How to succeed in marketing on Twitter?

6 tips for your success on Twitter

How to succeed in marketing on Twitter? 6 tips for your success on Twitter

The micro-blogging platform Twitter has succeeded with the reluctance of this news. Everything on Twitter is quick and easy. A 140-character limit to Twitter messages doesn't seem to deter it from being used as a learning and marketing tool. Twitter B2B is a building block of marketing that can be used. This article explains how you can successfully use Twitter as a tool for searching, sharing, and testing content.

Tip 1: Your own Twitter strategy

Decide on something and tweet - not only, in most cases - just this. With a little perseverance, you can achieve the status of an expert in this field. You can choose free content in your content. Possible contents are:

  • Your own thoughts on the subject
  • Linking to your own website
  • Distribute your posts on other websites
  • Linking other websites to the same topic
  • Recommend literature in your subject area
  • And much more.

If possible, the boss should tweet himself. Or at least he or she should tweet. This increases the credibility of your organization. 140 characters for a tweet is typed early in the morning with your first coffee - and if you read an interesting article during the day, be sure to share it with your followers on Twitter.
Stay close to your chosen topic, but also tweet outside the box. One of the other of these personal tweets is authorized and makes you helpful for your customers and clients. But it is not extra. A small message that your son’s soccer team has won the trophy should suffice.

Tip 2:  Sharing is not just for children

Many companies use Twitter as a one-way channel. They only communicate the news of their own organization. But Twitter can be much more than just any other corporate newsletter. So don't always tweet your own thing!

You can link thematically interesting news from elsewhere. The more you think about it, the more valuable you are as a curator of your expert content for your followers. So, don't retweet the same few other things on Twitter accounts. But search the contents of "new" accounts, for example, use hashtag search. Or you can retweet a tweet that you can create thematically based on your own topic and get people in your area of ​​interest.

On the Internet in general and Twitter in particular, the motto is: Share, Share!

Tip 3: Learn what works well and what doesn't

On occasion, you should also take a look at your own analysis on Twitter. To further enhance it, look at the analytics and find out which content is particularly interesting for your followers and which will encourage the interaction of very few followers. So you should decide what you should do more and what you should do less. Analyze the growth rate of your followers, retweet your tweets, how often your Twitter profile has been mentioned, etc. You can also see how your promotions are doing. The analytics that Twitter itself offers are very good tools for measuring success

Always keep an eye on your competitors and see what's going down with their profiles - and what doesn't. Learn from their successes and their failures. So you can save yourself or one or two misses. Customize what your competitors - or other tweets from completely different regions - do best for your own purposes. Use hashtags trendy now, if they fit your context.

Tip 4: If you rest, you rust!

Do you have an account on Twitter and don't use it? Or do you use it sporadically? It seems unreasonable to look at it and you will lose followers in the long run. Unused or underused social media profiles quickly make the whole organization unreliable. So my advice is: use created profiles - and use them regularly. Fill your Twitter stream with planning tools (e.g. through Hootsuite or similar tools) and tweet more regularly than ever before.
In such sports, for example, it is better to start small. And it is better to do it regularly than to do it regularly. Take your time and find content that interests your followers. Then create a "Twitter plan" and plan tweets in advance, so that you don't have to send each tweet manually but Twitter automatically takes care of it. You start with one tweet a day or 2 to 3 tweets a day. It depends on your hard work in finding fields and exciting content. When you're the only tweet of the day, try tweeting several times a day to reach potential buyers online. Twitter’s timeline won’t look back too much and if it does, it won’t go too far.

Tip 5: Clothes make people

Even if you can sometimes get a completely different impression: the presence of your Twitter account is also important. Fill in all the information on your Twitter profile. Include your website and one or more areas of interest. Your new followers instantly know why they should follow. You can get tips on how to fill this out, so what should be included in your Twitter profile. For example "Brand building with your Twitter profile".

Also, pay attention to the visual design of your profile. Set an appropriate profile photo that enhances your recognition. For example, the same profile photo that you use on your other social media profiles. You can display your profile page background and, for example, your logo or a photo. Use the free advertising space available to you. Make your profile as inviting as possible - everything is better than a standard Twitter background.

Tip 6: Like you to me, so to you

Of course, there is no law that says that everyone who follows you must follow you. For example, if you follow people who are similarly interested, they will probably follow you. Not just out of courtesy, precisely because you have the same or similar interests. How to create a follower base. Even Twitter automatically offers you, like-minded followers.

To find potentially interesting and engaging Twitter, you can search for a hashtag that matches your topic with a Twitter search. Or you can find a suitable keyword and follow Twitter that tweeted about it. Or look specifically for your subject matter expert and follow those who follow them. RK joins the Twitter conversation and follows these tweets. Not necessarily everyone is unfair, but you find them interesting. Not all these will follow you, but chances are good that at least some people.

We can use many tools to market Twitter. Take advantage of them!

As you can see, promoting your brand on Twitter can be very easy and can bring you more benefits than you can imagine.

And you can't wait, if you don't have a Twitter account yet, create one now. And if you already have one, improve it by following all the tips we've given you.

Continue learning about Digital Marketing or Influencer Marketing with best practices. You can create a lot of new things with the help of advanced learnings.

Stella Palmer