How to make the best

Online Marketing Campaign?

How to make the best online marketing campaign

Do you want to promote the best online marketing for your brand or company? You are not alone: ​​Many marketers have the same goal but a few lucky ones achieve it. Do you know what their privacy is for good advertising?

The truth is there is no "magic recipe" for the best online promotion. Because it is an environment of constant evolution and because the needs of brands are very different. But there are some proven good practices that you can set up right now to improve your online marketing results. Let’s take a look at what they are and look at five inspirational digital promotions.

5 tips to make the best online campaign for your brand

1. Analyze the situation before starting

The best marketers always do their homework. A good plan is half the battle, and to understand our plan, we need to know exactly where we should be. So before you write a marketing plan for your online promotion, my advice is to thoroughly review these three topics:

  • The current situation of the brand. Sales volume, motives, its presence on digital channels, previous promotions were run. This is a good time to analyze our online reputation. Choice: The volume of the user refers to our brand and products, the media where they are produced, and the tone itself.
  • Competition. At a minimum, you need to identify the most direct competitors and see what they are doing through their online promotion. So, you can learn which strategies work best in your sector and identify potential gaps to cover with your marketing
  • Your company's target. Who are your products and services for? What do they need? What are the most used social media and networks? In this section, it can be very useful to develop the personality of the buyer. It is a profile of your ideal client that answers all these questions and helps you to identify with him.

2. Clearly define your goals

Another essential aspect of digital marketing planning is the definition of objectives. Online promotions can respond to very different needs: increasing the number of records in the database, improving conversions, creating awareness about new products ... so we need to be clear about what we want and the number of followers to "escape as an estimate" metric.

A good aim must respond to these features:

  • Be in line with the company's global business objectives. Online promotions are another part of the global marketing plan. And it's important that the whole company is paddling in the same direction if we want to be successful. So, the first thing to consider is what the global needs of the organization are and how we can contribute to addressing them.
  • Be as concrete as possible. A goal like “increase my brand awareness” is very common because it is very easy to explain. For this reason, “over the next 2 months, it’s best to mention 4000 remarks of the brand’s products on Twitter and Instagram”.
  • Be hopeful and sensible at the same time. Too simple goals do not motivate teams to do their best. But if we set an impossible goal, we will probably be discouraged if we are too far away. Thus, a balance must be maintained between the two points. It's also a good idea to set up two or three sub globs: for example, minimal, affordable, and ideal.
  • It can be easily measured. It is absolutely essential that the objectives are quantitative and associated with the core performance index (KPI), otherwise we will not be able to observe their evolution. In practice, a clear plan for measuring results should be defined at the same time that we set goals.
  • Have a deadline. All objectives should be defined over time, as it helps to distinguish between different levels and set an action plan to achieve them.

Until the end, it should be remembered that the same online promotion can respond to many targets at the same time. So we don’t have to limit ourselves to just that.

3. Choose the channels and actions well

Today we have endless resources to run our online marketing campaigns. So filtering and focusing on channels and actions is probably necessary to achieve our results.

To get started, we need to take into account different channels and strategies. So that it may be suitable for different stages of the conversion funnel. For example, in the early stages, we can use display ads to create visibility. Email marketing at the marketing level may be suitable for lead breeding. And when the user is ready to convert, we can give it a final push with remarketing ads.

It is convenient to do good research on online media that our good clients use the most. Ideally, this information should be part of the buyer’s personality.

Another useful tool to be clear about this choice is customer travel. It will help us visualize the different points of communication needed for an individual to become a client of our brand. And that's because in general, we have to influence him several times and in different ways to achieve the transformation we're looking for.

4. Correctly segment the audience

The department is one of the strongest keys to promoting the best digital marketing. It allows us to reach the right person at the right time and save a lot of unnecessary effort.

Today we have an incredible amount of user data, but we need to use it wisely to make the most of it. To get started, enter these recommendations:

  • Look for targeted options for social media ads. For example, Facebook Advertising tools can help you determine the right position for your ideal audience, marital status, hobbies, or the devices they use.
  • The section is not based on static features but on what users think about important moments (e.g., brides, people who have moved to a specific city ...).
  • Take A / B tests with different audience sections and compare the results with each other.
  • Use tools like similar viewers and remarketing.
  • Automate your marketing as much as possible to fragment your audience into high-precision segments and maximize personalized promotion.

5. Dare to risk

If we want to stand in a saturated environment like online advertising, we can't limit ourselves to what each of us does. Thank you for the competitive analysis. You already understand what other brands are doing, so dare to be different!

Surprise, influence, controversy, laughter ... there are many techniques we can use but the obvious thing is we can't keep people indifferent.

Isabelle Evans