Influencer Marketing

How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign

Influencer Marketing: How to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign

Influencer campaigns are far from a new appearance, they have been around for almost a decade and have taken different forms and methods. Communication campaigns based on influence were far from new and were conducted with celebrities of all kinds at the time. No, what has changed between that time and us is the media that we think is influential today.

In recent years, some of the most influential people in the world have come from television. We are currently seeing that those who have made a name for themselves on the Internet have more (or even exceeded) the power of influence than TV presenters.

But effective publicity for communication professionals is nothing new. What’s new, but, is that the web is fairly recent as part of their acquisition with influencers. The “classic” celebrities and a few companies have now been able to gain this control.

We are thus going to give you some key points to take into account before implementing an influencer campaign on social networks. 

What is influencer marketing?

Let’s start by explaining what influencer marketing means. It is a form of online marketing that visually introduces an organization's product or service based on the collaboration between the brand and an influencer. Typically, these collaborations involve publishing content across selected influential channels. This content can be photos, videos, blog posts, articles, or anything else.

This form of marketing is based on the truth of the promotions. In recent years, people have begun to rely on conventional forms of low-cost advertising to make purchases, relying more on the recommendations of friends, family, and experts, as well as those considered reliable.

An organization can increase brand awareness through influencer marketing. And it can be perceived as an acceptable and reliable brand in its niche.

To better understand what influencer marketing means and how it works, we need to understand who influencers are and why they can be important to a brand.

What influencer marketing is NOT.

Importantly, influencer marketing is not about paying someone who has a lot of followers to talk well about their product or service. Simply put: this is not a "market". There is no question of hiring famous testimonials to pay for advertising, perhaps pictures and videos or articles that are clearly displayed as advertisements and fakes.

But, an influencer has worked hard to increase their reputation, increase their following, and gain credibility in their industry. So they will tend to be honest with their audience and defend it. For this reason, it is important to collaborate with someone who values the brand and who will create truly useful content for their audience.

Definition Of An Influencer Marketing Strategy

Once the most effective influencer for your brand has been identified it is established how to connect yourself between the brand and the influencers. Also, look for reasons to influence the influencer to decide to collaborate with a brand. It must be said that the “cash only” argument does not always pay off. Compensation from influential people alone is not enough to ensure good reviews and good visibility. Creating a more rational incentive plan is a much wiser task, which makes the most of the influencer’s skills. And, its relationship with the audience and which is beneficial for the relevance of the brand. It is also able to contribute to the audience in terms of content, motivation, exclusivity.

It is good to consider that the marketing strategy of an influencer cannot be considered as the sole marketing goal of an organization. In contrast, comprehensive marketing and communication plans need to be fully integrated. Identify the meaning of an influencer marketing strategy plan. Instead, it’s an organic way of working with the target audience by benefiting its image by influencing the brand’s purchasing behavior and brand reputation. So those who claim that influencer marketing is the ribbon of domestic advertising. Over the years, which has profoundly changed the identity of the subject, it has become increasingly popular among traditional publishers as an independent publisher and influential in all fields, compared to newspapers." Reaching "is not able to reach so smoothly.

What is the target of your influencer campaign?

Setting your promotion goals will be a necessary factor in deciding whether to use your web influencer. In fact, determine the image of your brand, whether it promotes a product or a service, or just to increase your reputation. These actions will always be directed to reach the intended audience.

The solution here is quite simple: if your campaign doesn't target an audience between the ages of 10 and 40, you don't need to call web influencers because it's not their target audience.

Your influential promotion aims at least Generation Y to make a significant impact. On account (as a reminder) consider that we are only talking about operations using influencers of social networks here.

We can further observe that the public will be somewhat different depending on the social network you want to interact with (through the words and images of one or more influencers).

Platforms for influencer marketing

When you think about this particular type of online marketing, the mind often runs straight to Instagram, and not surprisingly. According to research carried out by Influencer Marketing Hub, in fact, Instagram is the platform considered most important for influencer marketing by 79% of the professionals interviewed, followed by Facebook (46%) and YouTube (36%). But, Instagram isn't the most suitable platform for every business. Other platforms to operate on are for example LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok, and blogs.

The choice of platform depends on the type of business time and the chosen influencer. For example, in terms of fashion and style, the most effective platform would be Instagram, which enhances images. But if a small company develops mixers and wants to introduce its latest creations, perhaps an influencers video review on YouTube would be the best choice, on the other hand, any web security service provider can find LinkedIn the most effective marketing platform.

How to choose the influencer and create your campaign?

What are the basic steps to running a successful influencer marketing campaign? Here are some tips to help you choose the right influencer:

  1. Think about what kind of business your business does and what your goals are (for example, get leads? Generate sales? Increase brand awareness?)
  2. Determine what is the most effective platform to give visibility to your brand, product, or service based on your industry and your goals. The options are many: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, blogs, etc.
  3. Search and identify profiles with a good number of followers who address your sector, who are consistent with your values, who have the same goals for you, and who already know and use your product or service.

Do you dream of an influential search with millions of followers? If you are a small business, we recommend that you focus on micro-influencer marketing or mid-level influencers. To get a small investment involved, their “followers” are often much more active and involved.

  1. Make sure that a very good number of followers are also involved with high-level users (comments, likes, shares). Instead of winning with promising and effective content and gaining visibility with a “fake” audience, the risk of running followers who have just bought is completely useless.
  2. Start a conversation with the influencer who moved your interest before offering any cooperation. Show appreciation for their content and get in touch so they know your business and what they do if they don't already know.
  3. Start the collaboration.

To conclude
Well, we explained to you what influencer marketing is, what its dynamics are, and how to create effective publicity. Make it the best influencer for your industry to increase your brand visibility, brand awareness, credibility, and increase online sales!

As you can see, there are many ways to create effective and engaging social campaigns and much more. If you have any doubts and want to create a campaign that fits your needs and is within your reach, feels free to contact our Jocial team. We are always keen to give you the best solution to achieve your goal.
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