Influencer Marketing

How Is It Effective For Your Brand?

Influencer Marketing How Is It Effective For Your Brand

Big and well-known commercial brands have used influencer marketing as a tool to win the trust of viewers for decades. In the digital age, social networks are platforms that are used to display all kinds of products and services. Because influencers who create a product or service that reaches their hands are more credible. But as the platforms for delivering marketing messages change, so does the concept. Welcome to the era of influencer marketing.

An image of a character that represents the value of your brand or product is not new. Brand ambassadors are a part of digital marketing strategies that help brands and customers connect because of their great appeal, attention, and status. Is Influencer Marketing Really Effective? The answer is yes, but not everything goes. Next, we are going to provide you with the keys so that your influencer marketing strategies achieve the expected results.

What is Influencer Marketing?

The technique of using a person's charm, fame, and influence (not necessarily a public figure) to get an advertising message to a target audience is known as influencer marketing.

Access to the Internet, and especially to social networks, has allowed the rise of people or characters who are referred to a large number of users.

These influencers have several thousand (up to one million) followers on various platforms. Such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The great advantage to their listeners is that they are often divided according to very specific affective profiles.

Why is it effective?

According to a recent study, influencer marketing can be an effective tool for any brand. After analyzing more than thirty celebrities and successful bloggers, they have come to different conclusions. Much of this allows us to follow the right guidelines for success. We need to consider a variety of factors when launching our marketing strategies with influencers, such as the number of publications, the agreement between the subject and the influencer, or the appropriate use of social networks in the interests of the brand.

The success of influencer marketing 

Consistency is a key issue when it comes to influencer marketing. As we said at the outset, not everything tries to capture the audience. In this sense, the influencer must feel identified with the products and services of a commercial brand. Our goal is to make it believable to the audience and highlight our brand values. In this way, an influential person can spread our message more and more importantly direct quality traffic to increase the conversion rate of our business.

How to select the right influencers?

Much of the success of this digital marketing strategy is based on the right selection of influencers.

No one, including 100,000 followers on Instagram, is suitable for sharing your brand message. That's why you should consider these recommendations that will help you choose your brand ambassador:

1. Audience quality:  One of the first factors many inexperienced brands consider when making effective nonsense choices is the number of followers. But, a higher number of followers is not synonymous with a better effect. In some cases, inflated follower numbers (if you compare the number of followers with the interactions that make up their posts, it can easily be said) can do more harm than good to your brand. Consider the interactions (likes, shares, likes, and comments) that each publication influences your interest and the decisions that are made based on it.

2. Relationship with your brand:  Before making an influencer choice for your promotion, you must identify the person who identifies with your audience and your brand. To achieve this you must define your buyer's personality accurately and thus decide exactly what you want to make an effective sale. Also, the professionalism and importance of the influencer you choose should be considered. Check their history and consider it before making a decision.

3. Content quality:  You should also check what kind of content (and what viewers) you publish in their profiles. If you're interested in connecting with an audience interested in video games, make sure your favorite influencer profile has closely related content and that it doesn't seem too low quality for advertising brochures and users.

How to find influencers?

Some tools you can use to find influencers for your strategy are:

  • Jocial. To find all your effective influencers on social networks like Facebook, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, and more. It allows you to find influencers on Twitter also according to keywords. And you can filter according to location, number of followers, among others. With the different searching tools, you can search a database of more than a million influencers. And manage your campaigns and check your results. You can find all your social media influencers here for all platforms. Also, you can apply your marketing plans with suitable influencers. All available tools and tips are here for you. To find your best and make the greatest Jocial is the top unique place.

Integration in online marketing

While this may seem like the ultimate resource, having an impact does not guarantee success in the face of the audience. If we do not consider other relevant aspects of our strategies, the exposure of a brand through this type will come in very handy. Influencer marketing is a small part of achieving success with your online marketing strategies. Once these communities reach our online platform it has been published by Web marketing, Usability, Device Adaptability, and of course Influence. And it will rely on their proper adaptation in relevant aspects like an agreement between content found on websites, corporate blogs, etc.

Why do you have to measure your influencer marketing strategy?

If you want to know how effective it is, it is important to measure the results of your influencer marketing strategy. So, you must define the KPIs on the basis of which you will base this strategy. We suggest you start by focusing on 3: Here are some interesting metrics:

  • The volume of publications: This metric will analyze how many publications they have published about activities intended to affect you. This will affect your final caches, among other things.
  • Unique users: This is the number of users participating in the conversation, but without duplicates. In other words, we count each individual individually, even though their participation was multiple.
  • Engagement: How many users have interacted with publications. With this metric, you will be able to know the virality of the action.
  • New followers/clients: These are the new clients or followers who have achieved results as a result of the promotion. It has a lot to do with the purpose of promotion but it will help us to understand the end result of an influencer marketing campaign. To be able to calculate this, you only need to consider the account before and after the end of the action.
  • Conversions: These are the results obtained. Conversions depend on the purpose set: the number of visits to the web, number of products purchased, etc.

Now you have known the effectiveness of these digital marketing strategies. Also, you learned what points you should consider before making an influencer choice for promoting your digital marketing. If you need more about influencer marketing details make a contact with us. We can lead you to the best level of marketing guide.

Stella Palmer