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What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Influencers?

What Are The Benefits Of Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the trends in inbound marketing that provides better results for all types of brands. But what is an influencer? What exactly is influential marketing and how do you plan your promotions? What are the keys to the success of this strategy?

To answer this and other questions related to this topic, we will dedicate this post. When you finish reading this, you will become clear why running a good influencer marketing campaign may be the best decision for the future of your business.

What is an influencer?

An influencer is someone with a great presence, credibility, and influence on important social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

You do not have to be a famous person in the traditional media (TV, radio, press, etc.) like a footballer, an actor, or a writer could be. But he does have a considerable number of followers on the Internet, whom he constantly keeps hooked.

Some of the best-known influencers in the world are CRISTIANO RONALDO, COLE SPROUSE, LAUREN CONRAD, CHIARA FERRAGNI, and so on. These and other examples of influencers were completely unknown before they appeared on the network. But his talent for achieving the following has made him hugely popular online.

Besides, when moving on social networks, the followers they already have are enough to continue spreading their personal brand. Why? Because each follower recommends them to their friends and so on. This causes a "snowball" effect that ends in the virtualization of the person.

Because of this, influencers have become very important in digital marketing. In fact, these are considered a gold mine and a leap in advertising. Because the single major influencer is able to attract more people to your product than any advertising activity for your investment.

And that's how this effective marketing was born. Let's see all the details below ...

What is influencer marketing, how does it work and what are its benefits?
Influencer promotional partnerships with influencers to help you gain visibility, credibility, and leadership on the Internet. And to directly promote the products and/or services you provide.

This is a digital variant of the old strategy, as you can already imagine, it has existed since the beginning of radio and television. A famous person will appear with your product or talk about it in an advertisement.

And that means going into marketing with influential people, after all, those who are famous in the digital world have a double advantage.

On the one hand, influencing builds a bridge between your brand and the audience you want to access through your own account, page, or social media channel. In other words, it opens your door to the public. And on the other hand, he transfers some of his influence to you by informing his followers about your proposed products and/or services.

Exposure Frequency, Proximity, and Consent
It is based on three principles of consumer psychology: frequency of exposure, proximity, and consent.

Exposure frequency basically tells us that the more time a person spends absorbing the content of a social nature, the more likely they are to be affected by it. And an influential person tends to express himself very often.

Proximity on the other hand means that we feel close to the celebrities we follow. To us, he is like a close friend, whom we listen to with respect. And, thus, we follow most of their advice and recommendations.

To that end, the concept of solidarity teaches us that following any social leader, people can share the same ideas, interests, and aspirations with others. In other words, they become part of a tribe, which you can access through any influencer.

The bottom line is that many of his influencer followers are able to bet on buying any of your products and/or services. Also, from that moment on your brand will become part of the community. And the next verb is exactly what we were referring to when we said that influencers can transfer part of their influence to you.

Benefits of influencer marketing
As you can see, influencer marketing can contribute a lot in terms of visibility and credibility, thus strengthening the brand's reputation and status. This will increase the number of potential customers in your store along with qualified traffic as well as improve conversion potential with the promised increase in sales growth.

How are influencer campaigns defined?

The most influencer marketing activities are product and event launches, corporate advertising, and content promotion. But in reality, there is no limit to what can be done when there is a close and dynamic collaboration between brands and influencers.

1. Define the influencers strategy
Thus, it is important to clearly define the influencer strategy before starting advertising activities. The first is that we want to reach your goals and audiences with influential people in your campaign.

2. Search and identify candidates
Next, you need to find and identify influencers who can best promote your products and/or services. This does not mean that they are consistent with the brand's values and policies. Also your audience (or part of it) matches the buyer persona you define when handling your influencer marketing activities.

3. Define the details of the collaboration
Once the influencers are identified, you need to determine what kind of collaboration you want to establish, what steps you want to take, and how to communicate with them. Remember that a simple advertising action may not achieve your expected results. So you have to think in terms of long-term relationships.

4. Choose the right KPIs
Another important point is the definition of the most relevant KPI for your promotion with influential people. For example, the number of clicks on the URL, the presence and impact of hashtags, the number of conversions, the number of authorized links, etc.

Only in this way will you be able to accurately follow marketing actions, analyze results and improve as much as possible, enabling advertising planning and activities. Keep in mind that like other inbound strategies, influencer marketing should be seen as an organism in constant development and has a trend to evolve.

How to choose the right influencer?
Marketing is easy once you choose the right influencer for your promotion. For this, as we have already seen, you need to find and identify several candidates and choose the one that best shapes the opportunity.

Making a list of candidates is quite straightforward, but how do you identify the best candidates? Relevance, scope, and resonance: through the analysis of the three elements.

Relevance is the quality of the content you post compared to other influencers. Reaching is the number of potential customers that lets you access. And resonance is basically the influencer’s skill in creating engagement for the brand, i.e. how many of their followers can actually be your customers.

This requires influencers to adhere to brand values and policies. And a good portion of their followers must be consistent with your buyer persona. Otherwise, no matter how capable your influencer is, it will not attract enough users and you will invest your money in vain.

How to establish a relationship with an influencer?
After contact and discussion with the influencer, it is very important to establish a positive relationship with him. Remember he is not one of your employees. And moreover, he needs his inspiration to show off his natural gifts and do the ad he does.

So you have to treat him on a personal level and be more like a business partner than an employee. And it effectively forms a business partner. So, expect again from cooperation, not just financial.

In other words, if you want everything to run well in your influencer strategy, you need to create values for both of you. Always apply for honesty, commitment, engagement, long-term teamwork, creative freedom, and fair compensation. And it is in a way that inspires you with true confidence and makes you happy.

It is an art to do. Not surprisingly, there is a special discipline in dealing with influencers: Influential Relationship Management (IRM). This chain conducts conversations between brands and influencers strongly to build trust in customers and achieve long-term benefits.

A bad IRM job can not only weaken and even end a relationship but also give you a bad name among other influencers. Because they, as celebrities, after all, tend to make certain circles common and even friends often. So one misstep and you can be blacklisted by the influencer world.

A good influencer marketing strategy can identify before and after in your business history. So, if you have the right resources, considering a collaboration with these people may be the best decision for the company. If you need more effort from influencers you can join with a world-class influencer marketing platform online.

Stella Palmer