Influencer Marketing

How To Create A Winning Strategy?

Influencer Marketing How To Create A Winning Strategy

One of the hottest ways to promote your website today is influencer marketing. This technique consists of collaborating with influencers who have a target audience. And who already have a certain number of followers to promote your products.

The goal of effective marketing is to build the audience's confidence to buy. Thus, effective marketing is all the more effective. Because it damages the already established trust with their followers. They have created strong social proof for your marketing strategy. 

But, when people talk about influencer marketing, they often refer to popular influencers who are followed by millions of people. The idea of ​​getting recommendations from them is appealing. But in reality, it is not so easy and the costs are often high. This will probably be considered if you have the right budget. But if you own an e-commerce site in a limited way, consider promoting it through other influencers instead.

What is Influencer Marketing and who are Influencers?

Influencers carry and enhance the brand message of their target audience. They are not chosen based on how famous they are. This is of course an important issue for strategic choices. But most of all, how much his followers trust him for the kind of fame they enjoy, and exactly - the actions of those who follow him.

Creates influential messages, creates conversations, creates word of mouth, and relationships. This increases visibility by carrying the brand’s own reputation.

Influencer marketing can prove to be a winning and effective strategy. But for this to happen certain key elements must be present:

  • The chosen influencers' reputation must be consistent with the brand’s transition quality.
  • The authority of the influencer should not be underestimated. In fact, it is better to choose someone who is recognized as a skilled and reliable person in his sector and brand sector
  • The Influencer must have certain skills and abilities in their industry.
  • The community is also important. It is the network of his followers that has built up around him. But not only he, but his community also counts his community.
  • Word of mouth is important in influencer marketing. In fact, through this tool, a network is created through trust, respect, and affection, so that the message can go viral.
  • The power of influencers is to influence opinions and decisions. Thus stimulating specific actions such as buying a product or service.

There are three important points on which to base the use of an Influencer Marketing strategy.

  • The frequency of exposure (the more we interact and the more we follow a character, the more easily we will be influenced by it);
  • The more the Influencer presents himself as human and so close to his audience, the more he makes himself "timetable" ;
  • Proximity to him and so equal resemblance to those who follow him. At the same time creates a sense of belonging to a community with common interests.

Thus, the choice of influencer must mention its authenticity and proximity to the public and the values that follow the brand.

How to create an influencer social media marketing strategy?

Define Your Goals
Like any smart marketing plan, start by setting your goals. Set goals for what you want to do with your promotion.

Setting your goals early in the plan will help you outline a coherent strategy throughout your campaign. And it will also give you an idea of the metrics that should be tracked to measure success at the end of the campaign.

Some of the goals you might want to consider for your Influencer marketing strategies include:

Brand information: Get your brand known, recognized, and appreciated.
Brand Status: Define the personality and identity of your brand.
Fan Following: Define your visitors, inviting them to follow you and possibly subscribe.
Action: Get more shares, comments, and likes for your posted content.
Lead Rank: Generate leads.
Sales: Getting more people to buy your products/services.
Recognition: Getting people to stay interested and in touch with your brand.
Link Building: Get more direct links to your business site.

Influence Marketing Strategy: Where To Start?

Influence marketing can be divided into two broad categories. Paid influence marketing and Non paid influencer marketing. Pain one is consisting of influential people who have an important social voice. And another is built on the virtualization of a particular content that appeals to a large audience of users. Non-paid influence marketing is mainly based on word of mouth among users. They share content and create free positive advertising. To do this, it is necessary to have innovative advertising content available, which arouse feelings and interest in buyers.

In paid influence marketing actions the figures of influencers come into play:

  • People who have a voice on social networks and are able to reach a very high number of users who manage to influence their consumer preferences,
  • sharing the contents that the company offers,
  • trying the products and spreading the desire to buy.

To implement an influence marketing strategy it is necessary to define communication objectives: Which audience wants to reach the communication? What kind of content is best to make? Is the target reachable by an influencer? Once you have answered these questions, you can start creating a strategy.

The ideal is to create a profile of the goal you want to reach. Create a map featuring user geo-population. And their more or less active presence on the web. Once the collected data is analyzed, it will be possible to create a path so that users are actively involved and spread the brand across the entire brand.

Thanks to a constant measure of results. It is possible to discover objectives that affect customers the most and create ad hoc strategies for each product.

A well-organized influence marketing strategy can significantly increase company sell-out numbers and beyond. It influences the purchase decision of users, with the aim of creating a strong interaction between brand and audience.

Choose The Right Influencer Marketing Campaign

Once you've set your goals, it's time to start considering how your promotions will help you achieve your goals.
Influencer marketing campaigns typically involve three types of factors: inspire, hire, or a mix of both.
That is, you can inspire an influencer to share their own content. You can pay them to promote your brand. Or you can create a situation that uses a mixture of both.
Here are some strategies you can consider:

Gifts: Offering free products and services to an influencer in exchange for a review or mention.
Guest posting: creating content for an influencer's blog.
Sponsored content: Pay to publish your brand on an influencer's blog or social channel. You may or may not create the content for the post.
Co-creating content: Partners with influencers to create featured content on your website, their website, or third-party websites.
Contests and giveaways: Organize a contest and ask an influencer to share the discount with their event or their followers or readers.
Takeover: Allow an influencer to take control of your social media accounts for a while.
Affiliations: Provide a unique code that gives influencers a percentage of every sale they generate.
Brand Ambassadors: Develop and maintain a positive image of an organization through effective conversations with customers.

As you create your plans, use one or more of these ideas to create a customized strategy that works for your brand and audience.

Track and analyze your results

When you finish an influencer marketing campaign, it feels like your brand is just being mentioned or shouted at on social media. True success depends on whether you have achieved your goal.

To track and measure your results. Use metrics to measure your success against the initial marketing goals you set for promotion.

Track data for each of your influencer marketing campaigns so you can look back and think about what worked and what didn't.

Influencer marketing platforms

There are several platforms that collect, manage, and present influencers today. Jocial is one of the top-level Influencer marketing platforms now. For all these platforms you can automatically register for your account. Even if they often act as an agency and communicate directly to their profiles that they find interesting. We encourage influencers to subscribe to some of these and see if there are opportunities to collaborate over time.

Some people require a minimum audience, under which they do not register. Once registered, check out how effective these platforms work for you or be more understanding of hiring influencers.

Isabelle Evans