it can "wake you up". Take advantage of its speed like a little bike racer and go faster with less effort! The same awakening effect can be given by famous people. If you know someone, ask them for help. If you don't know him and you follow him, use his page to connect with his community, perhaps starting an interesting discussion. People will notice you and start following you.

You see, this process takes time and patience, but don't be discouraged if you don't start making money on Instagram right now. Now that you’re investing, you’ll soon be raising your investment money from Instagram!

How to make money on Instagram with sponsorships

Once you have passed the infamous startup of 5,000 followers, you can start earning on Instagram through sponsorship. But be sure to try to treat your community and increase your audience for two common reasons. One, because if you only publish sponsored photos, you'll become a "marketer" and no longer want to follow. Two, because the more your followers grow, the more attractive you will be to companies.

With this general idea in mind, go back to sponsorship to make money through Instagram. What if an organization doesn't contact you directly? It can happen but don’t despair: you contact the agency. If you know a product might be of interest to your followers, contact the company and offer them to sponsor their product. In return, you can ask for the money or the product you want. Post a photo with the brand of the product and add it to the hashtags and this: You are finally making money through Instagram!

Earn money with Instagram through advertising platforms

If you don't want to communicate directly with any company but still want to make money through Instagram, there is an advertising platform on the web especially for you. Many of these platforms also analyze your followers and photos. This will help you choose which company is interested in keeping you as an influencer.

Well, choose the one that best suits your target and follow their instructions. If you choose well, your request will be accepted and you will be contacted for instructions on how to use your Instagram account to participate in advertising campaigns.

Be careful about which platform you choose: someone will pay you, others will give you a gift card or product.

How to make money with Instagram shoutouts.

A shoutout is a form of sponsorship that promotes other Instagram profiles, not products. As you can understand, this is a way to make money through Instagram. Once you reach an attractive number of followers you will start receiving shout-out offers. Others will want you to mention their profile in your hashtags and agree to pay you for it.

Shoutouts are temporary. So when you agree to pay to mention someone's profile, make it clear how long you will leave this hashtag on your Instagram page.

Even with shoutouts, you can subscribe to special platforms, where you can make your own profile available for shawls. But, many of these platforms will ask you to have at least 10,000 followers.

Well, now you know how to make money with Instagram! What we are reminding you of is constant. Like your profile tree, it should be watered daily and carefully. As it grows you will see that the first sponsorship offer will come (even if you are lucky five thousand followers) and you can turn your passion into a way to make money: you can only make money by posting photos and hashtags on Instagram!

Stella Palmer