How to improve

local visibility of your business Site?

How to improve local visibility of your business Site

The challenge for any business person who wants to develop their activity is to identify them as part of their sphere of influence. It can be international, national, regional ... but in the case of therapists and wellness practitioners, this area of ​​influence is often limited. That's why we suggest you here to see more precisely how to improve your local visibility on the Internet.

Of course, we will focus on the solutions available on the Internet. First, because that's still the theme of this blog. But above all, because 88% of local online search results are a huge result in just a call or a visit in just 24 hours! So we don't know what you're saying about it but we think losing this opportunity would be a loss.

Why is local SEO so important?

Local SEO is becoming increasingly important, especially for companies with a regional catchment area. This is due to various updates to Google's local index ranking factors. The extent to which these criteria are met determines your company's position in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Since 88% of local search queries are now based on smartphones, the ranking of search results is often related to the position of the query. Mobile search queries usually arise out of a timely need. And thus usually lead to direct contact with a local company or specific purchase decision. Mobile-friendly websites are the key to the success you need for your ranking success. So it's worth spending some time to make your company visible in local search results

In general, the local index includes both local and generic terms. This means that only local search queries are not included here. But, generic search terms are related to the search. Generic search terms are usually generic terms like "pizza". Since the location of the request is read based on the Google IP address, so the local index is also initially assessed for generic keywords.

In general SEO criteria, local SEO has some special features that should be considered.

Improve its local visibility on the Internet Thanks to its site

Adapt your site for mobiles

As you probably know, more than half of the Internet searches today are from mobile devices. And in the case of local SEO, it is estimated that more than 60% of Internet users are more likely to interact with an organization if its site is mobile-friendly. Doesn't that make you think?

This does not mean that your site should appear "stupid" on the smartphone. Which they all do. No, text, images, forms, menus ... In short, all the elements that make up your site must be able to adapt to a phone screen. This is called responsive design and is intended to make it easier for Internet users to navigate.

Don't you want to put your visitors in a bad mood?

Optimize your local SEO

Adapting to your site's natural referrals is essential to increasing your local visibility on the Internet. The first step is to create a localization page for your activity. Usually, a contact page will have contact details with your exact address.

Well, it is a priority, no one forgets it.

The second thing you need to do to optimize your local SEO is to speak “local”. To do this, start by including in your text terms based on where you work. For example, instead of writing “Social Media Marketer”, you can easily write “Influencer”. Because influencer marketing can make your thoughts more attractive to the internet marketing approach. 

Also, if you have a blog, you can promote the events around you (of course related to your activities).

Obviously, as always, don’t over-optimize your content. This can be overwhelming for visitors and can penalize you through search engines. The gold rule is so relevant.

Develop online sales

This part will not bother all the practitioners but I found it interesting to deal with. Online sales are rarely associated with local activities. But, if the activity hates itself in it, it is perfectly suited to the development of the local activity.

Bringing your customers to your site allows you to keep it alive and increase its notoriety with Google. For example, gift vouchers can only be offered legally on your website or a loyalty program can be set up for online purchases.

You can supply drives and return systems directly to your store. And it's a great way for customers looking for your activities online to build relationships with new customers and give your customers a new experience.

Improve your local visibility on the internet with Google My Business

If in our opinion, the website remains an essential element of any organization's desire to achieve an online presence, the development of your local visibility on the Internet will certainly not happen through it.

Another way to develop your online presence is to register in a directory. There are many, but if there is one essential in its presence, it is Google.

A Google My Business page lets you display your activity (name, contact details, customer reviews, etc.) directly in search results through specific activities that keep you out of the crowd. This allows you to search when an Internet user searches for your name, a service, or your industry.

Also, it lets you collect feedback from your customers. This is a very important rule for your local visibility on the Internet. In fact, to sort by a list of addresses, the overall rating is one of the first principles, if not the first, that Internet users will see. And it’s common, we’re all looking for the best option available for us.

So think about setting up a quick and easy way to allow your customers to post testimonials directly on your Google My Business page. You get better results.

Finally, a Google My Business page allows you to establish consistency between the information on your website and your profile. This is a very important criterion for your SEO for relevance and search purposes.

Improve local visibility on the internet via social networks

As part of improving your local visibility on the Internet, social networks are a great way to connect with your potential customers. And for good reason, they all feature localization.

For example, you can set your business location address directly on your profile, identify the location for each of your posts, and use local hashtags.

It’s all small things, but it’s good to take, especially when it’s so easy to set up. Also, be sure to do it methodically.


As you can see, there are many possibilities to improve your local visibility on the Internet. Of course, the "classic" contacts (flyers, business cards, posters ...) of what we've seen here shouldn't be replaced. At least not at first. And conversely, you should not limit yourself to this more classic approach. A true compliment to the two methods.

Lastly, be aware that we've given you specific tips on how to improve your local SEO, but they can be incorporated into other basic SEO standards. And in the same mindset, the tips shared here should be applied as part of more global strategies for identifying yourself as a digital marketer.

Stella Palmer