Identify The Right Nano Influencer in

Social Media Networks

Identify The Right Nano Influencer in Social Media Networks

Influencer marketing has been a big topic in online marketing for years and will remain so for the time being - it has changed anyway! New channels, new tools, and, above all, always new influencers. The exciting thing is that many companies are currently rethinking influencer marketing.

The solution for many brands is called Nano Influencer. The identification of nano influencers is not always easy, but very worthwhile!

What is a nano influencer?

Nano influencers are people who have a very small community with 500 to 5,000 followers on social media but are opinion leaders with high authority in a certain niche. They usually maintain a close relationship with their community. Your contributions are characterized by a high degree of authenticity. Also important for you: Due to their short-range, they have very low fees or even work mostly on a product basis.

And when is someone considered a micro, macro, or mega influencer? The answer: The transition is quite fluid! Ultimately, agencies, companies, and experts never draw the line in exactly the same place. Often there is no general range with which you can place yourself one hundred percent in one of the groups. But: In theory, anyone who is active on social media can become a nano influencer. Maybe you are already one yourself?

Why are nano influencers so influential?

The community of nano influencers is mostly made up of Friends & Family, social media is used more as a hobby and rarely for advertising purposes. There is also a certain level of expertise in a particular area. So niches are in demand! Whether watercolor drawing, running, Scandinavian crime novels, or how the perfect cinnamon roll can be baked - the more defined the content, the more defined and interesting the community.

The engagement rate in this category should be very interesting for you in this context. For nano influencers, who look forward to 1,000 to 5,000 subscribers on Instagram, this is on average just under 6%. In comparison, it is 8% for users who still have less than 1,000 followers. 

The particular strength of nano influencers

Do you trust the opinion and assessment of a stranger or that of a friend or family member? More likely number two isn't it? Nano influencers are primarily credible and are often characterized by a personal bond with other users. This means that basic trust is often given in advance. Also, the person is usually not perceived primarily as an “influencer” who wants to advertise a product. The result is more interaction and more exchange. You reached your goal!

How does the identification of nano influencers succeed?

The identification of nano influencers is not always easy. Tools such as Jocial or Meltwater can be popular tools for research. Essentially, these are influencer search engines. Here you enter your criteria such as followers, country, hashtags, etc. and you will receive a list of influencers who meet these criteria. However, it is often not yet guaranteed whether these really meet the requirements and the look & feel of your brand. Another challenge: These tools are mostly geared towards larger influencers (10,000+ followers). There are only a few creators with low follower numbers in the lists. What now?

There are a number of ways you can find the right brand lovers for your campaign. We'll briefly introduce you to five of them here!

5 tips to help you choose the right nano influencers

1. Hashtags

Does your brand or product have a special hashtag that is used regularly on social media? Perfect! Nano influencers can often be identified using the right hashtag search. Brand and product are already known and content has already been produced? So ideal basic requirements! If there are no brand or product-specific hashtags, a more general hashtag search is still useful. There are a number of tags for each topic that are used by precisely those people who could act as brand ambassadors for you.

2. Via channels from other influencers

Once a suitable influencer has been found, it definitely makes sense to take a closer look at that person's community. Especially with niche influencers, there are a number of other suitable influencers among the followers or the people the creator follows. Another option is to ask the influencers directly for tips. Often the creative people are well networked with one another. They support each other and can thus provide valuable tips for other cooperation partners.

3. Among your own followers

The term “brand lover” actually says it all! Your own followers often hide suitable people who are suitable as influencers for your brand. They already know and like your products and, in the best case, are happy when they are asked for cooperation. They are often the most authentic choice because they are already real fans and identify with you.

4. Corporate influencers

A popular and easy way to find nano influencers is to develop your own employees as corporate influencers (Mega Influencers). They are of course experts and can post qualified articles. It's always a good way to introduce the brand to a broader audience.

5. Google

What shall we say Google helps! Sometimes you can also find the right people with a simple Google search. Ultimately, one of the other methods makes more sense. But it can of course be the case that despite a wide variety of search options, there is no suitable influencer. And asking Google for more information doesn't hurt either!

Tools for Nano-influencers: Jocial

There are some providers who network companies and nano influencers with one another. jocial is best among them for example. Influencers can register and apply via the site. If they meet the criteria, appropriate challenges will appear. Companies can create these tasks for all members of the app. They are to take product photos or stories for example and are rewarded with free products, vouchers, or money.

For you as a brand, this is a great opportunity to get in touch with influencers and introduce your products to a broad audience. There are so many brands that handle a lot of collaborations through jocial. So you can also explore your branding through them. Visit the site now.

And now? Nano influencer YES or NO?

There is no general answer to this. The identification of nano influencers can sometimes be more time-consuming than that of larger influencers because fewer tools are available to you. Extensive influencers are already known and sometimes don't even "search"? Nano influencers have taken on almost unknown faces that you don’t have to deal with professionals in the game of collaboration. For this reason, it should be clear to you that the focus is not on extremely high-quality content. For example, often no professional photo equipment is available. The focus here is on natural integration into your own content. Keywords: Reachable!

Despite everything, it is not to be expected that nano-influencers can completely replace the big players. But these are a powerful alternative to many product ads that can open up new possibilities and perspectives for you. So, let's try it!

If you have become interested in influencer marketing and are looking for support, then simply contact us!

Because after finding it, things really start! Briefings, contracts, implementation, evaluation - we'll be happy to help you implement your uniquely designed, effective promotional campaign!

Isabelle Evans