Influencer Marketing

How to Collaborate with a Brand?

Influencer Marketing How to Collaborate with a Brand

Brands are already betting heavily on influencer marketing that he is living one of his best stages in recent years. More and more companies are beginning to include it as part of their digital marketing strategy. And the sector is professionalizing it in the way it deserves.

But, does it always have to be the brand that offers collaboration to the influencer? Not at all!

As a blogger, Instagramer, Youtuber, etc. You can get in touch with the brands that interest you to offer them a collaboration. You're only going to get one chance though. So prepare your presentation well because the first impression always counts.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a strategy that aims to increase the visibility and engagement of a brand through collaboration with influencers. Its emergence can be explained by various factors:

  • Consumers are increasingly rejecting brands with overly aggressive communication;
  • Recommendations from relatives and trusted people carry a strong weight. According to an Adweek study, 92% of consumers prefer to follow the opinion of an individual rather than a brand;
  • Consumers are now connected anywhere and anytime. More than 63% of online people aged 16 to 30 visit social networks every day;

Through his reputation, his credibility, his expertise, an influencer has the power to influence consumers in their purchasing decision. Before selecting the best influencer for your business you should know about the influencer types. Different types of influencers exist:

  • The mega influencers and celebrities: they have a very large community but often have a relatively low rate of commitment;
  • The macro influencers: they have a very significant community with 100 000 to several million followers. True experts in their niche, they generate better engagement;
  • Micro-influencers: their community is smaller, from 10,000 to 100,000 followers, but the proximity is very strong.

Why is influencer marketing important to your brand?

If consumers spend significant time online, it is increasingly difficult for a brand to reach them. Social networks have changed their algorithms to limit the reach of organic content. Today, you must spend a significant advertising budget to hope to reach your audience. Pay to play! Also, ads are now considered intrusions by consumers who prefer to ignore them or block them.

Influencer marketing offers a more authentic way to promote your brand. It allows you to:

  • Gain visibility without using marketing campaigns perceived as aggressive
  • Improve your reputation: 82% of consumers admit to being ready to follow an influencer recommendation (source)
  • Increase trust in the brand, by collaborating with influencers recognized for their sincerity
  • Connect with your customers where they spend more and more time, social networks.

Influencer Marketing: How to Contact Brands

Proposals through messages on Instagram

One of the main mistakes when proposing a collaboration is to do it through the wrong medium. You have to think that when you write through social networks, your message may not reach the right person. It may get lost in the multitude of messages they receive or they may not take you as a professional.

Find a contact email.
If you do not have any from the communication or marketing department, send it to the general. They will take care of referring you to the corresponding department.

Take care of the message

Influencer marketing is based on reaching the brand's target audience through a person with influence. Write a clear and concise message but with the content that the company needs to read from you. Who are you, what are your channels, the followers you have, what profile of person follows you, and a reason for doing this collaboration?

Provide data

The data is important to be able to justify the expense that they will invest in the collaboration. If you don't use any measurement tools, it's time you started doing it. Use Google Analytics or SE Ranking. These tools will help you get accurate measurements of the audience that follows you, the visits you have, etc. Some very important data that any company will take into account.

The best way to summarize all this is to create a blogger presentation media kit that you can include in your email.

Do not reply

If a brand gives you a negative response to your proposal, your data may not fit to close collaboration with you. They may not like your style, they already have several collaborations closed or they simply are not considering collaborating with influencers. In any case, he appreciates the attention and never doubts his decision. You will achieve nothing more than to close a door with an arrogant or arrogant attitude. You are free to propose, just as they are to reject.

Take no for an answer

Your blog or social networks have changed in the event of a first rejection, or if they don't tell you, you can contact the company again in a few months. But if they reject you again, remove them from your list and no longer communicate with them. There is nothing worse than a stubborn and heavy person.

What criteria are brands looking for?

 The quality of your content, your authenticity, your proximity, your commitment, and the impact you have with your community.

Your difference from large communities will thus be found in your brand image and in the way you communicate it.

Creating a community on social networks is the most difficult thing in the long term, but you should not be discouraged.

You have to be regular at the start and interact with your subscribers. And this is where your brand image will be important because you will teach the relationship you have with your fans.

And that's exactly what the big brands will be interested in! Bloggers or entrepreneurs who have a small community. Because subscribers can easily relate to you and they enjoy speaking to a genuine person behind the screen.

If you want a brand to read you, note these few valuable tips:

  • Learn as much as possible about the company: Look at the values, missions, and knowledge of the company. You will have more credibility. Because brands will look at the legitimacy that you have in relation to their target and your ability to have an impact with your subscribers. We still haven't talked about the number of followers as you can see.
  • Take care of your emails: it may be commonplace, but avoid misspellings. Your subject must be attractive, short, and concise content, avoid pixelated photos, dull colors, etc.
  • Personalize the message: whether by email or by private Instagram message, do not copy emails from Google.
  • Introduce yourself and keep a clear goal in mind: We introduced ourselves as a marketing entrepreneur and a communication consultant. Because we wanted to prove that it was not just influencers who can have partnerships with big brands.
  • Stay honest and genuine.

What to remember in all this?

As you will have understood, if you want to be visible to brands, you must develop an authentic brand image and personalized communication.

Above all, you have to know how to sell yourself and thus know how to communicate about yourself and how to say it, whether it is to brands or to your subscribers.

Yet, let's face it, this is one of the most difficult things to do and one that is rarely taught to us.

So it's not based on the number of followers, so it helps make you more legitimate. But it doesn't entirely determine a brand's choice to work with a blogger, influencer, or entrepreneur. Especially if it has a small community.

It's a long-term process, but every little action will bring you big results.

Some good practices before you start

Authenticity is the key! Cheating is no longer possible, consumers want honest content.
Creating strong links with your influencers is essential. Their attachment to your brand must be real, their content will be all the more qualitative and sincere.
Some influencers compile sponsored posts and thus lose credibility. See which brands they collaborate with before selecting them.

Some social media accounts buy their followers. Check post engagement to identify “fake” influencers.

Finally, test, learn, and analyze what works best for your brand!

Stella Palmer