Influencer Marketing

Follow These Rules To Create A Successful Strategy

Influencer Marketing: Follow These Rules To Create A Successful Strategy

Marketing has always been an essential part of sales strategy. Each company tries to introduce a new product on the market. They always try to convince potential customers about the quality or usefulness of a product or service. New strategies are constantly being developed that companies hope will have more impact. The development of the internet and social networks provides a whole new perspective to reach as many people as possible. So-called effective marketing is becoming more important. But what is it and how does this type of advertising work? We'll give you an overview and a few tips.

However, what is an influencer?
Advertisers perceive an influencer as an opinion maker and multiplier. Influencers are people who are well known on the internet and many people who engage in social activities aim to keep an eye on their activities. This person is able to influence others and encourage them about something. For this reason, it is used by companies for advertising purposes. An influencer does his job in a variety of ways. He is not only active online through blogs, websites, forums, or social network accounts, but also advertises in personal surroundings anytime, anywhere, at events, parties or holidays.

For example, an influencer dealing with a trendy watch label is considered an advertisement for a particular watch and receives a copy. He probably wears the watch in one of his videos but goes out in the evening or lying on the beach. His followers see him as a watch almost everywhere and of course, it should be because he had it too. Influencer marketing is basically word of mouth.

Quantity is not the same as quality
If an organization wants to increase its success through effective use, it can use influencers. It usually falls behind the influencer who has reached the highest potential. For example, those who have a large number of followers are still of the opinion that more followers can sell more. But this view is changing. Recent experience has shown that less influential, but more committed followers are less successful - in contrast. It feels better to have 1,000 followers than your favorite 20 million who really love you

There is a secret here. The influencer who fully identifies with the niche product you are offering can advertise it much better than an influencer who has an extremely large number of followers but doesn't really care about your product.

Indirect advertising in influencer marketing
Surveys have shown that consumers no longer feel addressed by the traditional themed form of advertising. The younger generation does not want too much ideological representation. But they want realistic, completely natural advertising. In the opinion of advertising experts, it works best when an influencer advertises a product very subtly. But he can only do so if he is convinced of what he is presenting to his followers. You can give better advice about what you use in your daily life.

For example, if he makes a video, he should force himself instead of incorporating the product or service naturally. Because he does not like the product or does not trust any service.

Developing an influencer marketing strategy
Before you start looking for the best influencer and influencing the right influencers, you have to plan first. You should first consider a solid influencer marketing strategy. This can serve as a first aid to ease your search for the right opinion makers and to understand your opinion-makers.

Initially, a certain amount of preliminary work is required to find an active influencer. First, you should look for current articles that are directly related to your product, topic, or service. When doing your research, use selected keywords or hashtags that are relevant to your topic. Decide what materials or topics you want to research with influencers who are interested in you.

Before working with an influencer you must make sure that your target group and the influencer group are identical or at least parallel. You should also start thinking about how you can be contacted. The following questions can help you with your marketing strategy: 

  • What goals do you expect to achieve with the help of influencers? 
  • What exactly should influencers do for you? 
  • How can influencers benefit from these? 
  • Do you get anything in return for your support? 
  • What is the best way to communicate with influencers?

Carry Out A Quantitative And Qualitative Analysis
To determine the suitability of an influencer, you should perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis. Quantitative analysis is suitable to determine how many people an influencer can reach with his posts. Analyze how many visitors your site has per day. Find out how many followers and subscribers he has and how many posts he has made about you. 

  • Does he post every day, weekly, or at very irregular breaks? 
  • What is the response to the opinion maker's posts? 
  • How many comments, likes and shares did he get in the published posts?

Qualitative analysis lets you determine if the influencer has the same or similar priorities for his or her contributions. Check if you like the value of the post and your brand, your product is suitable for this influencer. Find out how influential they are in their community:

  • Do followers praise and honor him? 
  • Will it have enough impact to understand you? 

Also, try to find out if influencers are interested in working together. Will he ask for money for any cooperation? If so, what will be the fee or will determine the price of product samples, tests, etc.

How do you get influencers for your influencer marketing?
Now that you have identified the potential influencers, the most important part of influencer marketing comes: communicating. Above all, influencers are interested in dialogue reputation, recognition, and equal action. So you need sensitivity to understand the influencers of your own company or brand. Show them that you are interested in working together and that you have decided to start a conversation with them.

You Should Heed These 8 Rules When Contacting Influencers

Rules 1-4
1: To prepare for communication, you should already be commenting, liking, and sharing influential posts. So that you can express your interest in his subjects and perhaps draw attention to yourself.

2: When communicating, you should rely on honest, direct, and personal communication. A personal address created according to influencers builds trust. And it is needed for influencer marketing. Properly plan your request and make sure that your intentions to try to attract influencers with covered motives and deceptive promises are instantly identifiable.

3: Contact leaders who have exclusive opinions on topics of interest to their target group and give them extra value.

4: Try to create a win-win situation. So don’t just go to influencers with specific requests and offers, try to give them something in return for their help. Suggest collaborations that are mutually beneficial. Feedback leaders should often be informed in advance of unique offers. Such as data transmitters or experimental product features. And you will benefit from being tempted by their before unpublished material insights or being invited to test their products. It gives them an idea of ​​their uniqueness and exceptions and arouses curiosity about your organization.

Rules 5-8
5: Subject to influencer marketing time. You should be aware from the beginning. Be patient when communicating and do not put influencers under pressure. They should be able to decide for themselves when to write about your brand or product.

6: Your influencer should always answer questions honestly and promptly.

7: Opinion leaders appreciate this when you are interested in their opinions and believe in their skills. So ask honestly for your opinion, ask for advice. That way you can flatter them and you can really benefit from their ideas or suggestions for improvement.

8: Most of the people who have gained recognition and reached a certain level have worked hard for it. They are familiar with their field and can score points with their skill. Show that you respect and appreciate influencers. Thank them for their advice and their evaluation, even if you don't like what they say or don't give 100% of the time.

Who is suitable as an influencer for my influencer marketing?
Influencers should act as brand ambassadors. So they need to have higher reach, relevance, and recognition in their community. For someone to be truly useful to you as an influencer, they should address the same target group as you. Higher professional skills and a passion for the same or similar fields are more important qualities and characteristics of the right influencer.

Influential bloggers are well-suited as influencers. Because they usually have a lot of loyal readers and subscribers who regularly comment, like, and share blog posts. This way, the posts reach faster. Bloggers often equip products, services, or brands with interesting stories (storytelling). For example in the form of reports of experiences or events, which have strong recommendation letters. Blog posts thus give a product certain credibility and liveliness.

There are always people on social media who are seen as role models and who are followed by many. These social media influencers or celebrities usually get a lot of responses to their posts from their followers. These are all noticeable in the form of likes, shares, or comments. Social media influencers are standing on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Platform Wise they are defined with their influential capabilities. Instagram influencers are much popular among them. Because people follow their Instagram profile for their daily activities. The followers trust influencers and that is why they have a huge impact audience. The most popular subject areas and categories of influencers are Travel, Sports & Fitness, Lifestyle, Fashion, and Beauty and Food.

Journalists and editors can be seen as classic influencers. Despite the growing importance of social networks, they are still the most important influencers.

Currently, the boundaries between individual dominant groups are unclear. Journalists and editors use blogs and social networks as research aids. Many of them are active as bloggers. Some are positioned in social media ( as a Facebook influencer, Twitter influencers, etc).

Embed influencer marketing in existing advertising campaigns
Every company uses advertising which means they already have a specific marketing strategy. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate marketing. As an entrepreneur, you must make sure that there is a close connection between classic advertising, email marketing, social media activities, and influential work.

The work and content of individual fields should be coordinated. The worst situations can happen if individual systems do not fake like cogs but work against each other. This can be easily prevented through close collaboration between influencers and the marketing department.

Influencer marketing on multiple platforms
Influencer marketing should be designed across platforms. Thus, followers who follow influence across multiple platforms are always confronted with the same ad and the same keynote about a product and they can deeply know and appreciate it. Over time, you will be able to identify what may be transparent to you as a customer in an interesting way. At the end of this influential process, a product or service is often purchased.

Influencer marketing costs money. Thus, every organization today should provide a specific, very low budget for influencer marketing. Be aware that this type of investment can have a beneficial effect on advertising strategy. With the right choice of influencers, long-term investments in influencer marketing will soon pay off.

Unlike advertising on Google or other providers, working with an influencer is much more personal. As an organization, you don’t have rigid software in front of you, but an individual, an industry expert, and an expert. Working with an influencer should thus always be understood as a relationship.

If you show that you are truly valuable to the work of the influencer and that service pays you a lot of money that you can provide your opponent with something that not only one side gives and the other accepts, influential relationships can offer huge potential. So one should try to make the influencer of an organization a true partner and not ignore their opinions as an influencer and opinion maker.

Stella Palmer